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Are you fed up with switching back and forth to code view in the TinyMCE editor when you want to insert an html tag?
Have you ever struggled to remember the name of a class you want to use?
Do you use { } tags to insert elements in the editor to be subsequently processed by a content plugin?

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The plugin Element Button (elembtn for short) provides a quick and easy way of inserting elements into an article without having to remember the detailed syntax.
Once enabled a new button appears in the TinyMCE editor. When you press the button a popup window allows you to set the following options:

  • the type of- element (html < /> or curly { /} )
  • the tag name - 'span', 'div' or 'other' -- 'other' is any text you enter with a default value set in plugin parameters
  • an id for the tag
  • any classes, styles or other parameters to be set -- 4 frequently used class names are set in parameters and selected by checkboxes
  • any content to appear between the open and closing tags

Pressing the Insert button in the popup places the tag (opening and closing) at the current cursor position in the editor window.
If text in the article is highlighted then the open and closing tags will be wrapped around the highlighted text. This provides a quick and easy way for setting a span or div around a block of text.



By Roger Creagh-Osborne
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Element Button

Roger Creagh-Osborne
Last updated:
Dec 19 2018
Date added:
Dec 11 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System