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Are you interested in running your very own groupon clone, group buying or social buying website like Groupon.com? En Masse is the solution base software that you are looking for. EnMasse is a Joomla component that allows users to install a coupon shopping feature to their website, create deals from both of front end and back end, manage order, social sharing rewards plan and many more features. It allows customers to purchase any types of coupons online or download free deals and vouchers for them or their friends as a gift. After our first beta launch in Dec 2011 we have sold many copies and setup numerous Groupon like sites internationally and new releases have been regular ever since.

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[Basic Frontend Features]
* Allows salesperson to create deals with tier pricing features. (NEW)
* SEO friendly URL. (NEW)
* Have sub category and category page. (NEW)
* Responsive web design for mobile devices. (NEW)
* Users can check their orders in the frontend.
* Allows salesperson to create deals and view their sales.
* Allows merchants to view/update coupons status.
* Allowing of multiple deals on sidebar.
* Login by social account: facebook, twitter
* Share deal via facebook, twitter and email.

[Basic Backend Features]
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher. (NEW)
* Sending of coupon links to users when deal is confirmed, cancelled
* Payment gateways setting (Paypal integrated with many other payment gateway)
* Coupon editor to edit your own customized coupon
* Salesperson management allows you to manage a team of sales people who bring in deals for you
* Order management allows you to view all orders

[Mobile Application for Merchant]
* Scan QR code on coupon and update coupon status.
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Mobile Application for Customer]
* Buy deals onapplication
* Check their orders on purchased history
* Share deal via Facebook and Twitter
* Choose city to see all of deals of this location
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Facebook Application]
* Allow you to put up an Facebook Application for your fans to directly see the list of deals through Facebook and drive the traffic to your website.
* Share deal via Facebook, twitter and email.

[Feature Listing of new releases]

~~~~~~~~~Version: 5.1~~~~~~~~
* Multi cart function

~~~~~~~~~Version: 5.0~~~~~~~~
* Allow to create Tier Pricing deals.
* SEO friendly URL.
* Have sub category and category page.
* Responsive web design mobile.
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher.

~~~~~~~~~Version: 4.4~~~~~~~~
* Allowing of multiple deals on the side.
* Enhancing of slide show functionality.
* Display Merchant Logo on the front-end.
* This version now supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0

nice exten

Posted on 03 July 2015

very suitable for coupon share website or your could extend it to a website to sell goods

Ease of use

with quickstart document,it is very easy to intall with original data and run your business


with tony's help,on time and fast


small and easy to know

Value for money


I used this to: my website

Support is the BEST!

Posted on 15 May 2015

Does everything showed in the demo.

Ease of use

Easy enough to do by yourself, plus great support by Tony!

Value for money

Worth it!


Does everything it promises and is expected to do !

Ease of use

Install > click > you're in business !


Maybe the best example of 'how to run your support' !
Fast and precise answers !
Very reasonable pricing for extra work !


Does the job....!

Value for money

Yes, and then some ;-)

I used this to: We are building a new business based on deals / offers marketed via social media.


This component is outstanding and fills a HUGE gap, after trying a number of coupon components that ultimately all failed, Matamko succeeds.

Ease of use

After struggling with other joomla coupon components Matamko saved the day for us and offered great support docs and how to videos.


Support is 110% after sometime away from my own development due to illness, staff here has been pro active going above and beyond,


full docs constantly updated and how to videos provided

Value for money

The value was returned the very first day after numerous failed attempts with other Joomla coupon components

I used this to: We are creating a network of sales people from different cities to create a more in person representation than the larger less personal oriented coupon companies out there, the multi sales person and built on commission calculator helped our plans to roll this out effectively.


This does everything the demo site shows, and the support team did some enhancements I needed for a small fee...well worth it.

Ease of use

This component is very involved, as it should be. It will take a few hours to learn and setup. But it makes perfect sense.


