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2.8.2 2017-08-18 / Omar Ramos
! Changed constructor (finally removed old PHP 4 compatible one)

2.8.1 2016-10-26 / Omar Ramos

Prevent loading of custom JAccess class file when not needed.

2.8.0 2016-10-06 / Omar Ramos
+ Added minor changes for DOCman 3.0 RC compatibility in our Primary Menu Item ID check for DOCman (this is needed for the plugin to correctly generate SEF URLs for you).
+ Added extra code so that new JavaScript locations for DOCman 3.0 Koowa JS files will get loaded properly (these are needed for the File Delete capability to work correctly within the plugin output).

2.7.9 2016-08-24 / Omar Ramos
! Happy Birthday Mom!

Fixed an issue limiting the functionality of the Category Inclusion/Exclusion Filters.

Fixed a CSS issue being noticed on newer templates that set images to be displayed as blocks which affected the display of the DOCman List output.

2.7.8 2016-05-01 / Omar Ramos

Corrected date display within plugin so that timezones are correctly accounted for.

Noticed that the Labels in Columns layout would sometimes not show the new column correctly so made a slight adjustment in that layout to correct that.

2.7.7 2016-04-16 / Omar Ramos
+ Added ability to perform natural case category sort (Option Keys: useCategoryDefaultSort, useCategoryNaturalSort)
+ Added ability to perform natural case document sort (Option Keys: useDocumentDefaultSort, useDocumentNaturalSort)
! Natural case sorting is useful for when you have numeric values in your Category or Document Titles and want them to be sorted the way a human might sort them since by default the database tends to sort them incorrectly (e.g. 10, 11, 100, 50, 70 would be the default result and 10, 11, 50, 70, 100 would be the natural sort result).

2.7.6 2015-04-24 / Omar Ramos
+ NEW Document Filetype Inclusion Capability (Allows you to filter documents by filetype you want to include) (Option Keys: setDocumentFiletypeInclusionFilters pdf,doc,etc.)
+ NEW Document Filetype Exclusion Capability (Allows you to filter documents by filetype you want to exclude) (Option Keys: setDocumentFiletypeExclusionFilters pdf,doc,etc.)

2.7.5 2015-04-22 / Omar Ramos
+ NEW Category Inclusion Capability (Allows you to filter category names you want to include) (Option Keys: setCategoryInclusionFilters Word1,Word2,etc.)
+ NEW Category Exclusion Capability (Allows you to filter category names you want to exclude) (Option Keys: setCategoryExclusionFilters Word1,Word2,etc.)
+ NEW Document Inclusion Capability (Allows you to filter document names you want to include) (Option Keys: setDocumentInclusionFilters Word1,Word2,etc.)
+ NEW Document Exclusion Capability (Allows you to filter document names you want to exclude) (Option Keys: setDocumentExclusionFilters Word1,Word2,etc.)
+ NEW List Specific Documents feature (allows DOCman List to function a little like DOCman's Document Editor Button Plugin, but in this case you just provide the Document IDs and it will list the files with whatever DOCman List Layout you'd like to use from my plugin). (Option Keys: listSpecificDocuments 43,87,80,56,58)

Fixed an issue with the "tablelabelsin_columns" layout (the table header for when the New column was displayed wasn't being added)

2.7.4 2015-04-21 / Omar Ramos
+ Improved the support for DOCman 2.1's new Access Level/Group Permissions Feature (before this update, some of these were not being captured correctly by the plugin so data was not being displayed correctly).

2.7.3 2015-04-20 / Omar Ramos

Fixed an issue with the "get all folders" method working under certain conditions

2.7.2 2015-04-19 / Omar Ramos
+ Improved the Asset Rule Preloading Capability which greatly improves loading speed on large sites (on the site I used for testing prior to the change it was taking about 45 seconds to load the page using my older method for Preloading, now it only takes about 10 seconds...and this is with about 750 files and 34 categories being displayed on the same page).
+ NEW Layout: Standalone Cart - The standalone cart integrates a ZIP Download Feature so your users can download multiple files at once. It's similar to the table/nested table layouts, except there is a column of checkboxes that allow users to select the files they wish to download. Beneath every list there are "Download Selected Files" and "Clear Selections" buttons. (Option Keys: useStandaloneCartLayout, useNestedStandaloneCartLayout)
+ Added "show categories owned by user" feature. (Option Keys: showOwnCategoriesList, showNormalCategoriesList)
+ Added "show documents owned by user" feature. (Option Keys: showOwnDocumentsList, showNormalDocumentsList)
+ Added Ability for Owner Status to be Displayed on Categories. (Option Keys: showCategoryOwnerLabel, hideCategoryOwnerLabel)
+ Added Ability for Owner Status to be Displayed on Documents. (Option Keys: showDocumentOwnerLabel, hideDocumentLabel)
+ Added Ability for Published/Unpublished Status to be Displayed on Categories. (Option Keys: showCategoryStatusLabel, hideCategoryStatusLabel)
+ Added Ability for Pending/Expired/Unpublished Status to be Displayed on Documents. (Option Keys: showDocumentStatusLabel, hideDocumentStatusLabel)

