An intuitive Joomla Website Security Firewall plugin designed for everyone, from beginners to security experts. With powerful features that are effortlessly accessible, it's user-friendly for those new to web application security. The 1-Click Setup simplifies complex settings, instantly blocking most malicious traffic. Whether you're a novice or a guru, GENIUS PLUGIN ensures the best website firewall experience, letting you focus on your tasks.

Mobile Dashboard:

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, our mobile dashboard offers easy monitoring and adjustment of settings and security rules. With your world cyber-security map and history panel, keep track of live access from legitimate users, administrators, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

IP Behavior Monitoring:

GP Website Security Firewall actively monitors millions of IP behaviors, allowing you to restrict access based on country, network, single IP, VPN, proxy, Tor, relay, and IPs with a bad reputation. Ensure risk-free access for search engines and well-known websites.

Groundbreaking Protection Features:

Experience groundbreaking and exclusive protection features worldwide: Safeguard precisely the data you choose, ensuring the security of your sensitive information without sharing it. Our cloud firewall operates seamlessly without requiring changes to your domain's DNS or hosting it with us.

Exceptional Speed:

Enjoy uninterrupted website access, unaffected by CDN/DNS infrastructure issues, mandatory hosting server changes, or protection plugins that solely operate within your site's administration. While many claim to be fast, GP Firewall transparently showcases its exceptional speed, meticulously filtering every connection to your site.

More than 50 Features:
Automatic Traffic Filtering
Enhanced Privacy and Data Protection
Custom Firewall Rules
Page Requests Rate Limiting by Time
Search Engines Whitelisting/Blacklisting
Host Whitelisting/Blacklisting
Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
Security Notifications/Alerts
Security Analytics/Reporting
Live World Cyber Attack Map
...and much more

For those interested in exploring all features in detail, they can visit this link.

website protection

Posted on 22 March 2024
Protecting your website involves more than just relying on conventional antivirus software.
Ease of use
Effortlessly monitor your mobile dashboard with user-friendly functionality. Utilizing a firewall becomes an enjoyable experience.
I don't need to contact their support, everything is well documented on the site and the knowledge base is clear
I don't need to contact their support, everything is well documented on the site and the knowledge base is clear
I used this to: I installed it on my two client sites and they are happy to use the monitoring interface because it is very simple to manage even for beginners


Posted on 15 March 2024
so many features. I just needed one, but now I would probably at least use country filtering on the front office
Ease of use
Easy for beginners. I'm rediscovering Joomla since weeks, and all plugins are easy
I haven't had to do it yet, the chat, knowledge base and ticket system should do the trick if needed information or technical support.
I used this to: Just needed the world map for live presentation of my website to customers. Think gonna display this on a flat screen at the entrance :)

miracle firewall

Posted on 21 January 2024
I never believed that a range of services, this reassures me for the security of my website
Ease of use
so easy to use almost 5 minutes and I finished the configuration and becomes functional
also I tested their support by sending a ticket, a quick and clear response, they helped me configure the plugin
a clear and simple knowledge base to understand even though I am a beginner in Joomla and security interests me.
I used this to: i use this plugin GP Firewall for mywebsite and I recommend it for my new clients


Posted on 17 January 2024
I discovered a range of advanced level security features, even interesting for those who do not have security knowledge
Ease of use
so, really simple to use in a few clicks and minutes, everything is functional
their site contains a detailed database, very simple very fast very
their site contains a detailed database, very simple very fast very easy top level ol flexibilityI didn't spend a lot of time installing and
I used this to: their site contains a detailed database, very simple very fast very easy top level ol flexibility

GP Firewall

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