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iJoomer Advance is now compatible with Joomla Articles, JomSocial and K2 component.
Its 100% FREE to use, Download iPhone & Android Native SDK, Download Joomla Component and Get Started.

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Joomla Articles - FEATURES

  • Theme Customization with Full iPhone + Android SDK.
  • Real time Sycn of Articles with Server.
  • Offline Articles Viewing
  • Bookmark articles in mobile app
  • Manage Menu for iPhone and Android from Admin Panel
  • UNLIMITED Push Notification on iPhone & Android.
  • Social Sharing for all the articles from iPhone & Android.
  • Native application with UNLIMITED push Notification
  • Share Articles on Facebook, Twitter and Email


  • Flattering Design for the JomSocial
  • Add Videos, Photos from Mobile Device
  • Voice Comments on Photos, Videos, Wall, Status (Just Hold & Speak and others can listen)
  • Fully JomSocial Groups and Events with interactive discussions
  • Photo Tagging with Face Detection
  • Geo-Location Map of members
  • Offline Capability for wall
  • Voice Messages
  • Facebook Login
  • Social Sharing of Twitter, Email & Facebook
  • Push Notification for Friend Request, Messages etc.
  • Invite Friends From Phone Book


If you are developer, you can download the SDK and start building. Full source code with SDK is provided for RAPID development. Following are simple steps.
- Download SDK with iJoomer Component
- Brand your app according to your needs and point to your server
- Make a "Submission Build" for iPhone and Android and your app is ready.
- There on, manage content from Joomla Admin panel.


If you are consumer and want support for iOS, Android Apps submission, we are here to help you. Check website for the consumer plans.

For Any Queries, do check the support forum OR raise FREE support ticket.


Not working and If you want working version they will charge you.

Ease of use





Not usefull

I used this to: This is hopeless company and hopeless product. They call them self professionals but they do not have problem to ask you to pay again before they provide you this product which you have already paid.
I decide to do not use these apps after this experience.
Be careful!

I love it.

Posted on 25 June 2015

I understand that there are a few issues but its easy to fix them, without having prior experience on app development..

Ease of use

Hell yeah!! Its so simple even my little sister can use the app. I really cant say more about this!


And yes their support rocks. I send them mail via "contact us" which is on their website and they answered really fast, which helped me alot


There is currently a poor documention, helping you only about the basic stuff, but its enough for a start. I hope they improve this.

I used this to: I use the SDKs they provide for iOS and Android as i try to develop my first apps. I am doing pretty good fixing a few bugs, customizing it they way i like it and adding a few things, like check-in avtivity. It works really good!


Nothing works... it's a scam...

Ease of use

Really not


The support is dead...


Nothing serious

I used this to: Normaly for a link ton android and joomla... But... This extension should be removed....
Owner's reply: In order to connect to Android, you need to know Android Studio as the app is for native application. I personally don't see any support ticket OR forum entry raised by you. I am sure you have been using Free Android SDK with complete working example as dont have your order in consumer version.

Ease of use

Poor alot of errors in sdk definitly no good for windows operating sysy=tems
admin ok though

I used this to: wont ever use it
Owner's reply: We don't support Windows OS at all. We support iOS, Android and Balckberry10 only. Its really strange to have such reviews.

Broken Product

Posted on 07 February 2015

While this seems like a good idea, it doesn't work with recent joomla/jomsocial releases. Just using their test app on IOS reveals problems

Ease of use

The basic functions are easy to configure, but there's no documentation for the deeper stuff


Their support forum is basically dead.


The component itself offers very little documentation and the IOS SDK has even less.

I used this to: Was hoping to use it to give clients of our site an easy access experience, but we'll have to look elsewhere.

Appreciate the hard work that has gone into the making of this product. This is a niche in its segment and perhaps the only one that provides native app capability for Joomla. However, it does not work with the latest version of Joomla and Jomsocial, and hence, not really useful. Logged a ticket on their forum, it's been three days and no response to that thread. There are other similar problems related to Joomla 3.x and Jomsocial 3.2 - and the only responses to those threads being assurances of working on the issues and request for understanding and appreciating that they are a small team.

Excellent extension, we use this for core Joonmla articles and works perfect. Their support is second to none. Very prompt reply to emails. Good work guys, keep it up...


Posted on 17 March 2014

This is the best way for your own App! I'm very happy with ijoomer and with the excellent support team. Great job!

Ich kann ijoomer nur in den höchsten Tönen loben fr Ihre arbeit. Super Sache und vorallem der Techsupport ist wirklich sehr hilfsbereit auch für Anfänger. ijoomer ist sein Geld wert!


Posted on 16 January 2014

Perfect team and perfect extension! The team made a exellent component and supports its exellent too. There is no better components for mobile applications. And works fine, all features and almost like most famous applications. Never thought it will be like that, and improved our visitor much. Thanks to all team for this precious component.

Excellent Extension!

Posted on 20 December 2013

Excellent Extension, it's configuration is very simple and before you know you will have your own mobile app. Also I would like to thank you support and forum team - they answer in a moment and fix your errors very fast.

TS Verification

TS Verification

Free | Site Security | Tailored Solutions
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Now a day to protect your website from spam bot registration is most essential so we have created new verification plug-in "TS Verification" which helps you to avoid spam bot to get access of your website which further keeps your website free & secure from spam and malicious activities. TS Verification is a native Joomla 2.5 and 3.x plug-in, which is directly associated with one of the best verification system “On Verify” you would just need to install this plug-in to your site with your account details you have with “On Verify” and you are done. It works with default Joomla registration process where upon sign up request, user will be asked to add their mobile number with valid country code which will be used in real time to inform user the secret code through automated process to complete the registration process. Main advantage of this plug-in service is that it works through worldwide and available with language file which enable website owners from any country to use this service in their website with their native language to keep their website secure and free from spam. This entire process is pretty quick and easy for user to get verified within few seconds!! Note: This requires having an account with onverify.com and currently this plug-in provides support to phone verification process only.
VRC Gallery

VRC Gallery

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Using VRC Gallery you can now show 360 Degree Images & Videos on your Joomla Website. Some of the Sailent Features are: Horizontal view: Allow only horizontal camera control.[Example: true] Camera FOV: Camera field of view in degree.[Example: 60] Reverse Dragging: Reverse orbit control direction.[Example: true] Passive Rendering: Render only when control triggered by user input.[Example: true] Autorotate: This parameter is used to enables automatic rotation of image and video[Example: true]. Autoswitcher: This parameter is used to enables automatic switching of images/ videos after specific time interval, if the module is not being used by user for specific time interval, then auto-switch the images/videos.[Example: true] Time: Enter time to auto-switch image and video. [Example: 30] Wondering How it works? Here are the steps on how to upload 360 Content. Install the module in Joomla backend and then follow the below steps: - Create sub folder under "images" folder at the Joomla root folder. (Check the Notes below) - Upload 360 images/videos into that folder using FTP. - Select that specific folder from the "Select Folder" dropdown of the module in the backend. - Configure other parameter as per your requirement. - Set module position, select page on which you want to display module for front end view. - Click on save button. - Module will display images/videos of selected folder to selected position at frontend. Note: If you have sub-folder which has only 360 Images/Videos under "images" folder at the Joomla root folder, then you can select that folder from the "Select Folder" option of the module at backend, otherwise you can upload 360 images and videos in default folder of the module, which is "modules/modvrc360/assets/images_videos".

iJoomer Advance

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Dec 30 2014
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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