The newest version is now GoogleMap Pro V4. The earlier version was V3.

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The difference between version 3 and version 4 is vast.

- New template V4 bootstrap added
- Minor enhancements for templates in view

The joomla googlemap component V4 added:
- New template system. Easier for users to modify html and use it.
- New infowindow - bluegradient
- Destinations can be added to multible categories
- Published date control of when to show destinations
- Country added as a field
- Googlemap geocoding new method
- Traffic layer, Weather Layer, Bike layer and Transit layer added
- Weather fetched from worldweatheronline now
- Added configuration possibilities
- Possible to assign destinations/shapes to a user in backend
- Joomla syncronization with Google Map Pro.
- JomSocial syncronization with Google Map Pro.
- JomSocial addon to Google Map Pro. New view that extracts data from JomSocial.
Community Builder syncronization with Google Map Pro.
- Community Builder addon to Google Map Pro. New view that extracts data from Community Builder.
- Plugin googlemap additions to follow new views etc
- KML or Mile option added
- Farhenheit or Celcius option
- Much improved import function
- And more...

The joomla googlemap component V3 among other thing features:

* Unlimited destinations on your map
* Add lines/shapes to your map
* Attach various information on your maker
* Create custom infowindow
* Use custom markers
* Possibility to attach routeplanning
* Add comments to the map
* Possibility for users to upload destinations and edit them.
* Import/export function
* 5 different views
* Module that list an unordered list of googlemaps.
* Plugin that makes it possible to attach a GoogleMap in articles.
* Custom fields to add to the destination marker.
* CB Integration.
* Paypal integration.
* SOBI2 integration.
* Destination landing page.
* SEO support.
* Clustering support.
* And so much more.

GoogleMap Pro V3 is BOTH for joomla 1.5 and 1.6->.

This Joomla Component comes with all the features of the V2 and adds to that. New things include:

Joomla 1.6-> compatible.
Googlemap API V3 used. No keys needed anymore!
Complete Javascript rewrite to use the new API from google.
New template system.
Enhanced import/export function. It is now possible to import from JSON, CSV, XML and database. You can import all fields, including custom fields.
Enhanced module map.
Enhanced plugin. (not yet ready, refer to roadmap for more information)
Extended configuration possibilities.
Small layout changes.
Enhanced error messaging.
Ability to upload unlimited pictures.
Enhanced line/shape mode.
And even more...

Bad support

Posted on 24 August 2016

I don'nt Know it, does not work, not update due to the new Google API

Ease of use

I don'nt Know it, does not work, not update due to the new Google API


First email to the support the 4th july, promises the 18th, nothing more since, only promises

Value for money

As this component does not work, it is necessarily too expensive

I used this to: As this component does not work, I use for nothing

great experience

Posted on 30 October 2012

its a great tool for developers who are not known to the paradigms in web designing.

If you are looking for a map plugin this is the one. Yes, it costs some money, but it is well worth it. The component does anything you will need it to and the support is excellent. You can spend a few days playing with the free map extensions like I did, but you should really save yourself some time and purchase this one. A great component.

GoogleMap Pro is an excellent extension. The many features of this component are awesome. The best is, it works 100%.

The support as well. Jan Sangill responses a question very, very fast.

Such a great support is not naturally in the commercial extension world.

A must have extension for all who search a professional GoogleMap extension.

It’s worth every cent.

Many thanks.

Excellent work! I've tried almost every map component out there, but i think this is the one. It does everything you want and probably even more!

But the most important of all is the service. I had a problem making it work (it was my fault not component's) and i've managed to solve it in 2 min. using the chat service available in the Jan's site.

Thanks a lot guys. Keep the great work.

Guys this is the one and only google map component i can tell that works 100%

Excellent work from jan sangill again, i've even tried some of the others and no one could match this awsome component.

did'nt even take 5 min :) besides that, the author's page got live support and it is excellent and i can only say thank you alot for making this component jan.

Keep up the excellent work your doing so well...

Best regards Jais ... keeping an eye on your site for new developments :)

Great Component!

Posted on 18 March 2010

Great Component

Thanks Jan! Perfection takes time and this is very close. This map component does it all, very happy with the product and have no problem paying for it. A+++

I have tried them all...trust me this is the one!

GoogleMap Pro

Jan Sangill
Last updated:
Jan 02 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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