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Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is a Revolutionary Drag and Drop website building platform for Joomla CMS. With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox you can Easily and Quickly build modern and beautiful Joomla Websites without touching a line of code, through Powerful and User-Friendly Drag and Drop Live Editor. Balbooa Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is the best solution If you would like to create a modern and nice looking Joomla Websites.

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★ Real Time Website Builder

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is a 100% front end Website Builder, allows you to build Joomla Websites through Drag and Drop Directly from your browser. Forget about boring website builders. Build Joomla Websites in Real Time! Joomla Website Builder Gridbox will change your idea of site building on Joomla CMS. What you see is what you get!

✪ Drag & Drop

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox comes with a powerful Drag and Drop Editor. If you want to change an order of the page elements, just Drag and Drop them, as you need!

✪ Fully Responsive Design

Balbooa Joomla Website Builder Gridbox is Fully Responsive. Websites look awesome on all devices and screen sizes. With help of Gridbox Responsive editor, you can customize template style for each device.

✪ Undo & Redo

Have you deleted page element by mistake? Don't panic! Press the undo button and everything is back.

★ Responsive Editor

With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox your website will look amazing on all devices, from Desktop to Smartphone. Using inbuilt Responsive Editor you can configure your website styles for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone screen sizes.

★ Customize Everything

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox allows you to modify each element of the page in real time. Set beautiful backgrounds, animations, etc. You don't even need to know the code.

★ Inbuilt Template Editor

Joomla website Builder Gridbox includes a huge number of tools which allows customizing Joomla template settings easily and fast without coding. Build Beautiful Joomla Websites with Gridbox Easily!

► Header Layouts

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox includes 8 preinstalled header layouts. You have full control over your website header. You can move elements in the header section. Also, you can create your own unique header layouts.

  • Change header layout by adding rows with columns;

  • Choose between top and side positions for your header;

  • Customize the header background (Solid Color / Image / Video);

  • Define Styles for your Menus;

  • Change all margins and paddings through configuration panel;

  • Enable Fixed Header layout.

► Custom Backgrounds

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox allows you to set Solid Color, Image or Video Background for Section, Row or Column. Also, you can to enable and configure background overlay color and transparency.

► Unlimited Colors

Unlimited colors for all elements. Using color pickers with integrated color and opacity sliders you can build beautiful and unique Joomla Websites.

► Advanced Typography Options

Balbooa Joomla Website Builder comes with Advanced typography options. Get full access to Google Fonts library. To add new font you need just to enter Font name and style.

  • 600+ Google Fonts is available;

  • Set different Font Sizes, Font Families, Letter Spacing for all website fonts;

  • Font preview in the Fonts Library.

► CSS3 Animations

Balbooa Joomla Website Builder allows you to add animation to each Section, row or column. Choose animation effect from our collection, which was carefully designed for a smooth experience.

► Footer Options

You have full control over the footer. You can build your own footer with an own custom layout and color palette. Move elements inside footer as you want.

  • Custom 1-4 column Layout;

  • Customize the footer background (Solid Color / Image / Video);

  • Control the color of each Row / Column of the footer;

  • Custom Typography Options.

★ One Page Website Builder

Want to build nice looking One Page Joomla Website with Smooth Scrolling animation?! No Problem! Joomla Page Builder Gridbox allows you easily to build one page Joomla Websites without touching a line of code. You need just to select the Endpoint of Scrolling.

★ Real Time Code Editor

Joomla Website Builder Gridbox comes with a Real-Time CSS and JavaScript editors which allow you to edit code in real time.The typed code in the editor immediately appears on the page. Gridbox Website Builder is simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.


Very advanced features for a page builder :
-overlays and tabs with module content in it
-live modifications of css in editor

Ease of use

A truly WYSIWYG editor with different views according to the device you are working on : desktop, tablet, phone, and using inheritance.


Very reactive and expert support.


There are extensions with more documentations but everything is so intuitive that you don't need any documentation.

I used this to: Building websites quickly because there are more than 80 block items that you can add as sections and also because you install their templates in less than 30 seconds ! (unlike the quickstart package of their competitors which take you way more time to install)

Great Pagebuilder

Posted on 20 February 2017

Very flexible in building what you want including the menu

Ease of use

Very easy to use


Outstanding support. They go out of their way to help you resolve any problems you may encounter


Very good, although I did find that their video tutorials were a bit on the fast side.

