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You need more control over the compressed output of Joomla! ?

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Look no further.

By default this plugin disables the gzip compression of the html output of your Joomla! site for the User Agents of Facebook and LinkedIn (those are the BOTs that scan your site everytime someone posts a link to Facebook or LinkedIn).

Also you can specify easily your own User Agents (BOTs most of the time) that feel happier with plain uncompressed html!

The Bots of Facebook and LinkedIn have a cap on the size that they scrap, which in many cases have undesirable effects with compressed pages.

Install, activate and forget about it...


Posted on 29 November 2015

Just perfect. Install it and it works. So simple.

Ease of use

Couldn't be more easy. Just install and enable it.


There is no reason for support. It simply works like a charm.


I didn't need any.

I used this to: my sites in combination with Phoca Open Graph Plugin and the results are perfect.

Works like a charm

Posted on 18 September 2015

Just install the extension and Facebook is able to read my OG tags...so easy!

Ease of use

Just Install, activate the plugin, and FB integration works..

I used this to: Facebook Integration


I did what you suggestested for Ana and put in the first order for execution. It doesn't work. It did just once with another k2-item.

Ease of use

install and put it in No 1 of execution - easy. Not easy to understand the use for other bots. Unfortunately there is no documentation.


None - maybe in this forum.



I used this to: Facebook Open Graph - I am looking for an extension which can handle that images of k2-items are pulled through to facebook.
Owner's reply: It will never work if you have plugin System Page Cache ENABLED! This is not a fault of this plugin, since having Page Cache enabled means that many things are already cached and will not be recalculated!



Posted on 13 March 2015

Es tut das was es soll - und endlich kann ich Gzip aktivieren und trotzdem problemlos meinen Inhalt in den sozialen Medien posten.

Ease of use

Die Anwendung ist sehr einfach.

Does not work for me.

Posted on 11 January 2015

Does not work for Facebook bot, when GZip is enabled in Global configuration.

Ease of use

Easy. Just one activation option.

I used this to: Joomla 3.3.6 website
Owner's reply: The only thing, in order this plugin to work as it was intended, is to make sure that is the first in the order of execution. So in the right hand side in the plugin you get an option with a label "Ordering", all you have to do is select the first option "Order First". I hope this solves your problems!

Works great

Posted on 21 September 2014

this is what I looking for, now gzip works along with facebook open graph



Free | Social Share | dgrammatiko
2 reviews
Lately Facebook implied a maximum amount on the pages that their scrapper will get. This might bring blank shared posts on Facebook, if the page is bigger than 40kb and compression (Gzip) is enabled. This plugin corrects that by disabling gzip, only for Facebook requests. !!! Please use the new one: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/core-enhancements/performance/site-performance/27725
Responsive content images

Responsive content images

Free | Images | dgrammatiko
0 reviews
A tiny content plugin that create a few different sized images on the fly and also update the markup to use the well established and supported HTML5 image tag srcset Which types of images are supported? Only jpg and png Does it also take care of the intro and full image of an article? No. Are there any precautions? YES! Because the plugin creates the images on the fly if a user saves a new article then the first time a visitor visits that page the load time can be very long. An easy work around is that the creator saves the article with some elevated permissions and then visits the page (granted they have permissions) and then re-edit the article to restore the preferred permissions. Also if you already have a live site, it's highly recommended to create the extra images locally (eg use some browser plugin to visit all your pages in your sitemap). Where are those images stored? The extra images are placed in /media/cached-resp-images Installation Install this plugin then enable it and you're set. Nothing to configure! Is there a way to clean the cached images? Sure: just ftp, ssh or use your host control panel and remove the folder named cached-res-images inside the folder media. CAUTION: Performing this action will force the plugin to regenerate all the required image sizes for each image which will effectively increase geometrically the loading time for each page delivered for the first time!!! Documentation Read the above, there is nothing more to document here [there are no options other than enable/disable, so...]. Support Report any problem here: Issues

Gzip Control

Last updated:
Feb 12 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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