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The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is a full featured, responsive (mobile ready) and versatile plugin to display flickr photos and flickr videos beautifully on your Joomla website using simple but powerful short codes.

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{flickr album=xxxxx}

(where xxxxx is the album id)

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin supports various type of media from flickr:
- Single photo’s ( {flickr photo=xxxxx} )
- Sets/Albums ( {flickr album=xxxxx} )
- Videos ( {flickr video=xxxxx} )
- User photo streams ( {flickr user=xxxxx} )
- Group pools ( {flickr group=xxxxx} )
- Tags ( {flickr tag="xxxxx, xxxxx"} )
- Galleries ( {flickr gallery=xxxxx})

Other high regarded features are:
- All your flickr photos: Access to all your flickr photos (even the ones set to private on flickr)
- Downloads: Select which website users can download the original photos using Joomla ACL.
- Randomizer: Display your flickr photos in a random order(great for use in a module)
- Geo location: Locate your flickr photo on google maps.
- Various display methods: Thumbnail grid, slider or just one photo on the website. All linked to the set/album in the image viewer.

The Flickr Suite Content Plugin comes with an elaborate user guide freely available on our website.

Please visit our website for an elaborate demo of the features of the Flickr Suite Content Plugin.


the plugin does what it says. It makes beautiful photo-pages from your flickr-pictures.

Ease of use

Easy accessible layout options like the amount of rows you want. The size of the pictures. thumbnail format and so on.


I had troubles due to (probably) a firewall on the serverside that made it impossible to connect to Flickr.
Great support. Very helpfull


needs a little update after the new version, but thats normal this short after a new version.

Value for money


I used this to: a website about paragliding (non commercial)

Easy to set up and Clean code

Posted on 05 January 2017

It integrates flickr to the content with an ease, and has many possibilities for setting up the albums

Ease of use

Very comprehensive user guide but for me was easy to set up without even raed it


Great and really fast answer support people, thanks


It is well documented

Value for money

It is really worth the money

I used this to: Showing flickr albums in content articles in a joomla 3

Works good but

Posted on 05 February 2016

It does all it's supposed to do but sync with Flickr is a no go.
In order to sync it with Flickr you need to turn off Joomla cache.

Ease of use

Very easy to setup and use.


Support gets back to you quickly.


You really don't need to read documentation as it is quite easy to setup.

Value for money

The price is fair for what it does.

I used this to: A client
Owner's reply: First of all thanks you Vincent Gabriele for writing your review. We highly appreciate it that you took the time and effort.

I’d like to take the opportunity to elaborate on the Joomla cache and the Flickr Suite. In particular the Flickr Suite Content plugin, as that is the only Flickr Suite extension that is affected by the Joomla Cache.

Like any other Joomla content plugin, the Flickr Suite content plugin is affected by the Joomla cache. As long as the Joomla cache is switched on and there is a valid Joomla cache record for the article or module in which the plugin is used, the plugin will not be called by Joomla and hence the plugin cannot update the photos.

However, by default Joomla cache records are only valid for 15 minutes. That means that after those 15 minutes the Joomla cache will be refreshed and Joomla will call the plugin. The plugin will subsequently refresh the photos in the article.

Whether the plugin will load new results from Flickr depends on the cache setting of the plugin. To speed up loading times, the plugin has its own cache and can also fetch results from the more extensive Flickr Suite Component cache.

By default the plugin will first check the cache of the Flickr Suite Component (when the component is installed), then check its own cache for valid result and then fetch new results from Flickr. This can be changed to checking only the plugin cache or fetching results directly from Flickr. The times span for which the results in the Flickr Suite plugin cache are valid can also be changed.

We hope this explains the behaviour of the Flickr Suite extensions in combination with the Joomla cache a bit. In case you have questions about the Flickr Suite extensions and/or the cache behaviour, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions!


Lovely. The viewer shows the photo's beautifully, whether it's on a phone or on a desktop screen.

Ease of use

Once installed, the ease of use is great. Getting the Flickr API key and activating the additional necessary plugin is well documented.


Super friendly and fast (and multilingual, too!), very effective, I even got a tweak I requested in no time.



Value for money

Worth every penny.

I used this to: I've been using Flickr for a lot longer than Joomla, so an easy way to display any selection from my thousands of photo's on the three websites I maintain is wonderful.

Perfect product

Posted on 25 April 2015

i highly recommend this product!. I use the plugin and this is a class product. The product does what the developer says :)

Ease of use

Very easy to use, great results


Great support! The developer has helped me to integrate the plugin to my joomla site;
Jasper thanks for your great support!


This plugin imports simply a photo our album to your joomla site!

Value for money

i highly recommend this product!

I used this to: My own website combinated with a Flickr photo site


This Flickr plugin does what the developer says and the reviews are spot-on. A great way to select and display your public/private photos.

Ease of use

Using the plug-in couldn't be easier. However, beginners need to pay attention to the excellent documentation on Flickr APIs.


Support: 100%, and the developer even went to the trouble of tweaking the code to enable a function I particularly needed - immediately.


Detailed, clear, comprehensive documentation.

