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Global Directory is a powerful, self-contained package containing all of the elements needed to design and build many different types of international directories and catalogs.
Directory can be designed and configured to be industry-specific such as: guitar manufacturers, or more generic such as: restaurants.
Catalog can be designed and configured to showcase and advertise: jewelry, real estate, hotels, musical instruments, cars, cameras, or food.
End-users can post, or search for information about: businesses, parks, clubs, schools, bands, organizations, government agencies, churches, products, services, talents or jobs available.
Access to directories and catalogs can be configured to be free, and open to the public, or limited to paid members only. A PayPal feature is also available, so that members can pay their dues, online.
The labor saving and very popular “User-Generated-Content” feature enables end-users throughout the world to upload and edit their own multi-media content, such as: text, photos, logos, locations, and videos.
The reason Global Directory is so powerful, and yet so flexible, with seemingly infinite capabilities is because it is built on the solid, standard Joomla Category/Sub-Category, Article/Media content structure, using the T3 Framework with Google Maps.
In one download, followed by a single-click installation, you get everything you need, including: Template, Component, Module, and Plug-In.
Full administration functionality is implemented through the component named “Global Directory.”
You simply create standard Joomla articles, which are searchable by all Joomla search engines. It incorporates a “special business” search module, which searches through the categories/locations. Searches can also be initiated by simply entering a keyword. All of the relevant items which are found are then integrated into a Google Maps module. They are shown as well in the search results list.
Easy Admin skillfully manages all the user-generated information pertaining to each business listing. This includes: Address, Contact Information, Social Network Listings, Google Maps Location, Business Description, Custom Fields, Images such as Logo or Photo, Attachments, Business Hours, etc..
The categories and Locations are also added as metadata to Joomla articles, and naturally all articles are tag-able.
The Global Directory Template is based on the popular and powerful T3 Framwork which provides pre-defined layouts and color schemes. These can then be easily customized, as required, such as unlimited color variations, modified layouts and much more.
The Global Directory template was designed and built using the latest Bootstrap 3 front-end framework which utilizes the Responsive Design System. This system automatically adjusts to fit the size and shape of the viewer’s screens, whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or TV.

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Once again, the key features of Global Directory are:
1. Easy to install and configure
2. Self-contained, single download package contains: Component, Module, Plug-In and Template
3. Easy Admin feature with unlimited categories/sub-categories/articles (locations/sub-locations),
unlimited color variations, pre-defined layouts and color schemes
4. Responsive Design layouts for all common devices
5. Joomla Articles integration
6. Automatic Picture Gallery with built-in slider,
7. Unlimited attachments
8. Powered by T3 Framework, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, HTML 5, CSS3
9. Great Customer Support, and much more.

Thank you for considering Global Directory.

Please remember that for Directories and Catalogs, “Think Global


1.2.21: February 2016

  • Added default category to Google Map module
  • Added default location to Google Map module (if not set accepted from the component option)
  • Google map bugs fixed
  • Added Italian language pack
  • Added Portugal language pack

1.2.20: December 2015

  • Added new plugin - Rating & Emotion (to be installed separately)
  • Added auto create trial accont to component
  • Multilingual bug fixed for google map and categories modues
  • New design for labels plugin
    1.2.19: October 2015

  • Added "Show article ID" parameter

  • Added "Open article" parameter
  • Added "Box height" parameter to module gt_categories
  • Added "Display only on the default page" parameter to module gt_categories
  • Added feature block fulltext for trial account
  • Added Google Map height as 100% of the screen height
  • Added option show Map as default
  • Changed "Default location" parameter to multiselect
  • Some bugs fixed

  • Added geolocation feature to "Plan my route" plugin

1.2.18: August 2015

  • Added new plugin Translations
  • Google Map lock/unlock by default option
  • Some bugs fixed

1.2.17: July 2015

  • Added Off-line payments plugin
  • Added PayPal plugin
  • Added metakey and metadesc fields to component
  • Some bugs fixed

1.2.16: Juny 2015

  • Added "Hide first level" to component params for categories
  • Added reservation plugin
  • Some bugs fixed

1.2.15: May 2015

  • Added plugin Google analytics
  • Added plugin Custom fields
  • Added sorting button for search results

1.2.14: April 2015

  • Added plugin prices
  • Rebuilt searchbox
  • Changed desing for the new template Atilla
  • Added Plan my route button

1.2.13: March 2015
- Added searchbox module features, like searchbox style, width, height
- Added plugin gt_labels, modified searching engine
- Fixed search bug in Google map module

1.2.12: March 2015
- Added Stripe styling to ThemeMagic (template)
- Added Global Themes styling to ThemeMagic (template)
- Added fields: contact person, mobile, linkedin, tumblr, pinterest to business definition form
- Added email protection to gtdirectoryplugin
- Added Searchbox stretch button

1.2.11: February 2015
- Added batch processing
- Added category listing in frontend view of the business
- Added French language pack
- Added Slovak language pack
- Added German language pack
- Added Spanish language pack
- Added Hungarian language pack

1.2.10: 5th February 2015
- Added Location listing to category listing module
- Added ABC listing of all articles
- Added iframe Wrapper with auto height javascript
- Added layout without header and footer to embed the Directory
- Added Globat Button to editor

1.2.9: 23rd January 2015
- Added caregory listing module allowing grid and/or list layout of categories
- Changed google maps infobox - modern design
- Changed google maps results - modern design, grid & list layout
- Added parameter atricle positioning in Location OR Category
- Some searching bugs fixed in google maps module

1.2.8: 16th December 2014
- Added login module
- Added redirection after registration to template gt_directory

