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It is natural that you need to manage your Facebook pages to extend your online business. It is also important that you have to maintain your Facebook fans and pages. In order to maintain your Facebook fans and concerns, we have made joomla module to extend helping hand for you.

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You can easily maintain Facebook fan pages on your joomla website using by our Facebook Like Box Widget Module. It is a tremendous module which can help to display your page fans and activities on your joomla site. It is the best way for you and you can save your time as using our module is extremely easy. You just need to install the module and then choice the better way to control your FB fans and Pages.

Brilliant Features of this module:

Height: When you are thinking about height, it has the proper height to ensure the perfect balance of your FB.
Fans options: Sometimes you want to show your fans and sometimes you don’t want to show you fans on FB. All these matters are depending on you. If you want to show your fans then you can easily show your fans on your FB. You also can manage to hide your fans on your FB using by this module.
Stream: Our module give you the freedom to include stream or not. If you want to show stream you have the option to enable it. You also can disable it when you need.
Color scheme: Color scheme option help you to beautify your module on FB.
Fanbox Header: You can hide or show fanbox whenever you need. It is a perfect module for you with great maintained opportunity.
Width matter is important for you and we have ensured that. It has the option to control the width.
It is consisted with border color to ensure the better quality of your FB pages.
You can use language option to select your favorite language.
Module class and page link options are for your FB page.
Width and height options are for you to maintain appropriate control on FB.
It has color scheme option for you.
You can show faces of fans or hide them whatever you choice, you have the chance to do it.
You can easily see that how many users are already on you FB page. You also can see like number of likes using by this module.
You can read your all of recent FB posts whenever you need.
A FB fan can like your page by just 1 click on.
You need a joomla 1.5,1.6,1.7 or 2.5 to use this FB module.


This widget shows Facebook page activities on my Joomla site perfectly. One of the best Facebook widget right now.

Ease of use

It's very easy to configure use. No advance knowledge required.


Support is awesome. Fast and professional.


Well described. I think it will not need If anyone have basic Joomla knowledge.

I used this to: Connect Facebook fan page and display recent posts directly on my site. Working perfectly. Thanks

Cool Module

Posted on 30 October 2013

It is really a cool extension for facebook like box widget.It is helpful to maintain facebook pages and fan activities easily. It saves my time and makes everything easy. Thanks.


Posted on 29 October 2013

Better cleaner module from many i tested but , a lot of work is needed, color options, for better styling control for a start would be excellent.

I tried to style it but no luck.

So by me, good coded, clean, but needs some new features, it has same functionality with Facebook plugins.

This is very good extension of facebook like a box widget. It is very good to maintain facebook pages and fans. It is a wonderful module which can help to display your page fans and activities on your joomla site. It is the best way and save your time by using this module and very easy to manage.


Posted on 22 October 2013

Extension is Keen.. Many thanks to developer.. I am using it for my Personal website,working as it developer.. Cheers!!

Great Extension

Posted on 06 August 2013

I have downloaded and installed all three extensions (FB slider, Twitter slider and this one) by this developer and they do exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended. NOTE: Only negative point is is the hidden link to a website, and which does not show up on the demo on their site: "" which is embedded - I removed this from the php files for each module.