Fixed an issue I noticed when saving articles that contained DOCman List code in the backend when Smart Search was enabled for a site (it caused an error in one of the files where the regular DOCman code was being used and was behaving differently than it does in the frontend).

2.7.1 2015-04-16 / Omar Ramos (Hotfix Release)

Fixed issue with DOCman 2.1 (a change had been made at the database level that caused the plugin to stop retrieving data correctly).

2.7.1 2015-03-14 / Omar Ramos
+ Added new feature for Submitting Files to Menu Items that have been manually created by users (using the DOCman "Submit Document" Menu Type).
! This is only used as a fallback feature in the case that the regular Submit File links won't be added automatically for a category.

2.7.0 2015-03-11 / Omar Ramos

Fixed a bug where the jQuery Library wasn't being included correctly to support Delete operations properly in Joomla 2.5

  • Added keepalive behavior when logged into a page using DOCman List (this helps keep the session alive so you don't run into an "Invalid Cookie Token" error when trying to use the Delete button for a file.

2.7.0 2015-01-17 / Omar Ramos
! This is a minor point release where I integrated some custom work I had performed for a client.
+ Added a new Cart layout that can be used together with my mod_downloadqueue module (allows you to queue up multiple files for download when using DOCman List). (Option Keys: useCartLayout/useNestedCartLayout)

2.6.9 2014-12-23 / Omar Ramos

Fixed SqueezeBox Conflict Issue (If a prior SqueezeBox/Modal had already been added to the page it overrides the plugin's version so I added a more foolproof way within the plugin output.

Fixed Joomlatools kQuery include issue (looks like older versions of DOCman 2.0 may have had a koowa.kquery.js file which has been more recently renamed to koowa.jquery.js)

2.6.8 2014-12-15 / Omar Ramos

Fixed Force Download Feature for Files (the URL parameter had changed from an underscore to using a dash: force-download)

  • Added ability to turn on Category Description Content Plugin processing
  • Added the Delete button capability in (DOCman 2.0 had changed the process so I needed to wait to know how to add it back in to the plugin)
  • Investigate if it is possible to show hits on the Documents now in DOCman 2.0 stable
  • Added Search Capability
  • Added modal link ability back in
  • Added "Copy to Clipboard" functionality option

2.6.7 2014-09-22 / Omar Ramos

Needed to make an additional correction in the itemid.php class file (The Joomlatools Select Query format had changed and resulted in a PHP error)

2.6.6 2014-08-31 / Omar Ramos
! The new DOCman 2.0 stable pre-release required some changes within the plugin (please use the older 2.6.5 version if you are using one of the beta/RC versions of DOCman 2.0)

2.6.5 2014-03-01 / Omar Ramos

Fixed issue with the Category Filtering Feature when "Hide Parent Category" was Turned On.

Fixed the JavaScript for the regular (non-nested) layouts. Previously the Expand/Collapse functionality was being triggered even on Categories that did not have any files (so a Category would end up hiding the Category immediately beneath it, which wasn't correct)

Fixed an issue where my DocmanRouterHelper::preloadCategoryPaths() method was being called statically even though it wasn't declared as a static method.

  • Added the ability to show/hide the Details Link (Option Keys: showDetailsLink/hideDetailsLink)
  • Added the ability to show/hide the Category Name (Option Keys: showCategoryName/hideCategoryName) ! Tweaked the way the new "Hide Expand Icons" feature works (now it hides the spacer as well so the Category Name lines up better with the file listing

2.6.4 2014-02-15 / Omar Ramos
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Category Folder icons (Option Keys: showCategoryIcons/hideCategoryIcons)
+ Added the ability to show/hide the Filetype Icons (Option Keys: showFiletypeIcons/hideFiletypeIcons)
+ Added the ability to show/hide the +/- Icons to Expand/Collapse the Categories (Option Keys: showExpandIcons/hideExpandIcons)
+ Added the ability to show direct category links to the right of the Category Title...this would be useful if you have Category Links turned off for regular users, but may want to show them for logged in users that have permission to upload (Option keys: showCategoryLinksToUsersWithPermissions, hideCategoryLinksToUsersWithPermissions)
+ Added the ability to use Forced Download Links at any time (Option Keys: useForcedDownloadLinks/useDefaultLinks)
+ Added a CSS fix to remove the Category block being highlighted if you click on it multiple times quickly to Expand/Collapse the hierarchy
! Modified the render method for the non-nested layouts so that categories with sub-categories would not be treated as "empty" ones (this fixed an issue where if you did not have any files yet, all categories would be hidden when showCollapsed was turned on).