I used this to: Client Website. I tested quite a few other pagebuilders, but this was by far the easiest with outstanding support which is very important


Covers all my need for small and medium websites. Has a nice set of plugins available and an ongoing innovation as well!

Ease of use

Really easy to use after reading the documentation and watching the short tutorial videos.


Fast reaction with a high hit rate in troubleshooting. That's what I call "service as expected!".


Wide range of descriptions, examples, including demo pages!

I used this to: Small and medium websites for Associations, SMEs and non-profit organizations.


A few bugs I have found that are quick removed after each update.

Ease of use

As a web developper not expert in programming, this is a fantastic tool that I have show to my junior developpers so they can help too.


Support has been over my expectatives. Quick and even beyond I'd consider a normal support since they help customize your code.


Besides online HTML guide, they have videos.

I used this to: All kind of commercial websites: construction business, institutions, dentists, doctors, lawyers.


Posted on 14 December 2016

Great product. Developers continue to add new features to the platform. Missing options for editor, some plugins, category list view.

Ease of use

Very easy and intuitive to build content. Love the integration of their Gallery and Forms components.


200% - these guys are super responsive and helpful. They go out of their way to ensure your issues are addressed within a day or so.


What is missing here is provided through support addressing your specific issues.


Very flexible, responsive, stable and allows you to create original and outstanding web pages. Be creative and results will come.

Ease of use

As a graphic designer i found very user friendly this extension. Start use it and you will love it.


I am grateful to the support team for the efficiency and the kindness they show. The response time is short and the solutions are helpful.


Very good structure and comprehensive tutorials.

I used this to: We use the extension for building websites for our customers. For 95% from our jobs this extension is more than enough for create beautiful, original and modern websites. As I said above ... your creativity and your design quality are important. This extension is very capable.

Great component

Posted on 22 November 2016

Has had all functions I need for my website so far.

Ease of use

Easy to use and getting started with your website. The templates are also help a lot.


Really good support. Even got some help during weekend.


Have not used it much cause it's so easy to use.

I used this to: Client website

Very useful !!!

Posted on 29 August 2016

Easy to use and capable of great things !

Ease of use

Very good even for those who have no programming experience.


Very good support.


Enough !

I used this to: I use this for four personal websites. And I'm very satisfied.


Selbst als Neuling kann man schnell Templates "zusammenschustern", welche trotzdem professionell und nicht von der Stange wirken.

Ease of use

Schnell mit der Maus alles zusammenklicken, Texte und Bilder eingeben / auswählen - voilá!


Sekundenschnell! Drei größere Anfragen wurde innerhalb ein paar Stunden gelöst und die Seiten laufen einwandfrei.


Wird eigentlich nicht benötigt.
Wenn, dann leider nur auf Englisch - aber vollständig und einfach erklärt. Viele Videos runden das ab.

I used this to: Ich nutze das für viele Webseiten meiner Kunden. Diese können somit auch schnelle Änderungen im Template ohne Programmierkenntisse vornehmen. Drag & Drop!

Highly recommended

Posted on 08 June 2016

This is the only true WYSIWYG application that I have found for Joomla! You build your pages on the front end, no switching back and forth.

Ease of use

The nice thing about Gridbox is that the developer is continually improving it and adding new features, but he keeps it easy to use.


The support has been outstanding! Every question, concern, or problem I have had, has been addressed quickly. They are nice to deal with.


The documentation is very useful, with good illustrations and even videos.

I used this to: I am very impressed with this product and the service, I think it is a game changer for Joomla!


