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In a matrix of a custom number of rows and cols, display avatars from: New Users, Founder Users, Last Seen Users, Last Updated Profiles, Popular Users, Un-Popular users (to promote them), Random Selection, Currently On-Line Users or Staff Members.

New Features:
* Fake-online tool - In addition to simply enable this tool, you may control the lower and upper limit of online users that enables and disables this tool, as well as the list of users to pick from, to build the list.


  • Adjust the thumbnail's size (height and width) and spacing
  • Each thumb avatar links to the user's Community Builder Profile
  • On mouse over, each thumbnail opens a fancy balloon with user's name and it's original-size avatar
  • Dynamicaly generated Javascript is compressed on the fly
  • Automatically provides your users with an avatar from a gallery
  • Avatars gallery, to auto-fill empty ones, pre-loaded with 55 images, but you can add many more.
  • Notify by email to you users that their avatar has been automatically updated

Good job

Posted on 31 August 2015
Shows nice lists exactly as described great addition for my website
Ease of use
Just install and publish work flawlessly
Quick and supportive. Problem solved in 24 hours.
Value for money
Little expensive I think, but still great addition.
I used this to: Personal site

Really enhances CB

Posted on 14 January 2010
This versatile module really enhances a Community Builder implementation adding the web2.0 appearance features that CB and Joomla lack by default.

The installation is easy and the configuration is well documented in the parameters' info.

Thank you for such great extension and keep up the good job.
I initially have problem due to div id and javascript variable conflict from my own code, but Carreon sloved it as soon as he was back from their office move.

This is a great example of paying for a product, which is the support you are getting and keeping company that support open source going.

Thanks again
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Featured Avatars Pro

Last updated:
Feb 22 2017
Date added:
Jun 24 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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