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GMap allows you to draw on Google Maps and display it anywhere on your website.

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You may use the GMap - Google Maps module to include a google map in a module position. Or, you can simply use [gmap id="MAP_ID"] syntax to render your customized google map anywhere on your website.

GMap - Google Maps drawing features:

  • Draw a polyline on google map
  • Draw a circle on google map
  • Draw a rectangle on google map
  • Draw a polygon on google map
  • Add marker and info window for it with custom HTML on google map
  • Select custom colors for each shape
  • Edit drawings on google map

Popular use cases:
- Google map with your company location pin and HTML popup description on Contact page.
- Google map for campgrounds with overlays to specify the available locations to rent
- Google map with pins to show photos
- Google map for disaster areas with overlays to specify the affected areas
- Google map with warehouse locations
- Google map with event road drawing on the map

This extension uses Google Maps APIv3. This extension is updated on 2015 March and is written from the scratch. Feature requests are welcomed!

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Real time saver

Posted on 03 September 2015

Great map editor, very intuitive design.

Ease of use



Never needed

Value for money

Really saved my day.

I used this to: I used this to build a simple website for my friend really quick.
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GMap - Google Maps

Last updated:
Feb 01 2018
Date added:
Jun 21 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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