This is a small and smart product ,including a plugin and a module, which enable the users rate your contents!

This product is fully free(including the download and updates). On the other hand, you can buy a subscription and get support.

★ Key features
- ✔ "Egolt Voting Plugin" for rate contents
- ✔ "Egolt Voting Module" for displaying top rated contents by duration
- ✔ Restrict the number of votes in the module
- ✔ Restrict the duration of votes (daily, weekly, ...) in the module
- ✔ Restrict to "Registered users only" option
- ✔ Display in "category" or "article" view
- ✔ Disable / Enable in chosen categories
- ✔ Disable in chosen articles
- ✔ Position (before or after content)
- ✔ Duration for voting again by visitors
- ✔ Add the Google Structured Data (Aggregate Rating)
- ✔ Ajax Technology
- ✔ Automatic Updates
- ✔ No Hidden Links
- ✔ Support available for subscribers

Works well, rates 1 to 5
Nice bar with result
Vote result changes after refresh
Number of votes and % shown as tooltip with some html tags
Ease of use
All options written on Egolt webpage could be easily found, for module and plugin
I don't know what is quality of support. Documentation is incomplete atm.
For now only install/uninstal, no explanation of usage and functions
I used this to: Rating of jokes in my web-joke-collection. Each joke is article with vote option under it.
Doesn't fit nice with page visual design but it's very functional and module on homepage shows 10 best rated jokes. I'm waiting for updates and customization, but I'm quite satisfied now.


Posted on 05 September 2014
Just installed it and works like a charm. Thanks !
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Egolt Voting

Soheil Novinfard
Last updated:
Jun 08 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
m p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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