Phenomenal support. They went above & beyond in all areas. Even did a few Skype calls with me. They really understand 'customer service'.


Online Documentation is great. Even some videos. Support team is at your call to explain anything else not in the online documentation.

Value for money

You are getting a huge software package here, enabling you to save a large amount money while being in complete control. Excellent value!!

I used this to: Multiple clients of mine use this. This software alone saved one of my customers $10,000 the first time they used it, since they keep 100% of the revenue. The interface for the 'end user' to make purchases is extremely easy as well. If you like Groupon, you'll love this more!

Great customer service!

Posted on 13 November 2013

I've had a very positive experience dealing with Matamko. I only purchased a short subscription, but nevertheless received very professional support.

I got lots of help with setting up the component and they really took the effort of fixing any issues I encountered.

I can definately say I received my money's worth.

I appreciate the efforts of the EnMasse team. They are always trying to improve themselves by having new useful features for En Masse and releasing new versions regularly. I also like the fact that they have created Matamko YouTube Channel with videos manuals that guide users on how to install and use En Masse.

I feel that watching these video manuals will be easier and faster than reading the user guide in terms of setting it up or learning on how to use En Masse :)

Thank a lot for your efforts and your support.


I'll like to say thanks to the peeps at Matamko to begin with.

I was considering between En Masse and Contus for my group deal site that is based on insurance products.

Most of the time when I approach product company, not many are that helpful. What made me decided on using EnMasse instead of Contus was due to the customer service difference.

The peeps at Matamko actually went all the way to explain to me all my questions and actually even went on Skype to talk to me further.

The last thing when you have a new website is you end up spending most of your time figuring how to do this, how to do that. What I wanted as a smooth experience and quickly get my new group deal site up to date and get the business running instead of looking at all the minor detail.

If you are looking at hassle free, great support, I guess you really can consider them.

I also had customization help from them with specific requirements which was done pretty quickly. I expect them to anyway, since it is their product.

The down side of it all is, they don't have too many templates which is why I asked for some customization as well. It was not expensive to do so anyway. Saved me a lot of time that I can focus on the more important things.

Overall, I'm a happy customer and that's why I am here to return the kind gesture.

Oh I just remember, one other reason for choosing En Masse was due to Joomla! At least I know can I can manage contents for my site easier, which is important to my business.

I’ve been a subscriber for more than 6 months now. Since then, I’ve had a few on going projects to do with En Masse. I really appreciated the support and the advise I get from the En Masse techs. They really help me to build confidence in En Masse. Although sometimes the replies are not always in 24 hours but they do reply to all my questions and support tickets.

Looking forward to your next release.

I have purchased this extension, all features are good, but lack of key point. URL is not SEO friendly. This extension is commercial extension. SEO is key point, for any E-Commerce site.

Owner's reply: Hi Sir,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

We will be releasing En Masse v5.0 that we will be having a feature to improve the SEF ability for the merchants. We are aiming for a beta launch in the coming month so please look out for it.

By the way, you could map the URL to your shorten URL using tools like sh404SEF http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/site-management/sef/10134.

Please also feel free to contact our support department so that we can help provide you with solutions that we already done with many of other users on their SEF needs.