Fixed a bug in docmanlist.js that was triggered by trying to expand/collapse empty categories

Fixed a bug in sorttable.js for Joomla 3 (the updated version of Mootools no longer has the $defined function but there's a simple correction that can be made to fix that)

! Added in code that allowed Joomla 2.5/3 code to be triggered (allowing us to go back to a single package for both versions).



If you have more than just a few files, Docman's front-end is cumbersome. This corrects that.

Ease of use

It *is* easy to use but don't be swayed by the extensive settings. There is a lot of power here.


There are lots and lots of settings. It can be confusing at first but then it starts making sense.

Value for money

It is worth every penny and should be included with every Docman purchase.

I used this to: A document library for a large organization. No one was happy with the Docman front-end so this saved us from having to start over from scratch. Everyone loves it. This is the first time I have reviewed a plugin but feel compelled to get the word out. Good job!


The plugin itself is endless, it is so versatile, there is nothing you can't do with it in regards to displaying DOCman files & categories.

Ease of use

It takes a bit of effort going through all the options but the level of variation makes it well worth it.


I could not give a score higher than 100 in this system but support is up there in the thousands, well done Omar.


This plug has an extensive amount of documentation and videos available. Much more than other plugins & components provide.

Value for money

Well worth it!

I used this to: This is used on a client site to add DOCman documents into normal article pages.

This plugin really extends DocMan and offers completely new features!

For example companies may want to offer downloads not just in a download-pool, but next to the product. With this extension you can show Docman categories inside articles, modules and so on.

It also offers a lot of customization so you can show all details you want!

This is an amazing enhancement for DocMan and the support is really fast and helpful!

This is a great extension. It is easy in use. The support is great. Why support if it's so easy in usage? I want things a little bit different then standard. I was surprised how fast and how easy things could be customized.

This extension has been the answer to my prayers for a site that has a zillion and one PDF files in a members only area. It is easy to set up. I did have one problem that was not the fault of the extension which was solved quickly with Omar's quick help. I wish all extensions were this easy.

Our business unit is part of a large global company. We have an internal Virtual Campus site used by staff around the globe This plugin produces our DOCman listings and it anages the DOCman category hierarchies really well.

Perfect product. Using it for several years and have a quick support to solve problems.

Recommended for every one who wants to use Docman.

Great Product

Posted on 17 April 2012

They have done a good job in making this a useful and worthwhile product.

Great Work

Posted on 10 June 2011

Very powerful tool, DOCman works just well and easy. I'm new to Joomla and I got it configured and working it in no time. Great work!

This extension makes Docman usable when there are many categories-subcategories to display.

Developer has done a perfect job. Truly; easy to install, understand, what else could I say...transformed a poor repository concept into a very smart one!!

To developer: Thank you very much indeed

Content Update Notifications

Content Update Notifications

Paid download | Content Submission | Omar E Ramos
3 reviews
This plugin does a number of things, but mainly it allows the user editing the content in Joomla 1.6+ (Articles + Content Categories) to receive a notification email upon editing/creating a new content item. 2.7.0 2015-03-11 / Omar Ramos + Added toggle option to be able to turn on/off notifications on new article creation. + Added toggle option to be able to turn on/off notifications on article update. + Added toggle option to be able to turn on/off notifications on new category creation. + Added toggle option to be able to turn on/off notifications on category update. In the notification email, the previous version of the content is attached in a txt file and html file, as well as the new version. The other information about the content is also displayed in the email. You can also add additional people to be notified upon editing content (such as administrators, or other key people in charge of keeping the quality of the content intact). The plugin will also notify you with a copy of the article before it is deleted completely from the system (which should make it easier to restore something if it is deleted accidentally). You may call it a poor man's version control system (using email as the storage mechanism) but I think it will work quite nicely for a lot of sites and I hope you enjoy it! On top of the above, I've also added in some common corrections for content pasted from Microsoft Word, but I'm looking for additional examples of things that could be corrected so if you have those I'd really like to add them in so that your HTML can be cleaned automatically upon submission!