Paid download | Galleries |
59 reviews
Balbooa Joomla Gallery is a Powerful Joomla Photo Gallery extension, allows you to create beautiful Joomla gallery with stunning grid layouts, easily and fast. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery is simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. Balbooa Joomla Gallery is the ideal solution for creating portfolios or showcases. If you would like to create a modern looking photo gallery, Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery is what you need. ★ Modern Drag & Drop Admin Panel Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with a beautiful, modern, simple and user-friendly user interface which is easy to use and allows you to create amazing portfolios or image galleries easily and fast. Using Drag and Drop feature you can quickly manage photos and categories in your Joomla gallery. With help of context menu (Right-click menu) you can work faster and more efficient. ★ Frontend Image and Categories Management Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows users to upload, rename and delete gallery photos and categories from the frontend. With Joomla ACL, you can configure user group permissions. ★ Modern Grid Layouts Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows you to display photos in an incredibly beautiful and modern grid layouts. Make your Joomla gallery look more professional and unique. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with 6 types of grid layouts: Tile Grid Layout Justified Grid Layout Masonry Grid Layout Metro Grid Layout Classic Grid Layout Square Grid Layout Justified and Masonry Grid Layouts generate thumbnails without cropping in original proportions. Also, you can set the number of columns and spacing between photos. ★ Gallery Pagination Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows to break up long galleries into pages to make your Joomla! gallery more user-friendly. Joomla Gallery comes with different pagination styles: Default Load More Infinite Slider Dots ★ Albums and Subcategories Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows you to display photos in albums. Albums can include the unlimited number of subcategories. Organize and present your photo gallery more efficiently! ✔ Fully Responsive with Touch Swipe Support Balbooa Joomla Gallery is Fully Responsive and gallery looks awesome on all screen sizes from mobile devices to desktops. Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery Supports Touch Swipe Navigation in the lightbox. For each device (desktop, tablet and smartphone) you can configure a specific number of the columns to display. ▼ Display Gallery Anywhere in Your Joomla Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with a flexible method of displaying Joomla galleries at the frontend. With help of shortcode system, you can easily add gallery to any part of your Joomla website. Joomla Articles, Custom HTML Modules and 3rd Party Extensions. Find the freedom with Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery. ✪ Disqus and VKontakte Comments Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows to display the comments system for each photo or video. Increase social activity on your Joomla website. Your users can share photos and videos and write their opinion. Supported comment systems: Disqus VKontakte ☺ Social Sharing Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery allows your visitors to share photos across most popular social networks: Twitter Facebook Google + Pinterest LinkedIn Vkontakte ♫ YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Balbooa Joomla Gallery allows you to add video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other services which provide embed code. ® Protect Your Photos Balbooa Joomla Gallery includes a set of tools which can protect your photos: Watermark - protect your photos with custom watermarks. You can upload your watermark image file, configure opacity and watermark position Disable Right Click Disable Shortcuts Disable Developer Console ✪ Powerful SEO Tools Balbooa Joomla Gallery Include a set of powerful tools which can improve SEO for your Joomla website: ALT Attribute - for gallery photos and album covers you can add unique alt tag Search Engine Friendly URL's - each category and photo in the lightbox comes with own unique URL, URL can be changed in the admin panel. Create your own SEF urls! Category Description - for each category you can add unique content with keywords and H1-H6 tags ► Speed Up Page Performance Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery include performance tools, such as: Lazy Load Compress Thumbnails Quality Page Refresh Those tools help to improve your Joomla! website user experience by making page loading faster. ✔ Supported Languages English (en-GB); Catalan (ca-ES) Czech (cs-CZ) Dutch (nl-NL) Estonian (et-EE) Finnish (fi-FI) French (fr-FR) German (De-DE) Lithuanian (lt-LT) Persian (fa-IR) Portuguese (pt-BR) Spanish (es-ES) Swedish (sv-SE) ❤ 10 Reasons To Love Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery ★ Intuitive User Experience ★ 6 Modern Grid Layouts ★ Frontend Management ★ Albums and Subcategories ★ Fully Responsive ★ Touch Swipe Support ★ Disqus and VKontakte Comments ★ Social Sharing ★ Modern Caption Hover Effects ★ Detailed Documentation ★ Try the Free Version Out Before a PRO Purchase Before purchase the PRO version you can try Free version of Balbooa Joomla Gallery. Note! Free version of the Balbooa Joomla Photo Gallery comes with limited functionality. ★ Download Free Version: ★ Compare Gallery versions: ★ Useful Links ★ Gallery Demo: ★ Gallery Page: ★ Download: ★ Documentation: ★ Video Docs: ★ Support Forum: ★ Changelist: ★ Tags Joomla Gallery, Joomla Photo Gallery, Gallery Joomla, Joomla Extensions Gallery, Gallery Joomla 3, Joomla 3 Gallery, Joomla Gallery Extension, Joomla Gallery Component, Joomla Picture Gallery, Responsive Photo Gallery Joomla, Joomla 3 Photo Gallery, Best Joomla Photo Gallery, Photo Gallery Joomla 3
c p


