Trapped over deciding what could you can gift your customers, employees, relatives or neighbours. Here we come to your rescue with our brilliantly customizable gift cards plugin.

The Gift Cards is a multi-supported plugin that is unique in its own way. It is a perfect solution for gift cards, rewards, promotions, fitness & wellness packages and event tickets that includes variety of services. The merchant can create many gift card products or gift packages according to the fest and occasion with perfect prices.

Not only this, the plugin also opens the door for you to sell any product, service or experience online using PDF gift cards that can be printed and redeemed in person.

Basic vouchers for events like ‘Birthday’, ‘Anniversary’, ‘New Year’, ‘ Valentine’s Day’ etc can be easily created. They largely reduce manual efforts because all you need to do is just select a template of your choice from available options, set your logo or event image and you are DONE! You see how simple is that!


Read out the highlights and features to explore what’s more this plugin has in store for you.

ONE FOR ALL – Allows customers to buy gift cards/vouchers much like any other product. Several customizable options: choosing card designs, assigning card values, writing personal messages in addition to offering regular product characteristics.

BOOST YOUR BUSINESS – Connects your online store with your on-the-ground business making life easier for your customers with great customer service.

SAFER REDEMPTION – Convenient and secured modes for purchasing & payments. Proven valid and authentic gift cards (with coupon codes)that deliver your product or service on a later date at a physical location.

TRACKING – Powerful reporting and tracking features enable you to track the purchased voucher codes. Once the gift card is purchased, its further use can be tracked by the administrator through the unique gift card codes.

EASY DESIGNING – Design templates for different themes as ‘Birthday’, ‘New Year’, ‘Valentine’s day’, ‘Independence day’ etc.

POSTAL DELIVERY – You can accept postal orders for your gift cards. If you want, you can turn on the ability for your customers to buy your own printed gift cards/certificates. So you can send gift cards via post basis directly to the recipient.

This component is easy to install and get going but its very limited functionallity and you would ask for more settings and payment plg.
Ease of use
Its easy configure but not much effort to make it a Joomla easy UX. Good start for a first Joomla component development but you want more..
No support for Joomla but try to guide you somewhere else and no update of versions semantic and dates
No documentation and Joomla instructions. The Joomla component is very easy to install but no other extension in packagage except component
I used this to: I would love to use it bcs it have much potential. Comparing it at this stage to what other solutions offer it doesnt deliver much and you can only hope for more development functions to make it worth dl and start using. It have not been updated for one year so its a big question
Owner's reply: Hello

I fully appreciate the inconvenience this has caused you and sorry to hear this you don't get support from us. But I see you have given us more review for "Ease of use" so, you must like our plugin right. No worries I am here to give you support for your inconvenience.

sure, will be available for you and support you for your requirements. and regarding functionality we have just release first version of the plugin as per user requirements we will upgrade the version and add new functionalities.

Looking forward to hear you back.


Gift Cards

Last updated:
Apr 27 2020
7 months ago
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Aug 07 2019
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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