Twitter Slider Widget

Twitter Slider Widget

Free | Social Display | Vladimir Korush
9 reviews
Download Twitter Slider Widget Today Download Twitter Slider Widget to connect your website visitors with your Twitter account. This multi Twitter module easily displays the latest tweets and Twitter activity. Even better, Twitter Slider Widget comes with a simple installation process. After downloading our Twitter sidebar, just add your Twitter user account name for instant access to your Twitter account. Once the Twitter Slider Widget installation process is completed, a Twitter sidebar will be placed on your web page, displaying up to the minute Twitter activity including tweets and Twitter news updates. Choose Twitter Slider Widget today for all of your website, Twitter, and social media needs. Choose Our Sidebar Twitter Widget Now Twitter Slider Widget comes with a full range of customizable options to choose from. Twitter Slider Widget provides the option to choose from a dark or light Twitter Widget theme, in addition to the option to load or remove jqueries. Furthermore, downloading our Twitter sidebar for your website comes with a full range of benefits to website administrators, designers, users, and Twitter followers, including: The ability to display Twitter tweets from a single or multiple Twitter accounts. Our multiuser and single Twitter account options provide simple solutions for maintaining and displaying Twitter communications. Micro blog with easy and gain new Twitter followers with this free Twitter widget. Twitter is a micro blogging platform that allows the entire world to see your Twitter communications and activities. By downloading Twitter Slider Widget your website visitors will gain immediate access to your Twitter account and tweets, without having to leave your website or webpage. Use Twitter Slider Widget to network and gain Twitter followers. This Twitter sidebar module can be used to alert website visitors and Twitter followers about job opportunities, and job searches, just by viewing a tweet from your Twitter account. Twitter Slider Widget provides an easy way to display Twitter news updates. Use Twitter Slider Widget as a newsfeed for your website. All Twitter account activities can be easily displayed from this simple Twitter widget. Unite your Twitter followers and website visitors. This Twitter sidebar allows your website visitors to not only connect with your Twitter account, Twitter Slider Widget also allows website visitors to view your Twitter followers. By doing so, your Twitter followers and website visitors become connected and you can use this Twitter widget to arrange meetings, conferences and other communications with Twitter followers and website visitors. Twitter Slider Widget comes with easy to use search options that allow you to use Twitter to locate information about world news and entertainment. Use this Twitter sidebar to access and distribute relevant information. Display your Twitter favorites for your website visitors to see. With just one simple click all of your Twitter favorites can be displayed via this Twitter widget slider. Twitter Slider Widget is an exceptional Twitter joomla extension that is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.
Facebook Slider Widget

Facebook Slider Widget

Free | Social Display | Vladimir Korush
7 reviews
Download and Install Facebook Slider Widget Today Facebook Slider Widget is here to help connect your website visitors with your Facebook page. All joomla websites can benefit from having this Facebook like box extension. Once Facebook Slider Widget is installed, visitors can view Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook friends and Facebook cover photos, without travelling to your Facebook page. Facebook Slider Widget is a completely free Facebook like box extension, and comes with free customer support from our Facebook widget specialists. Download Facebook Slider Widget today to naturally integrate your Facebook page onto your website. # Download Facebook Slider Widget and use Facebook to find new social media connections. By downloading Facebook Slider Widget and displaying your Facebook account directly onto your website via this Facebook like box widget, you can gain Facebook friends, Facebook shares and Facebook likes. You may be having a hard time deciding which Facebook like box widget to choose. Luckily, Facebook Slider Widget makes it simple for web visitors to view your Facebook cover photos, Facebook friends, Facebook likes and Facebook shares, without having to travel to your Facebook page. Facebook Slider Widget is one of the few free Facebook like box extensions and is compatible with all Facebook pages. So make the most of your Facebook account, download Facebook Slider Widget today. Facebook Slider Widget Product Specifications & Benefits Facebook Slider Widget can be displayed as a simple Facebook icon, or expanded to display Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook cover photos and Facebook friends. Facebook Slider Widget doesn’t just provide social media benefits, Facebook Slider Widget also comes with the following product specifications: Facebook Slider Widget is compatible with all joomla module websites. Customizable Facebook like box format including adjustable Facebook like box heights and lengths. Customizable color schemes for the Facebook like box display. Customizable borders and headers for the Facebook like box display. Free customer support from our Facebook widget specialists. Display or hide Facebook cover photos, Facebook likes, Facebook friends and Facebook shares. Facebook widget that is jQuery enabled. Instant Facebook newsfeed displayed remotely. Easy and free Facebook widget download and installation process. Joomla module backend configuration for all Facebook pages. Concealed Facebook widget display that is hover enabled to hide the full Facebook like box display. Simply hover over the Facebook widget display to slide open the Facebook like box. The smartest business owners integrate Facebook into their business websites in order to take full advantage of all of the social media benefits provided by Facebook. Make the right choice, download Facebook Slider Widget for your website. Facebook Slider Widget is a customizable Facebook like box that can easily display your Facebook likes, Facebook friends, Facebook shares and Facebook cover photos directly onto any joomla module website. Allow web visitors to view Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook friends and Facebook cover photos, without having to leave your site. Download and install Facebook Slider Widget today.

Facebook Like Box Widget

Vladimir Korush
Last updated:
Jul 27 2017
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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