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Easy Script is the most simplest module for Joomla!

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Just copy and paste the code (text, html, javascript, php ....) in the field and away you go.

Without WYSIWYG editor.

Use mainly for Google javascripts: Adsense, Analitycs..., Google Videos, embed thml codes... what ever you want in 5 seconds.

Easy but necesary in each joomla instalation.

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Posted on 08 February 2019

Easy script

Posted on 22 November 2016
there are no support, how to use this script. I wrote into forum, no answer
For me it doesn't work in any way
Ease of use
not clear
I used this to: for embed txt file with java scripts
I wrote java scripts in module and tried everything in the article:


Nothing works, no support only ask to donate !!!
I installed Easy Script on a 2.5 site running the Gantry Framework in a responsive theme from Rocket because I needed minor customizations (add and apply a Google font), and did not want to risk having my work wiped out by an update or over-ridden due to poor placement. Easy script saved me hours of analysis and put my three lines of code at the very bottom of the Head section. Congratulations and Thanks to Ciro - you're the first I've tried who actually hit that coveted last-line spot - perfect!
I can't give no other review then just excellent! This little module saved my day with some conflicting scripts on some pages on my websites while I only needed one of the scripts on one page and the other on another. Just put them in this module and assigned them to different menu-items and the problem was solved! Just great!!!
how i can make an echo to show something?

I try this for example:

but i cant get any output
I used this module for google adsense. It worked flawlessly on Joomla version 2.5.2. Thank you.

It just works!

Posted on 26 March 2011
I have no idea how this works, it just does. And wonderfully. There is no documentation but I took the developer at his word and just copied and pasted. I was skeptical but it really was that easy. Thank you so much. I am going to send you money as you saved me a bunch.

Love this module

Posted on 07 March 2011
I use Easy Script all the time! It's one of my favorite modules and I recommend it to everyone who uses Joomla. It's versatile and easy. I even added a link to it from an article on my Website.
I didn't even know this would fit the bill until my search came up with another review mentioning how this was perfect for integrating soundcloud players.

I installed, copied/pasted some code and was live with a soundcloud player in a position that I might not have been able to do in any other fashion.

I also found another use for Easy Script that's not as cool, but still important to me.

Thanks for a really cool module! Works like a charm.
There is neither a documentation nor it is possible to contact the developer. I have no idea how this extension works. Just copy the JavaScript code into the article does not work. Perhaps it is great extension if you know how to handle it.
Owner's reply: documentation?? for this module? ja ja


Posted on 21 June 2010
wow... this is very useful. if you want to avoid the frustrations of copying and pasting script into JCE editor, just download this, and boom.. you're done. thanks!
Very great
Easy Source Component

Easy Source Component

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Build your own Joomla extensions easily without packaging the source. Easy Source Component lets you to cretae forms, lists or any php script in just 5 minutes. You will be able to rescate your old php scrips and insert them into the Joomla Framework. Sometimes you need to buid your own extension into the Joomla Framework, with this component you can easily create your own extensions without pac...
Easy Source Module

Easy Source Module

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Coding & Scripts Integration
Build your own Joomla module in 5 minutes and without packaging the source. Easy Source Component lets you to cretae forms, lists or any php script in a module in just 5 minutes. Just fill the include param with your php page name, and upload it to the mod_easysource/tmpl folder. Its powerfull, clean, quick and easy. Enjoy. New version 3.0.1 - fixed installation bug...
Aixeena News

Aixeena News

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Articles Display
Aixeena News is a module for Joomla 3 that displays the selected and filtered articles into divers different layouts. ✔ Select and display articles & news module for Joomla 3 ✔ Powerful and advanced articles filter. ✔ Wide variety of sorting options. ✔ Many beautiful ways to display your news. ➤ Why choose Aixeena News? ➤ Because you can filter your items as you want. ➤ Because yo...
Aixeena Social Profiles Buttons

Aixeena Social Profiles Buttons

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Social Presence
Aixeena Social Profiles Buttons is a module that allows you to display different social profiles into your website. This is the Aixeena Social Profiles Buttons module for Joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.x The module is fully configurable and can display the profiles of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Tumbrl, Wordpress, Github and RSS. You can also include u...
Horizontal News Ticker Marquee

Horizontal News Ticker Marquee

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Articles Display
With this module you can display your Joomla articles on a scrolling News Ticker with marquee effect. Simply filters the items by category, date, tag, user, etc, and display them on a scrolling News Ticker. Sets the module with all available options to get a ticker to your liking. You can configure: Filter options: Use the following fields to create the articles filter, fields can be combined...
World Tag Map

World Tag Map

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Tags & Clouds
World Tag Map is an extension that combines an interactive HTML5 vector world map and Joomla tags. In a simple way you can enter a tag associated with a country, and this will be shown on the map. A tab is added to the administrator of tags, where you can define the country, color, link and tooltip. Each tag thus becomes interactive on the map, with a different color, a link to filter by tag, o...
Aixeena Share
Paid download

Aixeena Share

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Social Share
Aixeena Share Buttons is a set of a Joomla plugin and a Joomla module to show nice share buttons and a functional share bar on the bottom of your site. These are the main features: Aixeena Share Buttons plugin shows a pretty set of buttons on your Joomla articles. You can show the buttons after/before the content and choose buttons, color, design, size, align... Aixeena Share Buttons module sho...
Aixeena Slideshow

Aixeena Slideshow

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Aixeena Slideshow is a Joomla module that adds beautiful animated background slideshows of images and videos, with a message in front. You can use it as a presentation or as a call to action on your web. Aixeena Slideshow uses Vegas Background SlideShow MIT licensed. Aixeena SlideShow allows you to use up to 10 images and 3 videos as background of your module or your body page. In the HTML box...

Easy Script

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Last updated:
Jun 19 2018
Date added:
May 23 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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