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Include JS, VB scripts to your site with ease!

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With this plugin, you'll be able to embed a list of scripts to every page of the site. As well, the plugin supports in-article tags to embed scripts only to specific pages. Those tags can be not only in articles, but as well in modules etc - anywhere in html.

The plugin supports embedding both local and remote (CDN) scripts.

Besides frontpage you can embed another list of scripts to adminpanel (but be careful! do no embed anything to joomla administrator interface unless you are completely sure about what are you doing).

2011-01-20: Version for J!1.6 has arrived!

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Works great

Posted on 24 July 2012

The extension works with no problem. Easy to install and to use. Recommended for those who need to embed an external .js file.

Works Just Fine

Posted on 03 March 2011

Very simple to use. I embedded a JavaScript file that I needed on every page and added the file path to the plug-in and viola!!! Works like a charm!

jQuery++ Integrator

jQuery++ Integrator

Free | Performance | Simon Tushev
14 reviews
This plugin brings jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Tools to your site. It supports grabbing the libraries from both Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and local copies, allows to activate jQuery.noColflict mode if necessary. As well it already includes one of jQuery UI themes, uiLightness (and you can download and use any other theme). Latest jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Tools versions are already included. And you need not to depend on plugin updates: you can always use CDNs and grab the latest libraries from the Web. For several CDNs there's an option for automatic HTTP\HTTPS switching. Version 1.5.4: Updated jQuery to 1.6.2, moved noConflict option to Basic parameters Version 1.5.3: Updated jQuery to 1.5.1, added pt-BR translation (thanks to Claudio Pereira). Installation package now cane be used for upgrade, without need to deinstall older version first. Version for Joomla! 1.6 Released: Same functionality in a new format. Version for 1.6 has Beta status, please report issues (if any) to my site. Version 1.5.2 - for 1.6 - added Chineese (thanks to Bai Jianpeng) and Russian translations. Awaiting for new translations (contact me if you want to help) Version 1.5 Released: Added HTTP\HTTPS auto selectors, updated jQuery to 1.4.4, jQuery Tools to 1.2.5, added support for Microsoft CDN. Version 1.4 Released: Updated jQuery version to 1.4.3, jQuery UI to 1.8.6 Version 1.2 Released: optimized jQuery.noCoflict mode activation, which causes no conflict with mooTools (special thanks to Umut Kirgoz) Version 1.1 Released: added an option for controlling whether it's necessary to embed jQuery libraries to adminpanel. By default this is set to off. Visit my website: http://tushev.org Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tushevorg to receive timely info and updates Please do not forget to rate this extension or post a comment. ATTENTION: Please not that this item is no longer supported. Use it 'as is'.
FlowPlayer Reloaded

FlowPlayer Reloaded

Free | Multimedia Players | Simon Tushev
19 reviews
Ever wanted to have famous FlowPlayer on your Joomla? With FPRR you can do this in a minute! * Embed video directly to your site - everywhere, not only articles * iPad\iPhone support * Cool overlay effect * Subtitles support * Fully customisable, numerous options and parameters * Supports RSS playlists * Stylish skins, 3 already included + you can create your own * Social sharing features * Has a great number of extensions, like Slow motion, RTMP support, Google Analytics etc (available on flowplayer.org) * Single plugin processes articles, modules, templates etc... tags can be really everywhere! * Tested to work with Joomla! 1.7 ================================== NEWS ================================== 2011-07-07: New version (3.0) released. Numerous changes and improvements (see changelog on the site). Most important things are: new script core, improved iPad support, overlay effect(popup), automatoc html stripping, subtitles support 2011-07-12: Chineese language file added ================================== KNOWN ISSUE ============================ Overlay effect may not work in IE8. All other features work perfectly there. Any other browser (IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) works fine. ================================== DESCRIPTION ============================ This is the player extension that is being used on tushev.org. I originally created this plugin for my own site. To embed the player, you can use the following syntax: Basic: More options: Advanced: There are more than 14 plugin options. You can find a complete description of them all in plugin configuration, once you've installed the plugin. You can use this code EVERYWHERE - in modules, in pure html etc, not only in articles. This is a benefit of System-type plugin. If you specify RSS file instead of video file, it will be used as a playlist. The description of the format is on my site. If you want to create your own skin, REGISTER on flowplayer.org and SETUP YOUR OWN PLAYER - it's easy. FlowPlayer Reloaded already has language files for English, German, and Chinese languages. You also can help me translating it to your language - see details on the site. IMPORTANT: language files for v3.0 are not updated yet, only English translation is included to the package. As soon as translators send me the changes, I'll include them into the release. IMPORTANT: this version (3.0) uses FlowPlayer Flash: http://flash.flowplayer.org/download/ HTML5 version will be released with FlowPlayer Reloaded 4.0 See more info, tips, FAQ on my website: http://tushev.org/


Free | Replace | Simon Tushev
0 reviews
A small plugin that wipes off unnecessary words from your site. Can process either articles only or the whole site An option to load list from file This extension was originally developed in 2010 for Joomla! 1.5. I decided to revive it and adopt for Joomla! 3.4. That's why it may lack some features. However, new features may be added in the future. You can also find J! 1.5 & 2.5-compatible versions.

Embed Any Script

Simon Tushev
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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