Free | Forms |
30 reviews
Balbooa Joomla Forms is an Advanced Joomla Form Builder. Create Joomla Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Online Surveys or any other types of forms. Balbooa Joomla Forms is a Drag and Drop Forms Builder that allows you to quickly and easily build modern and beautiful Joomla forms without touching a line of code. Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder is the best solution If you would like to create a modern and nice looking Joomla Forms. ★ Drag and Drop Form Builder Balbooa Joomla Forms comes with a clean and modern Drag and Drop interface. Powerful Joomla contact forms can be created by simple drag and drop form fields. Create your own contact Joomla forms in seconds, with Balbooa Joomla Forms it’s easy and you won’t have to code anything. Just Drag and Drop form fields. ★ Easily Create Multi-Column Form Layouts Balbooa Joomla Forms builder allows you to easily create fully responsive 1,2,3 and 4 columns form layouts. Design complex forms layouts with just a single click. Create multi-column Joomla contact forms easily! ★ Making Your Joomla Form Look Amazing Balbooa Joomla Forms includes a set of design tools which allow you to assign a unique and beautiful style for your Joomla contact form. Complete control over the form and fields design: Form Style Settings: Form Width Background Color Border Color and Radius Theme Color Label Style Settings: Font Size, Weight and Color Inputs Style Settings: Input Height Font Size and Color Background Color Border Color and Radius Submit Button Style Settings: Button Width and Height Button Alignment Button Background Color Button Text Color Title Font Size and Weight Border Radius ★ Display Forms Anywhere Balbooa Joomla Forms comes with a flexible method of displaying Joomla forms at the frontend. With help of shortcode system, you can easily add created Joomla contact forms to any part of your Joomla website. Joomla Articles, Custom HTML Joomla Modules and 3rd Party Joomla Extensions. ★ Spam Protection with Google reCAPTCHA Balbooa Joomla Forms includes most powerful and user-friendly spam protection tool - Google reCAPTCHA. Forget about old captcha tools with unreadable characters. Use modern spam protection tools! ★ Email Notifications and Autoresponders Balbooa Joomla Forms comes with a wide range of tools which allow configuring email notifications and autoresponders Administrator receive a copy of the submitted form data instantly Email notification can be sent to multiple recipients Send a copy of the submitted form data to the form submitter Display welcome message to form submitter in a beautiful lightbox. ✔ Supported Languages English (Default); Catalan (ca-ES); Chinese, Taiwan (zh-TW); Croatian (hr-HR); Danish (da-DK); Dutch (nl-NL); Finnish (fi-FI); French (fr-FR); German (de-DE); Norwegian (nb-NO); Persian (fa-IR); Polish (pl-PL); Portuguese (pt-BR); Romanian (ro-RO); Russian (ru-RU); Spanish (es-ES); ❤ 10 Reasons To Love Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder ★ Easy and Intuitive to Use ★ No Coding Required ★ Drag and Drop Form Editor ★ Ability to Integrate Forms Anywhere ★ Unlimited Colors ★ Strong Spam Protection with Google reCAPTCHA ★ Multi-Column Form Layouts ★ Fully Responsive Design ★ Email Auto Responder ★ Admin Email Notifications ★ 11 Reasons To Try Balbooa Joomla Forms PRO Try Balbooa Joomla Forms PRO with extended functionality ★ 17 Form Elements ★ Conditional Logic Fields ★ Multi-Page Forms ★ Save and Continue Later ★ Calculating Form Fields ★ Payment Gateways ★ Forms in Lighbox ★ Email Body and Subject Personalization ★ MailChimp and Telegram Integration ★ CSV and XML Export ★ Print Submissions Compare Balbooa Joomla Forms versions: ★ Useful Links ★ Forms Demo: ★ Forms Page: ★ Download: ★ Documentation: ★ Video Docs: ★ Support Forum: ★ Tags Joomla Forms, Joomla Form, joomla contact form, contact form joomla, joomla contact form module, joomla contact module, joomla 3 contact form, responsive contact form joomla, contact joomla, joomla contact form free, contact form joomla 3, contact form for joomla, joomla contact component, joomla extensions contact form, joomla responsive contact form, joomla contact us form, joomla contact us, joomla contact form captcha, free joomla contact form, joomla contact form extension, joomla extensions forms, joomla forms free, forms for joomla, forms in joomla, free joomla forms
c p


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Jun 09 2017
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Oct 08 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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