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Control every element's access permissions.

ZOOaccess is a powerful extension to ZOO that allows you use the Joomla ACL to its fullest in your ZOO app.

Native ZOO element functionality only allows you to assign elements to a User View access once and for all. If you want to control access to a single element in multiple ways (different for the submit form than a layout) you can't do it with standard ZOO. That limitation is now gone - in a big way.

Now you can control access based upon User View access as well as User Group levels. You can also control access based upon where the element appears. You can also use the content of one element to control the display of another element (i.e. conditional element display). All of this is done using an 'override' approach, so you can set your default access rules in the element type configuration and just change it when needed.
This adds an entirely new functionality to ZOO - not available via any other means.

*Submission Compatibility
*User View Access rule
*User Group rule
*Element Value rule
*Set on Config, override on Position
*All/Any matching methods
*AND/OR Assign modes
*Assign/Exclude options


Posted on 27 June 2016
Now i can let different groups edit different element at the frontend submission
Ease of use
As a newbe it took me some time to understand where i should fill in the ZooAcces options (submission template layout :-) )
The best support ever
Verry good
Value for money
Yes it is, it gives Zoo much more oprtions
I used this to: Frontend submissions for different groups
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Apr 30 2020
11 months ago
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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