Google Map Store Locator

Google Map Store Locator

Paid download | Maps & Locations | Matamko
6 reviews
You need to put up a Google Map that shows many branches and stores or their distribution points to the public? On top of that, you will need the user to be able to search for the location that is most suitable for him/her. Google Map Store Locator is the solution that you are looking for, with the ability for the end-user to search by area, business services , residential addresses and many more types of location. This component is an excellent choice for users who needs to have long and complex list of retail stores or distribution points. E.g Banks, Food Chains, Post Offices, Fashion outlets and etc. ~~~~~~~~~~~Features~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Basic Frontend Features Allow you to define the services for the location. Categorized the location by geographical areas, thus when user searched by the area, it will allow recentralized of the map and zoom in to the area. Allow you to categorized the location by different types, so you can filter them if need be. Search by Area, Type, Services and Address. Mod class Suffix – Easier UI Customization. Easy to integrate with other Joomla templates. Basic Backend Features Backend Administrator Module to update the information easily. Setting the map size. Add on Module for Location Listing. Multiple frontend layout. Get the Longitude, Latitude and zoom rate by using Google map directly. ~~~~~~~~~Version: 3.0~~~~~~~~ Improvements * UI Friendly backend: - Zone: Easier to get the Longitude, Latitude and zoom rate by using Google map directly. - Location: Easy to drag and drop marker to adjust exact location. * UI Friendly frontend: easier to integrate with other Joomla templates. * Multiple frontend layouts. ~~~~~~~~~Version: 2.0~~~~~~~~ * Allow users search by multiple or single item like service, zone and type. * Mod class Suffix – Easier UI Customization. * Setting the map size. * Add on Module for Location Listing.
c m


Paid download | Shopping Cart | Matamko
3 reviews
Are you wanting to start your own Etsy peer-to-peer selling and buying community where buyers and sellers are drawn together for the purpose of selling, buying, viewing, and discussing all things unique and vintage? Maybe you’re looking for a Carousell clone for your website? What about starting your own E-Pawn shop where sellers and buyers can come to your shop and do business with each other? BAZAAR is a Joomla Component that allows users to do both. This component will allow you to install a platform on your website that will facilitate the buying and selling of all products through your website. And for sellers, the system will allow them to post their products with pictures along with a full description of the products and all relevant attributes of the product as well. C2C E-commerce website is a global trend and it will evolve more in the future. C2C E-commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them. That’s why we have developed and provided a solution that will help you own, operate, and manage a C2C E-commerce website like a simplified Alibaba, Ebay or like Carousell, Duriana, and many more similar platforms. A key benefit is the time and money you will save with using C-to-C Platform. We use Joomla! So BAZAAR is easy to use and friendly with user, admin and developers! In the future, Bazaar will be improved with more useful features: auction, social login, social share, point system, mobile application. ~~~~~~~~~~~Features~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Sale C-to-C Platform lets you post any products on its platform along with pictures, description, conditions, and many other attributes you can adjust and post. It will also allow you to manage your posting so editing your posting will be easy and straightforward through the mobile-friendly website. *Buy These features let buyers view and buy any products that have been posted on the site. *Mobile Friendly Site User can use the BAZAAR mobile device to view, submit, and purchase any products. If you're a seller, this app will also give you full management capabilities of your products so you can edit and update your info anywhere on the go as long as you have your mobile device with you. *Mobile Apps The mobile apps will give your users all the available functions that a PC or desktop user will have. In addition, you will be able to customize the mobile apps to add your own logo and design and submit these apps to the app stores so that your users and download, install, and use it, directly from the app store. *Payment Management: Bazaar now facilitates & manages the payments from Buyer to Bazaar site owner to finally, Seller. This feature will now allow admin to set up a C2C, B2C, or e-pawn shop trading platform and will allow the site admin to get a small commission from every sale or transaction done through the bazaar system.
Room Management

Room Management

Paid download | Booking & Reservations | Matamko
1 review
Do you work or live in an environment that has limited space or room and are therefore looking to increase usage efficiency of your office meeting rooms and/or multi purpose rooms? Our Room Management tool might be exactly what you are looking for. Room Management is our Joomla component that facilitates the management of bookings for a certain office space or multiple purpose room. It has an admin back end that allows the admin to create the booking listing, put in all the details of the space available to be booked, and post it online for end users. For easy viewing, there’s a backend admin panel that will summarize all room bookings. From the front end view, all information including room and booking status, room capacity, reservations, and scheduling would be presented precisely and effectively to help users pick out the best room option regarding their requirements.