1.2.7: 26th November 2014
- added anhanced search modal box (multiselecting with checkboxes)
- added other locations
- added Trial account settings
- added PayPal payment
- POI turn on/off on the map
- added automatic resizing of uploaded images
- added category, location ordering in search box in google maps module
- fixed bugs with instalation

1.2.6: 7th November 2014
- added selection Root as default Location - Google map showl all articles clustered
- fixed bug : SQL error if category level<2

1.2.5: 5th November 2014
- added clustering turn on/off button to Options
- account names are translatable in /administrator/components/com_directory/language/en-GB/en-GB.custom.core.ini
- added configuration check after installation

1.2.4: 4th November 2014
- added custom language file in /administrator/components/comdirectory/language/en-GB/en-GB.custom.core.ini
- added 5 custom fields to directory item
- custom fields translatable in /administrator/components/com

1.2.3: 3rd November 2014
- added multicategorization

1.2.2: 30th October 2014
- added import from csv
- fixed google map problem with more items with same lat,lng

1.2.1: 20th October 2014
- some bugs fixed

1.2.0: 24th September 2014
- added table gtdirectoryusers
- added business version in config, admin
- added positioning of directory items
- added geocoding - get location from address
- added Google Map Height param
- some bugs fixed

1.1.5: 17th September 2014
- some bugs fixed
- changed category selector - only Directory items
- changed uploader - prepared for image resizing after upload
- fixed spotlight 1-4 responsive bugs in template
- added gt_easyadmin - plain template with restricted access to menu for direcotry users (original isis template corrected and parametrized)

1.1.4: 30th September 2014
- Only Google maps API key in Settings

1.1.3: 17th September 2014
- Changed background for navbar to from inherit to body bg
- Added new less variable @t3-module-spotlight-height - height of styled spotlight module boxes
- Replaced Location under Category in Admin
- Added restricted rules for Directory plain user (not administrator) (only edit, handle pictures and attachements ) - prepared for business version
- Added restricted GoogleMaps marker selector for Directory plain user - (media-type selector allows to upload and browse folders)

1.1.2: 27th August 2014
- Added Google fonts to template
- Added 6 colour themes to template, old ones corrected
- Fixed template layout errors

1.1.1: 26th of August 2014
- Added Geolocation to module modgtgoogle_map
- Added Streetview
- Added new flat styles to template - effects.less
- Changed header layout in template to sticky with logo and menu

1.0.1: 20th of August 2014
- Starting package released

1.0.0: 1st of January 2014
- Development for Joomla 3

No support

Posted on 25 August 2016

Great program but RISKY TO BUY this product

Ease of use

Great program but RISKY TO BUY this product


No support, noone responded to messages, there is no option to restore password because mail function does not work.

Value for money

I thin that this program is discouted

Amazing support

Posted on 17 October 2015

It does exactly what is described in its description.

Ease of use

Very easy to use even with minimal prior experience.


Their support is beyond excellent. I had several little issues but their support helped me with everything i needed in a timely manner


Great online video tutorials for basic usage, the documentation could be a bit more extensive.

Value for money

Great value for money


It's able to handle directory-type databases of any sort with great flexibility and ease. Showing locations on map with one click, imports

Ease of use

It creates articles with plugins through a component, adding a location parameter using native categories. Its clear this was made for jooml


Awesome support, very quick and helpful....but... friendly too.
They helped me with data conversion (seemed to be a difficult problem for me


In depth video guides explaining all sort of aspects of Global Directory on their website. But one can try the whole kit and kaboodle b4.

Value for money

I wanted to pay more after I saw the results, and after all the help we got from the company.

I used this to: I renewed Hungarys largest and only one environmental database with this extension. Now it looks and is indeed a professional business directory eventhough we are a nonprofit organization. The enthusiasm of this (Global Directory-Global Themes) company is extraordinary.


very extensive

Ease of use

Very easy


100 points, very quickly


good and understandable

Value for money

Value for money is difficult to compare with other providers, here you get a lot for little money

I used this to: commercial

Really nice extension

Posted on 07 February 2015

This is the best option if you want to create your Directory portal in Joomla.

Ease of use

Very simple to use, everything can be quickly managed


The support is amazing, really fast response time and help n everything


I was able to find everything in documentation

Value for money

I think the value and the functions are fine

I used this to: My personal directory portal


Είναι 100% λειτουργικό και πολύ απλό στην χρήση του

Ease of use

Με το που το δουλέψει κάποιος θα παρατηρήσει ότι θα μπορεί να το καταλάβει αμέσως και αυτό οφείλετε στην καταπληκτική δουλειά που έχει γίνει


Εμπειρο και φοβερό support ,δεν προλαβαίνεις να στείλεις κάτι και τα παιδια σε λίγες ώρες σου στέλνουν απαντηση με λύση στο πρόβλημα σου!!


καταπληκτικό manual, και φοβέρα Video που εξηγούν τα πάντα!!

Value for money

Για τόσα πράγματα που μπορείς να κάνεις η τιμή ειναι πάρα πολύ χαμηλη!!

I used this to: ??? ???????? ???? ??? version ??? ????????? ??????!!!

Great solution!

Posted on 20 January 2015

Global Directory is an absolutely unique solution - it creates standard Joomla articles. Fast as Joomla is, compatible with Joomla modules.

Ease of use

Installation is only one click, following the step-by-step video tutorials the configuration is easy also for Joomla beginners.


Good and fast on-line Helpdesk support.


Good on-line Helpdesk support.

Value for money

More functionality - less price

I used this to: Business directory.

Thank you Global Themes!

Global Directory

Last updated:
Mar 01 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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