Free | Articles Display | Omar E Ramos
35 reviews
I had trouble listing the 2.5 version through the JED so I'm just combining the listing for the 1.5 version with the 2.5 version. Both extensions are free to download on the website...enjoy! ArtCats is a module that can automatically list Articles from within a designated Category or can list Categories from within a designated Section. Compatible only with Joomla 1.5 and later. Not for use with Joomla 1.0.xx. Based on Categories 1.5 module created by Rich Dorfman which was created with inspiration from Module - Content Categories version 1.0.1 by Boris Komraz. 2.5.0 version announcement: http://www.orware.com/product-news/free-extensions/artcats-2.5/artcats-2-5-0-beta-released New version 2.0.4 with "Exclude Current Article" ability now available! Read the release announcement here: http://www.orware.net/home/item/artcats-for-joomla-204-released.html Please post questions there in the comments section or email me! Additional Information (Please feel free to visit the Demo/Documentation Pages as well): When set to auto mode this module functions contextually, meaning that it will only return the expected links when on the appropriate type of page. For example, let's say you had a Section named Section 1, with Categories named Category 1, Category 2, Category 3. Let's say you also have another Section named Section 2, with Categories named Category 4, Category 5, and Category 6. In auto mode the module would automatically show links to Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 when you visit the Section 1 page and show links to Categories 4, 5, and 6 when visiting the Section 2 page. For Categories the functionality is similar. Let's say you had a Category named Category 1 with Articles named Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. Let's also say you had another Category named Category 2, with Articles named Article 4, Article 5, and Article 6. If you visited the Category 1 page the module would automatically show links to Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3. If you went to visit the Category 2 page the module would automatically show links to Articles 4, 5, and 6. Pretty nifty huh? I figured this would be a nice way to have a semi-automatic menu system. Your ideas are welcome!
Homepage Cache

Homepage Cache

Free | Performance | Omar E Ramos
5 reviews
Update (2013-03-20): Just added in the ability to set your own custom cache lifetime value. This caching plugin is a more specific version of the page caching system plugin that comes default with Joomla. I've never liked how the default System Cache Plugin cached all pages on your site once enabled because that seemed to cause issues with pages that were intended to be more dynamic (hence, users would use the Conservative or Progressive Caching options instead from the Global Configuration). In my case, I thought it would be nice to enable page caching, but only for a few select pages (e.g. the Homepage) especially if only about 10 or so pages (out of let's say a couple hundred) receive the bulk of the requests (e.g. the Homepage receives 70+% of pageviews). So I set out to modify the default Joomla plugin and add in the capability to cache the Homepage out of the page, with the additional options of adding in additional relative URLs to be cached on your site. The result is this Homepage Cache System Plugin and I hope you enjoy it! After putting this into production on my site for the homepage it produced the following improvements. Here's the before example: Processing Time: 1.354 seconds / Memory Usage: 10.31 MB (10,814,760 Bytes) / Database Queries: 77 Queries Logged Then I went ahead and installed the homepage caching system plugin and turned it on (after making sure the Homepage Cache was set to be the last System Plugin executed...at the very least it needs to be ordered after the System SEF Plugin, otherwise you'll run into a weird rendering issue on subpages with beez_20, which is what happened to me while I was initially testing). That's it if you want to enable caching of your homepage...you can also open the plugin's configuration page and specify additional pages you want cached. Here's the after example: Processing Time: 0.353 seconds / Memory Usage: 4.01 MB (4,202,216 Bytes) / Database Queries: 8 Queries Logged Enjoy!
Hidden Debug

Hidden Debug

Free | Development | Omar E Ramos
0 reviews
The Hidden Debug System Plugin is a cutdown version of the default System Debug Plugin that comes with Joomla. After installation, simply go in and disable the default System - Debug plugin within your Plugin Manager and leave just the Hidden Debug plugin enabled. If you then enable Debugging in the Joomla Configuration page the hidden debug plugin will then start to add debug output within a hidden HTML comment at the bottom of each of your pages in the frontend. This is useful for production sites where you can't really make full use of the debug plugin and you want to test something out (like, a caching plugin) without it displaying anything to your users that could potentially be bad to display with the normal debug plugin (for example database table name details). This plugin just gives you Profiling Information (time elapsed for page to be generated), Memory Usage, and # of Database Queries executed. As an optional feature you can enable email notifications to be sent out to you for pages that exceed a certain number of queries (this was useful for me to learn a bit more about the number of queries different pages on my site was generating and then I was able to turn it off). Enjoy!

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Aug 19 2017
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Nov 18 2014
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