Company Vacancy Tool

Company Vacancy Tool

Paid download | Jobs & Recruitment | Matamko
2 reviews
Does your business or organization post alot of job listings. Do you subsequently have tons and tons of CVs/Resumes to go through and vet? Company Vacancy Tool is a Joomla component that allows you to fully automate and facilitate the hiring process of any job listings. Its features allow you to comprehensively manage the whole hiring process from creating the form that you want prospective employees to fill out to posting a job listing to reviewing the CVs/Resume and scheduling interviews, to finally vetting the CVs/Resume’s, eliminating the failed applicants & hiring the perfect candidate. This is a great tool for any type of business who usually has job vacancies they want to fill. Main Features: Dynamic CV/Resume Form: The CV/Resume Form is what the prospective employer fills out when wanting to post for a certain job position. We understand that every job position requires different sets of information requested by the employer. This is where the dynamic Dynamic CV/Resume Form comes in handily. This feature allows the creation, management, editing and deleting of the fields that would make up this CV/Resume Form. You can add and/or delete any fields that you think is information that you need to know about the prospective employee. Automated Notifications: Image you have a hundred or more applicants for a job position you had posted but only have 2 slots to fill. This feature allows you to send mass notifications to all applicants who have failed the application process with one simple click. This feature is a time saver. There are also error notifications for when the selected actions are unperformable. Managment of Hiring Process: The hiring process for any job can sometimes be a lengthy and monotonous process, specially if your receiving more then 100++ applicants for a single position. From reviewing the CV to, vetting the applicants, to scheduling an interview, to finally, hiring or rejecting the applicant, there are multiple steps involved in the hiring process, and depending on the position, each step can vary from position to position. This is why Company Vacancy Tool has given you full management capabilities at each step of the hiring process. It allows you to record notes and make comments at each step. And whatever action you take whether its asking the applicant in for an interview, rejecting the application, or hiring the applicant, the system will update the status of the application process for each applicant and will send out emails or notifications regarding your actions to every relevant personnel involved in the hiring process. This also include such features as: -Set interview date, rate and comment on candidates. -Notify candidates of interview date. Job Listing Managment: Create and management job listings as go. Job listings can be edited while they have already been publish.
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Paid download | FAQ | Matamko
0 reviews
FAQ is a joomla component that can be installed on any Joomla website. Its function is to allow the admin of the website to create and manage a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your webpage. Like all Joomla components, FAQ has a backend administrative panel for the quick and easy management of the component. The backend will allow admin to create FAQ categories, subs categories, questions, and answers to the questions. The placement of the component is versatile and can be positioned anywhere on the webpage. It can even be placed in an article. This is a great tool for websites that can incur high volumes of traffic or require extensive information sharing and client interaction.
c m
Dynamic Website Personalization

Dynamic Website Personalization

Paid download | Landing pages | Matamko
0 reviews
We live in a changing world. We as people frequently change ourselves. Our decision changes day to day, the way we access information will vary depending on our circumstances. This is why it is very important to understand these changes and to harness the technologies available to accommodate these changes. Dynamic Website Personalization (DWP) is a tool that allows you to display custom Joomla! modules, menus, banners, and articles according to triggers like date, time, location, and device. This is a great tool for marketers as it allows them to deliver specific content to targeted audiences. It is also good for e-commerce sites who need to communicate certain information to their clients or staff that is time and location sensitive. This is a very versatile tool that has many business applications. It can be a very useful tool.
c p
Secure Password Management

Secure Password Management

Paid download | Site Access | Matamko
0 reviews
Since passwords are the first line of defense against cyber offenses and grant access to your IT resources such as email, bank account, server or network, etc. It is crucial to enhance the security of your password. Are your passwords keeping you safe? To prevent your priceless information from any unwanted accesses, your password needs to be protected by a specialized tool rather than the original protecting methods. Secure Password Management is our proud commitment to your password security. Secure Password Management is a tool that allows you to strengthen your password quality by providing a set of strict registration requirements in terms of characters, length, number of login attempts and limit time in password creation process. The password entered by user will be checked to ensure there is no reused passwords and user is using a total new ones. Too many failed login attempts within a limited time (minute) will be locked and a warning message will be sent to user’s email.

En Masse

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