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Make your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x look always fresh to your visitors, because they will not see the "all the time" frontpage anymore.

FPR will do the hard work for you; it will select new articles from your own site stock and then place them directly in the front page.

You decide how long the front page articles will remain there before a new rotation is performed.

You are too in control of the categories from where your front page articles will be taken.

If you need some content always shown in the front page, no problem, FPR can handle it.

Great addition!

Posted on 03 December 2015
The automatically balanced exposition of articles within my website is the first benefit I got from this module.
Ease of use
Esy seuup with immediate loyalty improvement, my site visitors are motivated to re-visit my site more often.
Value for money
Worth every single penny!
- 5 stars for the soft itself : does perfectly what it is supposed to do

- minus 1 star, because overpriced ($25-30 would be fair)

- minus 1 star for the support : wrote a message on the support forum two weeks ago because the administrator view does not work when demo mode is disabled (works only with demo mode enabled) : no answer
I have just found the extension for my news display. The front page rotator is what i am looking for. GREAT JOB !!!

However, i need to know if it is possible for me to make all the display news with the same height so the display will looks beautiful.
I tried this module sometime (long long ago) on its version for Joomla 1.0, and the improvements are remarkable.

I had no problems to install nor to configure the module. Once it's installed, It works exactly as described.

Nowadays the price has increased significantly, but the module itself, the time it saves me to update my site's frontpage and the equity in my website's content exposure, well worth every single cent.

great module

Posted on 23 July 2008
great module. really good and easy to install. however, is there a way we can limit the articles selected to one per category?


Way to go

Posted on 05 May 2007
This does exactly what it says it will. The install is easy and configuration is a sinch. Well worth the low, low price.
This component was just what I needed to keep my homepage interesting, and to keep me writing content for my site. I was tired of the "what's new" only-blog type approach and wanted to display some of the older stuff I had written. When combined with ArtioSEF this module helps give my site a fresh feeling.

A little challenging to config - I had to re-enable the login piece and make sure the module was published to the right location. Some documentation would have been helpful, although the developer contacted me right away to help once I complained.

Anyway, I recommend this excellent module!

Nice tool

Posted on 17 February 2007
This is a nice tool. Simple to install.

My comments:

1. Needs a drop down list to pick a position for the fixed content

2. Specifying a Rotate every days to be less than 1 will make the site hang (probably an infinite loop)

3. Would love to have refresh every 1 hour or less than that. This will be useful where large number of documents are published.
Owner's reply: Originally, the module wasn't designed to preform rotations in periods shorter that 1 day. Now that bug is corrected with a parameter validation and a Pro version is released with more advanced features and support for shorter rotation periods. Thank you for the feed back.

Nice and neat

Posted on 31 January 2007
A very nice component with a lot of potential. Nice and neat, does the work right out of the box. With the new features with fixed articles, choice from section and category and the ability to force rotation and restore original frontpage it´s impressive. I had a small problem with SEF Advance that pointed the links for "Force rotate" and "Restore wrong, but it was easily solved by a "work around" Keep up the good work...

Thank you

Posted on 23 December 2006
What I have been looking for, thank you. I have a biography website that wanted to randomly display biography of persons on frontpage this module enables me to do so.

Few suggestions:

Option to display only for a certain section / category

Option to display full article with intro and main text combined without read more…

Option to keep at least one static article always on frontpage e.g. Welcome to website article to be on frontpage always than the rest of articles to be generated randomly.
Owner's reply: Thank YOU for the feedback. Suggestions 1 and 3 are now implemented.
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Front Page Rotator

Last updated:
Feb 22 2017
Date added:
Dec 21 2006
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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