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FocalPoint is a unique and comprehensive mapping solution for Joomla designed specifically for use as a map based directory containing many locations.

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The main feature of FocalPoint is the ability for users to search and filter your locations by clicking items in the map legend. Users can easily filter locations to just a select few with only a click or two and then navigate through to a dedicated page for that location.

★ Add hundreds of locations to a single map.
★ Define map legends and different location types.
★ Categorise your locations into types represented by a toggle in the map legend.
★ Multi-categorisation. Assign your locations to more than one content type.
★ Define custom content for each location type using CCK functionality.
★ Field types include textbox, textarea, image, link, email, select list and multi-select list.
★ Customise the infobox descriptions and images.
★ All Google Maps features and functions like street view, pan, zoom, satellite, etc are
configurable options.
★ FocalPoint is responsive and will work on any device.
★ Also has a list view in addition to the map view.
★ Template friendly. The FocalPoint stylesheets don’t contain any font, size, line-height
or colour declarations whatsoever.
★ Includes over 200 custom designed marker pins included completely free.

For the full feature list and a comprehensive demos please visit the website.


a lot of options, if you go pro...have only explored the main ones yet

Ease of use

install and go...he even included an interactive tutorial right on configuration...very nice


haven't used it yet...but just looking at the module (pro version) tells me that guy is a pro


no need for...the extension is intuitive

I used this to: i don't need standard google map with a well styled template. for styling you need the pro version, which is worth the money if you need a perfect google map extension.


Functions extremely well. Lots of cool ways to use this mapping extension.

Ease of use

Very easy to use and configure. Intuitive.


Amazing support. I have had a few minor issues and the developer has answered quickly with simple fixes. Everything explained well.


Ten-minute video by the developer is all you need to get up and running. Further docs might be nice but not needed. Forum is good resource.

I used this to: Mapping extension on a Joomla 3.XX site. Thrilled with the product and support. Highly recommend!


Has a lot of features not found in most mapping ext. Example centering a map view, select a geo location, not a marker, drag marker visually

Ease of use

For the most part very easy to use considering the power, custom fields, tabs, global defaults, specific map overrides,


None, although if you are trying to build a complex map you should have basic component experience. There is a YouTube video for a basic map

I used this to: Building representative directories, donation drop off locations, project locations. I've purchased the pro plugins for this mapping component and they are well worth the price if you want to really customize how your map works.


Provides a clean and attractive method of integrating Google maps. The maps look great!

Ease of use

Interface is straightforward and easy to use.


John went "above and beyond" what you'd get from other developers. Response time is very quick and the level of support is unsurpassed.


The functionality provided in this product is awesome! The mark clustering works exceptionally especially since I'm mapping member locals.

Ease of use

I had this extension up and running in 10 minutes. So easy to use. No configuration hassles at all.


Support is unmatched by any vendor I've worked with for Joomla over the past 8 years. I have received IMMEDIATE responses (Within hours).


You don't need documentation. If you know how to do Joomla extension configurations, that's all you need!

I used this to: I am using this to map member locations for our non-profit organization. I have over 300 pins on a map and it performs flawlessly! HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended for any of your mapping requirements!


Great, lot of possiblities with lot of custum fields

Ease of use

Very easy to use and understund


Great support, I have some problem with responsivity (problem was in my template) and author reslove my problem very fast


There is a good video documentation

I used this to: For interactive maps of my city

If you are looking for a flexible and full-featured mapping component for your site, look no further.

FocalPoint Maps is excellent in many regards. You can create maps that contain multiple properties, with multiple property types, selectable pins on the maps, extra/custom fields for each property type, and more. It is stable, easy to use, and has fantastic support from the developer - something that seems to be pretty uncommon with many extensions.

In my case, I needed something that could display properties for a leasing company and this fit the bill quite effectively.

While this is a free component now, there is a paid option, which adds a number of useful plugins to the system, such as full-screen view, marker clustering, fitbounds to contain all of the properties at an automatic zoom level, and more. The options that these plugins add are worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

Check this out - I don't think you will be disappointed with its capabilities and customizability.

