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eXtro Forms allows the user to create any number of forms, which in turn can contain any number of input fields for every form.
The entire range of available HTML input forms fields was mapped to eXtroForms.

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eXtroForms - the forms component for Joomla 3

An input field can be created in the backend as easy as writing a standard Joomla article, then you determine the position at which it will be displayed on the form and that's it. For this there are 5 different display positions.

Of course you can copy the fields of your forms, delete or rearrange them if you are not satisfied with the original arrangement in your forms.

The layout can be customized via CSS, every single form has it's own CSS style sheet, so that maximum variability is guaranteed. The meta-information (description, title and keywords) can also be specified separately per form.

If a user has filled in one of your forms in the frontend, he can receive (depending on the settings in the backend) a confirmation email and be forwarded to a selected thank you page, which can be configured in the forms settings.

eXtro Forms is also perfectly suitable for multilingual sites: From Joomla 1.7, the forms can be translated natively without an additional component.

To protect your forms against misuse, you can secure them in addition to the built-in security-mechanisms by with Google ReCaptcha. If a filled in form should still be spam then this request will be filed automatically under suspicion of spam. You can view this folder in the back end separately, and if you decide that an inquiry is not spam, you can move it with a single click to the normal requests.

You can view all queries in the backend or export them via CSV or XML.

eXtroForms was built completely from scratch according to the Joomla MVC design and is based on the Joomla Framework.
eXtro Forms produces no so-called spaghetti code in the frontend, is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant and accessible through the renunciation of tables and is therefore ideal for users and search engines.

Quick Overview

  • Any number of forms
  • Any number of form fields
  • Anti-spam mechanisms for your forms
  • Can be used as autoresponder
  • Inquiries exportable by CSV / XML
  • Simple operation
  • Joomla MVC compatible
  • Your Forms are easily adaptable

NEW: now eXtroForms is compatible with Joomla 3
- It also brings a brand new plugin which lets you more easily display a form in a default article.
- Also, a editor plugin lets you more easily select one of your forms.
- Additionally, the design has been completely adapted to the new Joomla 3 look.
- The Frontend is now completely built on Bootstrap, compatible with BS 2 and 3, for better compatibility with BS based templates.

NEW eXtroforms Version: 2.0.2
This maintenance release of eXtro Forms corrects a issue that could happen in some configurations when sending a confirmation email

NEW version of eXtroForms : 2.0.3
- now the sender name will be displayed correctly when sending confirmation emails from eXtroforms
- improved the frontend view for better compatibility with BS2/3

NEW Version of eXtroForms: 2.1.0
This new release of eXtroForms brings some fixes and improvements:
- The Editor field of the Form description and in the HTML field are now properly accepting HTML tags (depending on your editors settings).
- The Radio button field has now a mandatory field check in case you don't have a default value
- Responsiveness has been improved - in BS3 based templates, the 2 columns column display will now be 1 column on phones
- Also improved compatiblity with Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7
- plus some smaller bugfixes

NEW Version of eXtroForms 2.1.1
This maintenance release of eXtroForms fixes a issue when answering to a confirmation email.
When answering to a confirmation message, the name was the senders address and the email address was the admin emailadress.
This could lead to confusion, so we changed it for more clarity.
It should now be more obvious to which email address you're writing.

eXtroForms V2.1.2
This is a bugfix release, it corrects the following issues:
- When using J3.5.1, the confirmation mail did not send in the previous versions, this has been corrected
- a typo prevented redirection to the thank you page in some cases, this has also been corrected

eXtroForms V2.1.3
In this maintenance release the following changes have been applied:
- In the result manager, all dates are displayed in the time zone set in the Joomla configuration, i.e. you local time zone.

eXtroForms V2.1.4
This maintenance release of eXtroForms brings these UXimprovements and changes:
- Improved the BE pagination
- Validation in BE have been improved
- Menus are clearer now
- Plugin has been improved
- Some additional minor changes

eXtroForms V2.1.5 released
This bugfix release fixes a small bug in the eXtroForms fields manager while editing.
In certain cases, a field could not be saved in previous versions of eXtroForms.
This bugfix fixes this issue.

Please note:
Effective immediately, we've changed our subscription model. The new subscription model contains a 12 month (1 year) download period for the product, support is optionally bookable. Delivering high quality support (which we believe we do) is the most costly part of our business. We believe that by making support optional, there is a win-win situation with lower prices for customers.

I use this extension for a few websites and it does what it's designed for.
Ease of use
It works, the interface is plain and simple. The supplied module could use some more tuning possibilities and support for more languages.
Once paid you have 60 days of download and support for updates. That is not enough, there are never (security) updates within 60 days!!
If you can't find the answer the support forum is fast enough!
Value for money
This extension is a difficult one just because of the lack of updating.


Posted on 10 August 2013
I'm trying to use extro for longer and never was satisfied. It's not easy to create forms and it's also not useful for any forms like they promised.

I wanted to create a order form and calculate the price and send to paypal. It's not possible.

I'm a very calm person and I gave this component enough time to develop, because they promised to make it better.

It seems they are not interested to improve the product and I have to look for something else. Sad.
Owner's reply: First - Thank you for awarding 5 stars.
However, you have confused some reviews, this one doesn't match the vote.
Don't worry, we already accepted your apology.

Anyway, we wanted to write some comments to your review, though it's completely mixed up:

- If you know how to create and edit a default joomla article, then you also can create a form incl. form elements in eXtroForms, which has been confirmed by our customers to be so.

- During development, we focused on keeping the form creation process as easy as possible, following the default joomla standards for components (mainly developed for Joomla 1.5), which has also been confirmed by our customers that we succeeded in doing so.

- We never said that calculating fields and a paypal interface are implemented in eXtroForms, and we don't think that lack of these features make eXtroForms 'not useful'.

- We constantly improve eXtroForms and release new versions when needed. Alone in the last month we updated eXtroForms several times.

So don't worry about your failed review, as already said, we accepted your apology!
I like this extension because it is easy for use but hard to change the layout. I always must edit css many times because it's not good looking with templates.

If this will updated, it is the best!
Owner's reply: Thank you for liking eXtroForms.
The layout has been created for mainly unexperienced users, so they can choose from five different positions where to place their fields.
Whenever a customer asked for help in changing these positions, we adapted them especially to match the customer's wishes.

Also, when a user asked for help in changing the look of their form(s), we not only helped the users of the commercial version,
but also the users of the free version of eXtroForms with detailed answers.
Besides, we believe that editing CSS styles belongs to basic knowledge of web design which every web designer should know about.


Posted on 01 July 2013
Extremely well supported with very fast replies and results. They go out of their way to ensure you are happy. Component is excellent, easy to use and has a great export feature. I highly recommend.

Great component

Posted on 20 February 2013
Hi guys, we're using joomla for our intranet and also needed a form component. We found that extroforms is very flexible but still easy to use and has all the functionality we need. Due to the great documentation and intuitive usability, we had set up our first form in minutes and were ready to use it. Very good job!

Easy to use

Posted on 23 January 2013
I've used this form component for a university project. With this component,building a form is very easy, just choose which field you want to create, enter name and that's it! For me it was very important to have a upload function that is not limited to upload only one file at once and that can assign the uploaded files to the respective user. Both is possible with eXtroForms. Overall, this is a great component to easily build a form with.

Nice work

Posted on 03 November 2012
This is a cool component to build a form in Joomla, i use this tool for 5 Sites. Good Job.
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GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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