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Did you plan to create a portal about tourism? What is, if the tourist operator can manage his own data individually? And what is, if you have not to think about, which data are relevant and get a solution out of the box?

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Hotel Directory v.3.4 is the first Joomla! Component for Joomla! 3.x that creates a directory listing for hotels, b&b, farmhouses, apartments and houses, campings and other accommodation facilities.

The main functionalities are:

  • Google Map Integration (NEW)
  • Multilingual support (Joomla native)
  • Traslated in: English, German, Italian, Spanish (NEW), Russian (NEW), Romanian (NEW), Dutch (NEW), Swedish (NEW)
  • List and detail view for each accommodation
  • Photo gallery with up to 6 photos
  • Database driven search engine
  • Advanced search (NEW)
  • Accommodation classification by:
    • Typology: hotel, b&b, apartment, camping...
    • Category: star rating
    • Geographical location: municipality, position (NEW), zone
  • Theme (NEW): romantic, business, family...
  • Customizable accommodation details:
    • Accommodation services: wifi, elevator, TV-Room...
    • Room services: air condition, safe, mini bar...
    • General options: search criteria, that appear in the advanced search
    • Payment types: cash, mastercard, visa, american express, diners
    • Positions (NEW): in the center, on the beach, in a quiet zone...
    • Themes (NEW): romantic, business, family...
  • Links to the accommodation for:
    • Web page
    • Direct booking
  • Google Analytics integration for:
    • click events on accommodation web page link
    • click events on direct booking link
  • Hotel Directory Analytics log for:
    • click events on accommodation web page link
    • click events on direct booking link
    • search results
    • ip addresses
    • user languages
  • Automatic random ordering of the result list
  • Dynamic font size settings for titles and text
  • Parametrized component width
  • Accommodation data verified flag
  • Hide / show detail view for each accommodation
  • Multi domain capability: one database can feed data to infinite domains, so the data maintenance is reduced to a minimum
  • Mail form for submitting information requests to the accommodation
  • Front end accommodation management (NEW): here the hotelier can manage his item individually

Visit our demo site to know more about!


Version 3.4.4
- Fix: increased website field length

Version 3.4.3
- Added swedish translation

Version 3.4.2
- Added dutch translation

Version 3.4.1
- Added romanian translation

Version 3.4.0
* Added Google Map integration
* Improved russian translation

Version 3.3.7
* Improved spanish translation

Version 3.3.6

  • Added search field positions
  • Added search field themes
  • Added field county in the front end management of accommodations
  • Improved email form functionality
  • Improved the check for the user languge in the drop-downs of the front end management of accommodations
  • Improved the responsive layout of the seach functionality

Version 3.2.5

  • Added advanced search functionality
  • Added front end management of accommodations
  • Improved menu translation
  • Added spanish translation
  • Added russian translation

Version 3.0.2

  • Improved accomodation gallery layout

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed error "500 - View not found [Name, Typ, Präfix]: struttura, html, hoteldirectoryView" when submitting form on accommodation detail view
  • Added field number of rooms in Administrator / Accommodation
  • Improved translation


Best of CCK functionality dedicated to accomodations, with multiple options, splitted in fast and easy to work backend interface. Nobrainer.

Ease of use

Best. All needed fields already here, for accomodations as also for the most important accounting features.
The grouping is logic and fast.


Top notch. Had a few questions about specific database fields and functions, and got immediately help, dedicated to all my questions.


Never needed, but I saw a lot of docu with screenshots and movies and all fields explained so far, with examples.

Value for money

As it also supports hundreds or 1000s of entries and have a fast search engine with many to many relations you cannot get a better.

I used this to: Several small camp sites and 1 hotel for my own domains, then several customer simple hotels since a few monthes, now got first question from hotelcompany. Looks good.


Functions is all what I need and the developer listen to the some uses componet

Ease of use

Easy to install and use


Support is fantastic and comes with result atonce


Very well but I dosn´t need it because comp is easy to use

Value for money

It´s worth the price

I used this to: Semicommercial Side

very good component, very customizable to your needs, versatile and efficient, easy installation and configuration. Rated 10 out of 10!

Support excellent, highly recommended.

We work with Joomla for many years and have used and tested many extensions at this time. However, we have rarely experienced such an excellent service as Hotel Directory. We would like to thank again at this point. Many greetings to Italy.

Nice component

Posted on 29 April 2014

Easy to install, and works for me excellent. This is the component i was looking for over years. Very fast support.Thanks´for this component!

Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your review. I'm happy that you enjoy my component and that you find it useful.
I'm also apreciating all the Joomla! stuff and all the engagement of people of the community, to create a so useful platform, that you can get for free.
I have published this component, because it was time for me to give something back to the community as a thanksgiving, and the best way, I think, is by contributing with a free component.
Restaurant Directory

Restaurant Directory

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Do you plan to setup a portal about your city? Did you think about to create a list of all interesting spots like restaurants, bars, pubs an so on of your place? Restaurant Directory 2.0 is a Joomla! 3.x Component, that allows you to create directory listings of spots like restaurants, bars, pubs, inns, coffee shops, taverns and so on. The main functionalities are: Google Map integration (NEW) Translated in English, Romanian (NEW) Multilingual support (Joomla native) List and detail view for each spot Photo gallery with up to 6 photos Email form to send requests to the spots Database driven search engine Front end management of spots (NEW) Spot classification by: Spot types Categories Cousines Municipalities Regions Zones Customizable spot details: Spot type: restaurant, bar, pub, tavern... Category: cheap, luxury... Cousines: internation, fast food, nouvelle cousine... Open days Open hours Options: breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, after-hours... Payment types: cash, mastercard, visa, american express, diners Short description, that appears in the list view Long description, that appears in the detail view Max number of persons for a group Links to the spot for: Web site Online reservation Visit our demo site to know more about! CHANGELOG Version 2.0.2 - Fix: increased website field length Version 2.0.1 - Added romanian translation Version 2.0.0 Added Google Map integration Added front end management of spots

Hotel Directory

App Boutique by Corrado Catalani
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Feb 08 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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