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hotoMeta Is a plugin to enable article custom fields to be used as meta content. You can use the benefits of the custom fields to define your own tags and assign them to articles, default values for meta tags and assigning different tags to different article categories. There is no limit fo what meta tags to define, you can even create your own types.

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With hotoMeta you can :

  • list text here Define default values for meta tags.
  • list text here Assign different meta tags to different article categories.
  • list text here There is no limit fo what meta tags to define, you can even create your own types.
  • list text here Have content creators edit meta tags, inside articles.
  • list text here Have more meta tag categories, example OpenGraph, TwitterCard etc.
  • list text here Define the name/description label individually for each meta tag.
  • list text here From version 3 of hotoMeta you can reference fields from your article in the meta output to create a dynamic output.

hotoMeta supports "Text", "Text Area" and "Media" custom fields for meta tags. Other field types might work but not officially supported.

For more about installation, configuration, usage and changelog, see the project homepage :

This is the simplest and most powerful solution I've found for creating custom meta tags. It includes the ability to create dynamic output.
Ease of use
Could not be easier; simply install, follow the simple examples and off you go.
The documentation is simple but sufficient. It could mention the ability to override the meta name and description using the render fields.
I used this to: Generating open graph and twitter card meta tags for articles and other content.

You had me at Meta!

Posted on 07 January 2019
Finally, a way to enter meta and OG data in the Joomla core so that hard work of setting them up isn't lost down the road.
Ease of use
Custom fields are still new to me, but the video overview provided easy to follow steps and I was up and going in no time.
Very responsive and helpful.
The documentation and video make it easy to use.
I used this to: I use this for all my sites where search engine results and social share are a part of growth strategy.

Simple, But Powerful

Posted on 04 December 2018
Perfect for adding Facebook Opengraph Tags and other meta information.
Ease of use
Quick read of the documentation was all I needed to get this going. If you are familiar with Custom Fields, then this will be no problem.
The developer was quick to respond to my bug reports and feature requests.
There isn't a lot of documentation, it fits on one page, but that's okay because that's all you need. The documentation was clear.
I used this to: A podcast website but any website you have articles you want to control what meta tags say.


Hometoll - John Moelholt
Last updated:
Jun 22 2020
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Nov 25 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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