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The plugin inserts Google Tag Manager script that send information to AdWords, Google Analytics and other services. Moreover, it is a powerful tool for setting up Virtuemart e-commerce tracking - get statistics about your orders, revenues, products, etc.

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Working smoothly

Posted on 02 April 2015
You install the extension, add your ID (include "GTM-" before the number) and all works smooth.
Ease of use
The installation in Joomla from URL did not work, but as a package was without any troubles.
Exists, but is very basic (similar to the basic functions covered)
I used this to: Adding the UA tag, an opt-out tag and the old GA tag. So far so smooth.
Easy Zopim Easy Zopim

Easy Zopim

Live Support - hosted
The plugin loads the very popular ZOPIM chat from service into a Joomla! site. Customers can contact you easily online and you will increase your store's credibility and possibly revenues. Key Features: * The plugin automatically chooses language according to the default Joomla! language. * For every language, a different Zopim account can be loaded. * All texts are loaded...
Google E-commerce Tracker for VirtueMart Google E-commerce Tracker for VirtueMart

Google E-commerce Tracker for VirtueMart

VirtueMart extensions
This plugin will track your orders, revenues or products in Virtuemart and display them in Google Analytics. It handles Virtuemart events and puts them into the Google Tag Mamanger data layer....
Calculoid Calculoid


Cost Calculators
Calculoid embed module will place a calculator from service into your Joomla! website. At, it is possible to build interactive calculator or use the one already created by someone. The module makes it very easy how to implement the calculator you want into your website. All you need to insert is calculator ID and you are good to go....
EasyRedmine Listing EasyRedmine Listing

EasyRedmine Listing

Miscellaneous Bridges
This module can display Easy Redmine / Redmine entities in a website (contacts, issues, projects, users etc.). Also, it can display their properties such as issue priority, status or project parent etc. Supported Redmine entities: easy contacts groups issues issue priorities issue statues easy money - expected revenues/expenses + realized revenues/expenses news projects time entries time entr...
Real Estate Content Type for Form2Content Real Estate Content Type for Form2Content

Real Estate Content Type for Form2Content

Extensions Specific Non-sorted
This is a Form2Content content type specially designed for real estate websites. Although originally developed during an integration with a RE/Max information system, it will give you an ideal set of fields for any real estate website. The content type features: auto-generated google map, description, specifications, gallery slideshow a lot of real estate fields that can be customized....
Content to K2 Content to K2

Content to K2

K2 extensions
This plugin makes creating content easier for K2 users. Have you ever clicked on the article manager to get to the content and there was nothing because all content was in K2? Not any more! This plugin changes all comcontent links in the Joomla! administration to comk2 and thus you can get into K2 items and categories using the Content > Article Manager or Content > Category menu links. Key Benef...
Products in Parental Categories for VirtueMart Products in Parental Categories for VirtueMart

Products in Parental Categories for VirtueMart

VirtueMart extensions
This plugin will show products in all Virtuemart parent categories and make it a lot easier for your customers. It automatically creates connections for all parental categories. The plugin is triggered by logging in to the administration and automatically assigns all parent categories to a product. You don't need any super-advanced recursive menu which slows down your store. This plugin does i...
Rich Snippets for VirtueMart Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

Rich Snippets for VirtueMart

VirtueMart extensions
This plugin makes your website more visible to Google. It inserts Rich Snippets into VirtueMart product detail page. The Rich Snippets info about a product will be displayed under the link on Google Search Result page and it will help Google get more information about your website. Key Benefit: You will draw your customers by providing more information then the competition and therefore you will...
System - Retina Images System - Retina Images

System - Retina Images

Apple Display
This plugin makes it easy to display high-resolution images on iOS devices with retina displays or Android / Windows mobile devices with high-resolution displays. It swaps low-resolution images for high-resolution ones. Retina Images plugin is inspired by Retina.js and uses BDoran`s javascript detection of high-resolution devices. The key advantage of this plugin is that it replaces images be...
System - LESS Compiler System - LESS Compiler

System - LESS Compiler

LESS is a modern pre-processor. This plugin compiles the LESS files into a single CSS style sheet file. It is a very useful way to compile LESS into CSS and you do not need to use Javascript. This plugin aims to add support of LESS to Joomla in the simplest and most intuitive way....
GoPay payments for VirtueMart GoPay payments for VirtueMart
Paid download

GoPay payments for VirtueMart

VirtueMart extensions
Connecting VirtueMart 2.0.6+ and VirtueMart 3.0+ on-line store to the GoPay payment aggregator allowing various on-line payment methods. Key Benefits * You can increase you store revenues by adding an online payment method Description By connecting VirtueMart 2.0.6+ or 3.0+ online store to the GoPay payment aggregator you will offer your customers a secure and convenient online payment method. G...
Article Import for Form2Content Article Import for Form2Content

Article Import for Form2Content

Data Import & Export
This component can import articles from an XML or CSV into Form2Content component. It is a priceless helper when upgrading to a new version of Joomla! or migrating from a different system and saves dozens of hours. Article Import for F2C is a component for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla! 3. It can import articles into Form2Content component which is one of favorite CCKs (Content Construction Kit) for...
EasyRedmine Form EasyRedmine Form
Paid download

EasyRedmine Form

Miscellaneous Bridges
This module will create tasks in Redmine. It can also create any entity (contacts, issues, projects, users) including their properties such as custom fields for easy contacts or issue status and priority etc. Key Benefit * You can automatically create issues in Redmine project management system you are using, directly from a website contact form or an online store and be more efficient. The mod...
System - Calculoid System - Calculoid

System - Calculoid

Plugin lets you easily insert a calculator from into article. With this plugin published, you can have multiple calculators at one site. Calculoid module can display only one calculator per page. With this plugin, even modules can display multiple calculators. Possible to prefill calculator fields using additional shorttag parameters like F123 or billing:email: {calculoid 123 show...

Easy Google Tag Manager

Last updated:
May 01 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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