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Are you struggling with Subscription Management in Joomla? And want to offer paid or free subscriptions and downloads for your components, modules or plugins? Or maybe you just need to sell content subscriptions or anything you like to sell with a subscription! This is your chance to get one of the most advanced Subscriptions Managers in Joomla! RD-Subscriptions offers all the basics for your download portal within the favorite Joomla! CMS. No need to upload all files many times for one product or difficult to understand how it works, we have it all!

List of features

Unlimited Products (paid & free)
Unlimited Download Categories
Unlimited Files
Advanced Customer Base
Invoice Management (PRO Version Only)
Design your own invoice easily (PRO Version Only)
Transaction Manager
Log Files for invoice & files
Add multiple products in cart
Products to product (related products)
Easy Akeeba Subs Migration
Assign Files to multiple categories
Unlimited categories per Product
Assign users to Joomla groups (PRO Version Only)
Create Unlimited Product Groups
Upgrade discounts for groups (PRO Version Only)
Two Step Checkout (Easy)
Fully Responsive (BS2 & BS3)
API Possibilities (create your own)
Many many plugin triggers
Renewal discounts (PRO Version Only)
Advanced Coupon Manager (PRO Version Only)
Automated Invoice Refund System (PRO Version Only)
VAT per Country (EU Requirement)
Advanced Country and States Management (with import)
Advanced Template Manager
Newsletter system per product
Advanced Download System
Advanced search in backend
Automated Updates (Joomla Updater) (PRO Version Only)
Shopping Cart Module
Content Restriction Based on Sub. (PRO Version Only)
Automated Subscriptions ending
GDPR Forms and Regulation available in PRO version

It installs easily and looks good. It has a mostly fully featured dashboard. Testing revealed no Payment engine.
Ease of use
It's extremely easy to use an understand. However, there's no "settings". It's done via Joomla's OPtions, which may be confusing.
I used this to: Was going to use it for website subscriptions. After no payment engine or option found, I uninstalled it.
Contains everything I need. Amazing features and it's just working.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. I was able to customize everything I wanted - just perfect!
Extremely fast response and very friendly contact. Very easy with a ticketing tool.
I found everything I was looking for in the documentation. A lot of FAQs on their website.
I used this to: Selling products on my website. Customers can buy my products and download it under their profile.
More features than what I need, and room to improve and add some ;-)
I use the PRO version, and I need the extra features it provides.
Ease of use
Very straight forward to use, no problem.
I switched from Akeeba Subscriptions in January 2017, and I am still very happy with this product!
Support from Robert is very good, and he is always listening to his clients needs.
Good in general, and if you need more details, Robert is there to help you!
I used this to: My own website for selling Joomla commercial extensions.
I can't believe this extension has so few reviews...
Come on Joomla people, we have to support our community's ecosystem!

Good extension.

Posted on 21 July 2017
It offers almost 100% of what I was looking for.
Ease of use
Pretty easy to use, nice back end.
Support is very good and the reason I've decided to post a review.
It is not the best documentation I've seen but to myself was enought, it could improve tho.
I used this to: Selling my own plugins.
It provides Products, Download Categories, Files in order to provide your products, and also gives customer and transaction management.
Ease of use
It's relatively easy to use, despite its many features.
Support is quick and deals with issues promptly. Fixes or sensible features are released through new versions in a week or two.
Documentation is there for the most important things. However the developer continues improving and adding docs continuously
I used this to: Selling my own extensions
The component has a rich functionality that cover almost all my needs. Lot of useful features are included to core component.
Ease of use
A good UX, it is easy just to start adding new items. The configuration is clear.
Just perfect! Robert always responses quickly and help to solve issues. He is also implemented various requested features. That's amazing!
Well documented tutorials including screenshots.
I used this to: We moved our site on RD Subscriptions to sell Joomla templates and extensions. At my opinion, RD Subscriptions is ideal for selling digital goods.
A very few functionalities are missing before I can use it but the tool is really powerfull and the developper has a very fast reaction
Ease of use
I'm moving from CBSbus to RD-Subs and I'm living again. RD-Subs is so much easier to use, so much simpler. RD-Subs is much more intuitive.
Just one word : AMAZIN. I've suggested a new functionnalit : day+2 it was coded. I've sent a few questions, day+1 was answered. AMAZING
I used this to: Selling subscriptions and products on my site
It's a all-in-one system for companies who develop Joomla extensions. You can manage your downloads and (free or paid) subscriptions
Ease of use
There are many options and they are clearly described. In the template manager you can edit all the texts the way you like.
Robert (the developer) responds to every mail/ticket in no-time. The modifications i needed are made in the same day.
Every screen is described in detail. There are also some usefull "tips and tricks-articles" like: implement the updater in your component.
I used this to: Managing my downloads and subscriptions, but it's also usefull for selling (non-joomla) stuff like e-books or creating paid members areas.
I needed to migrate from Akeeba subscriptions and Akeeba release system. The Akeebasubs migration was done in only 1 click.


Robert Dam
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Feb 11 2020
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Feb 24 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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