I have probably tried most of the Google map components, but none as extensive and simple to use as this component. It is not only a Google map facility but it also works like a directory with a very good looking layout. The support is excellent. I had a few requests and a day later I was enjoying the fix/addition. If every developer was as sincere as the Focalpoint team it would be great. If you are after a good Google map extension with excellent support do not hesitate, worth every penny/dollar!

This mapping component blows away all other Joomla Map Components. Trust me when I say I have purchased every single one... and if you are in need of a full customization with ease of use, and a professional look and feel that leaves the other Joomla map components in the dust... buy this one!

I have only one item on my wishlist for this mapping component, and that is the integration of Yootheme ZOO. With the sever lack of ZOO mapping components that have the same A+ capabilities as this one, there is a huge market for selling your component to all of those faithful ZOO users that yearn for a top-notch geo-mapping component.

-Thank you for making such a fantastic (badly needed) Joomla map component.

I can't believe this is free! This component lets you enter multiple locations into multiple maps, and assign custom icons. It also has a two level categorization system so you can show customized icons. Simple example: I can show "Restaurants" and "Salons". Within "Restaurants", I can show "Pizzeria", "Coffee Shop", "Fine Dining" etc. and assign each sub-type a unique icon. Within Salon, I can show "Hair Salon", "Nail Salon" etc., in a similar way. You get the point. There is a selector (at the bottom by default, but can be changed), so if all you are interested in is Pizza, you just select "Pizzeria" under "Restaurant" and you will see all the pizzerias to choose from. It also has a way to say that a business is multi-purpose. For example, if you have a grocery store that also has a restaurant, you can say it is principally a grocery store, but secondarily a restaurant.

It has full Google map support, zoom, pan, satellite, street view, the works. It is also responsive to window size changes.

The developer is extremely helpful, if you have questions.

There are also paid extensions, but I have not explored those yet. Probably will after I get to know it a bit.

In terms of limitations, here are the ones that I think are limitations (but maybe because I don't quite understand it yet):

1. You cannot have the same address be part of two different maps, without double entry. I want the Map to be a "view" into the collection of addresses, so I can choose the view to display for a particular situation.

2. Unlike a "module" based approach, you cannot have two different "looks" to different uses. I would very much like to have a look with headings, and one without (for embedding into a mobile app), but I am not sure this can be done.

3. The address entry doesn't auto-geocode, you have to do it as a separate manual step (but there is a handy tool provided for that purpose).

As you can see, the limitations are more or less just nit-picking, or wish-list items. I really love this extension!

Map Styles for FocalPoint

Map Styles for FocalPoint

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | John Pitchers
1 review
This plugin extends the functionality of FocalPoint by allowing you to style your maps using themes imported directly from www.snazzymaps.com. Using the Snazzy Maps API this plugin makes available to you all the predefined map styles available on SnazzyMaps.com. Simply choose a style and click "Use Style Code". Once you've chosen a style, you can edit and tweak the style code to your liking. If you know how, you can write and use your own style code. This plugin will also insert an additional "Style" tab on the map editing screen where you can define individual styles for each map to override the style defined in the plugin parameters ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Check out the demo featuring a custom style: http://focalpointx.com/demos/focalpoint-pro/demo-3.html Check out the styles available via SnazzyMaps. Every style on this site is available from within the plugin screen: http://snazzymaps.com/ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Requires FocalPoint 1.1.0 component installed.
p e
Location Map for FocalPoint

Location Map for FocalPoint

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | John Pitchers
0 reviews
This module extends the FocalPoint component. It allows you to display a map of any defined location with a clickable marker and infobox in any module position on your site. Requires FocalPoint 1.1.0 or later.
m e
Fitbounds for FocalPoint

Fitbounds for FocalPoint

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | John Pitchers
0 reviews
This plugin extends the FocalPoint component by adding Google API fitBounds methods to map controls. With this plugin active FocalPoint maps will automatically zoom and pan when location types are toggled so all markers fit as nicely as possible within the visible bounds of the map. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Check out the demo site: http://focalpointx.com/demos/focalpoint-pro/demo-3.html ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Requires FocalPoint v1.1.0 component.
p e


John Pitchers
Last updated:
Feb 27 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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