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Latest Release! GEO Radius Search 2.9

Many great new features and more stability

With this release we are glad to introduce many new features and bug fixes to make your GeoRadius search application work across many different Joomla! templates. Included is an updated and optimised publish/subscribe GeoRadius Modules that allow for dashboarding of various different GeoRadius Search applications on a single page as well as new map icons and fixes to outdated Google Maps code.

New or Improved Features:

Revised default style of UI to allow for the application to adapt to custom template stylings
Diverse set of custom GeoRadius Search map marker icons
Revamped publish/subscribe module to both improve performance and allow for multiple modules belonging to different apps to be displayed on a single web page.
Bug fixes:

Fixed disappearing markers bug
Fixed radius search capabilities
Fixed Map Marker Clusterer image errors
Fixed the way zoo items are cached to improve performance in both module and component
Streamlined and simplified UI code for easier integration and customization
Removed outdated backend parameters

GEO Radius Search for Zoo turns your Joomla Zoo App into an amazing google map mashup. You can now have fast GEO navigation for your site with this dynamic and powerful component. We all know how Zoo is a fantastic building block as one of the best content creation kits for Joomla. Now you can really give your users and clients the best in useful mapping and GEO Radius Search and navigation by content categories.

  1. Easy installation and setup
  2. Full Zoo integration
  3. Simple to use interface
  4. Unlimited maps
  5. 100% Open-Source GNU/GPL
  6. Customizable category icons
  7. Powerful search and filter features
  8. Template Management
  9. Many more!

GEO Radius Search is a featured extension for GEO Navigation on the new Joomla Resources Directory! Get your listing there or visit the site and see how easy it is to find Registered Providers or build relationships within the community.

Geo Radius Search for Zoo allows you to develop customized maps featuring complex search and filter criteria of your Zoo content. Allow your users the possibility of searching on categories, elements or radius distance. The possibilities are enormous! And make sure your maps look great too with easy styling of markers and tool tip popups.

Fast. Amazing. Beautiful. Maps.

GEO Radius Search for Zoo extends the functionality of a Zoo based Joomla site by providing amazing searchable maps. The secret is the components ability to provide user defined maps from the front end based on a powerful search structure. Your Zoo elements become beautiful representations on a map of your definition making it easy for clients to find what they need.

Smart Radius Search:
Its simple. Users enter where they are and GEO Radius Search locates the closest items so users find what they need!

Powerful searching:
Allows users multiple search criteria enabling greater flexibility and better results!

Custom Icon Management:
No map will ever look the same! Make it easy for users to identify the information they need by providing custom icons instead of boring pins.

Dynamic User Interface:
Give your users more power to find what they need!

Result List Functionality:
Making it even easier to manipulate the result list of user searches. Sort by name, element, reverse, random.

Google API V3:
Faster, stronger Google Maps Api V3, helps make mobile maps much easier and faster
See Powerful New Features added in GEO Radius Search v2.8 Here:**

Display zoo item on a map with filters, but some difficulties (doesn't work with many zoolanders elements)
Ease of use
Not so easy, you have to clear cache all the time when you make change during development. Marker styles are difficult to customize
Value for money
It's very expensive for what it does ! And you're on you own, no support
I used this to: To display activities of a ONG on a map
I don't know where is the 2.9 version, it's not available to download on the site....
It will create a map with your Zoo items, however, radius search does not work and only shows first couple hundred items.
Ease of use
It's easy enough to set up.
Received first reply two weeks after sending, generic response. They said the next version would solve issues, it did not. No contact since.
Value for money
If it worked, it would be a good value.
I used this to: Zoo search map with filter for searching within a specific radius.

Buyer Beware

Posted on 04 February 2015
Component did not function as described. When loading larger number of items, map would not load at all. Tried on multiple sites.
Ease of use
Easy enough, if it had worked.
Support UNACCEPTABLE! reply in 24hrs to say they would review. 3wks later, reply with "use cache and Gzip, Oh, and buy MORE support." +$360
Fair. No FAQ or Forum available.
Value for money
Buyer beware. If you are concerned about prompt support, you will be disappointed. 3wks for "Set Cache, use Gzip, and buy more support."
I used this to: Zoo based location map.
Some nice features, but not very flexible. Some important things are missing. You have to made some compromises because of bugs.
Ease of use
I think you need medium skills to handle the component. The available features are well structured.
Only the expensive installation support works. My support questions was ignored. For us not usefull on client or business sites.
On website. Ok.
Value for money
We have to hire a professional to optimise the component and loose time and money. Or we will change to Geo Code Factory.
I purchased this expansion

Also bought this expanded service

Spent a total of 126 + 69

The results can not be used


Give me the answer is never resolved


that is your problem ...

Products and joomla clash

A big problem

My experience is


Will not buy
Owner's reply: The problem here was not related to GEO Radius Search.
This could be a great filter but I'm not very satisfied about support team.

I've reported some bugs and after two months bugs are still there, also on the online demo.

No answer came after the firsts e-mail,

neither after I asked to be refound.

I hope the developer see this to solve the issue.
Owner's reply: Hi,

Sorry you had trouble with the extension, but according to our ticketing system the issue was submitted on the 5th of March and the fix made available on the 25th.

We responded to your ticket within 24 hours (in accordance to our SLA agreement), however this was a complex issue related to external libraries (autofill). This is an optional feature that is easy to disable on the backend parameters.

Our records indicate that your subscription is still active, so you will be able to download the latest version.

Please let us know if you still have issues, and we will promptly resolve them.
If you would like to add more value and extend your zoo directory this is the app you need for.

This extension is great and their support is amazing. A map api error emerged, and they identify and solve this issue for me.
Even out of the box it's a fantastic component, and a welcome addition to Zoo.

What blew me away was support. We had some custom requirements for our project and support received was nothing short of amazing. Quick, effective and a custom solution done all within 24 hours of purchase. Kudos.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Posted on 29 May 2013
It just does what it says it does and very well and elegantly. I was surprised at the level of configuration that this has and the it even offers Zoo like element layouts for the pop-ups, very cool. Definitely worth the money.
Very good enhancement of ZOO when you need to show places, events or anything else on the map. Component works very well and it's easy to setup. I've got an exemplary support from developer.

Radius Search for ZOO

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