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This extension consists in an editor plugin that makes possible to select a file on the server and attach it in the article body.

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The list of file is presented as directory tree or a flat list (as an option) and the hyperlink to the file is created with just a single click on the file.

The plugin is fully customizable: the base directory can be selected, custom HTML code can be inserted inside the hyperlink, custom class and icon can be specified as well as a filter to only show certain files in the listing.


This extension does one simple thing well, excellent.

Ease of use

Simple to use, installs and activated as any other Joomla plug-in.


None required, so I can't comment on support.


It is very simple, and the UI explained everything, so I didn't need documentation.
So, self documented, which is the best sort of documentation really.

Value for money

Great value, very low cost

I used this to: I really like the simplicity of TinyMCE, and this adds a missing bit of functionality. Being able to quickly and simply add links to PDF files in an article is a common task for many web users.

JCE supports adding links to files but TinyMCE does not. I find JCE to be quite c
WSO Command Shell and File Manager

WSO Command Shell and File Manager

Paid download | Servers | Alessandro Pasotti
1 review
WSO Shell Joomla! plugin is a full featured file manager and command line console based on the famous WSO remote webshell. WSO Shell offers a long list of extremely useful functions, all of which are run with the privileges of the web server user: a full featured file manager (copy, rename, edit, delete, up/download etc.) a console that can run commands from the underlying operating system a SQL console a PHP console string tools with tons of pre-configured commands network analysis tools detailed system information penetration testing tools WSO Shell Joomla! plugin target audience are skilled Joomla! admins that need an advanced tool to manage their systems, exploiting the full power of the underlying operating system commands and PHP/SQL command lines. WSO Shell is also a real "hacker's" tool, with ton of security and utility tools that can be used (with care!) to analyze your system. WSO Shell Joomla! plugin was developed and tested with Joomla! on Linux server systems, we don't provide support when Joomla! is installed on other platforms.


Alessandro Pasotti
Last updated:
Feb 01 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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