Value for money

Excellent value for money. I strongly recommend this plug-in.

I used this to: The Flickr Suite Content Plugin is perfect for selecting and displaying tagged photos (both private and public) on your site. I use it on my blog and am able to display slideshows, large, medium and small images, one-offs, sets, in any way I want. Using tags with sets also works!

Making the best connection with flickr with this extension and the support off this team is excellent!

Nice component, easy to use, and a nice helpfull supportdesk. Worth the price.

My client, a big tennisclub, is using this component for private Flickr-sets, they don't want their pictures of their children free on the internet. This component did the job, and on my clients behalf the developer is going to make it possible to put the built-in download-function for high-resolution behind a login. Chapeau!


Excellent plugin

Posted on 19 March 2014

This is a fantastic way for my clients to display photos on their website. No more having to talk them through resizing and uploading, or worrying about GB of disk space being used. Now they just upload to Flickr and insert the shortcode into the article where they need it.

I had some problems getting it working, but the developer responded immediately and fixed the problem within a couple of hours.

Highly recommended.

Great extension!

Posted on 31 December 2013

This extension is simply great.

Sexy design, that works on all types of devices (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone)

Fast and profesionell support and very well documented.

Thumbs up!

Flickr Suite

Flickr Suite

Paid download | Social Media | Smålabs
3 reviews
**Get the most out of Flickr on your Joomla! website with the Flickr Suite extensions. ** The Flickr Suite offers the most profound flickr integration for Joomla. The combination of a component, a content plugin and modules cover the complete range of Joomla display methods. Clever use of module positions lets you seamlessly integrate the Flickr Suite into your template. Furthermore, from albums and collections to custom selections, the Flickr Suite can display it. Key features include: - Fully responsive - Seamlessly integrates into your template by clever use of module positions - Social sharing support - Inteligent image loading only loads images when they are in the browsers viewport. - Multiple thumbnailgrids - Access to all your photos including private and restricted. - All flickr media and selections - Flickr collections (nested albums) - Flickr albums - Flickr galleries - Flickr user streams - Flickr group streams - Custom selections of Flickr photos (+31 parameters available) - Enable or disable download of photos (Joomla ACL protected) - Additional photo info - Geo-location displayed on a map - Exif support - etc.. - And more Please visit our website for more information and an elaborate demo!
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Content Access Filter

Content Access Filter

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With the content access filter you can grant or restrict access to parts of the content on your website based on a wide variety of conditions (over 25! available). Granting or restricting access to content is as easy as placing {show} or {hide} tags before and after the content you want to control the access to. For example: {show group=”jasper”}Hello Jasper{/show} Will show the enclosed message “Hello Jasper” only to the user with user name “jasper”. Supported conditions include: - User conditions (User name/id, group name/id, access level) - Various time and date based conditions - Request conditions (menu, menu item, template, component, language) - User environment conditions (IPv4 address, IPv6 address, domain name, country, device, browser, os) - Custom PHP conditions (Define your own conditions) Require advanced filtering ? The content access filter gives you great flexibility and control to display or hide the content you want. The extension supports the use of AND and OR logic, supports grouping conditions by using parenthesis () and supports negating conditions. You can also create conditional content by using the else short code. For example: {show season=”spring” and (user=”jasper, john” or group=”customers”)} This content is only displayed in the spring and only if the user has user name “jasper” or “john” or is a member of the group “customers” {else season=”spring”} This content is only displayed when the user doesn’t have username “jasper” or “john” and does not belong to the group “customers”. {else –season=”summer”} This will only be displayed in case the precious sections of the filter are not displayed and it is not summer. (Note the minus sign in front of the condition. It negates the condition) {else} This content is displayed in all other cases. {/show} The Content Access filter filters your content on the server, so no access, really means no access. Other great features of the filter include: - Condition profiles (to predefine a set of conditions for frequent use) - Custom conditions (Define your own condition in PHP using the interface of the Content Access Filter) - Filter analysis function (analyze the filter behavior and check for errors etc.) - and more! For more information, please check our website.
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UPG Twitter Widget

UPG Twitter Widget

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The all new Twitter widget module (version 3.0) makes it very easy to embed your Twitter timelines and Twitter buttons on your website. Simply enter the Twitter url, handle or hashtag, select what you like to embed and you're all set. The module embeds the official twitter widgets and twitter buttons and enables you to tweak all the options the official Twitter widgets has to offer, giving you that that little bit extra control you might need to control the visual and behavioral aspects of the widgets and buttons. With this module you can embed the following: Twitter Collections Twitter Profile Timelines, follow buttons and mention buttons Twitter lists Twitter likes timelines Twitter Hashtag buttons All the features of the Twitter widget module are nicely documented in a user guide in PDF format that is freely available on our website. To get you going, the elaborate user guide of the Twitter Widget module also describes the installation and initial configuration of the module in a step by step procedure. You'll have it up and running in no-time. For a full overview on all the options of our Twitter widget module, please check the user guide on our website. We hope you will enjoy using our Twitter widget module!

Flickr Suite Content Plugin

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