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I needed to create bulk email messages to Users in my Joomla CB database on a filtered basis. I.e. Users that yet had not completed a certain training, Users that were of a certain age, etc. In my emails I needed to include fields from the CB database such as firstname, lastname, etc. Additionally I needed the email to be sent to multiple addresses for each user (not possible with other solutions).

I created a Joomla Component that took advantage from CB list functionality for creation of filters for the emails and added an email template functionality for writing the email and adding CB fields to them.

I created a sender-functionality that allows you to preview emails, send one of them to you for email client preview and then a final button for sending the emails to all receivers.


Posted on 23 June 2016
This tool is a great alternative when Community Builder Mass Mailer has insufficient filter options and if you need cc's associate to users.
Ease of use
Installation and use is straightforward. Use could be optimized by allowing editing of the mail in the send menu.
After installing I found two issues which each of them was solved within a day.
The tool is straigthforward and intuitive. Nevertheless documentation can be found on GitHub.
I used this to: I use this tool to overcome limitations of the standard mass mail filter in Community Builder. User lists have more elaborate filter functions. With HQ CB listmailer it is possible to use these lists directly in Joomla instead of copying them manual to an external mail client.
HQ CB List for Community Builder

HQ CB List for Community Builder

By Magnus Hasselquist
Community Builder extensions
Module to present a CB User List The purpose of this module is to present a Community Builder list of Users with a custom presentation-template with the possibility of using/presenting all user fileds from CB. How to use: - Create a module - Pick a CB List - Prepare a item-template using standard html and include CB fields to be presented - Add stuff on top or after - Publish module...

HQ CB List Mailer for Community Builder

Magnus Hasselquist
Last updated:
Nov 07 2016
5 years ago
Date added:
Mar 14 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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