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This is provided freely and without liability or support! This is not a paid download the JED is not listing correctly

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Quiz and survey tool, Everything is managed from the front end.

Valuable for teachers wanting to provide a quiz to students to help them learn from mistakes.This way students can learn and teachers save time not having to correct them, Inquisitive will do that for them.

Businesses can request customers to login and complete a survey to gain feedback from customers. Or anonymous without login.


  • 3 Steps install, set permissions and add menu links!
  • Create unlimited quizzes from the front end of your website
  • Grant groups permission to create or submit quiz / surveys
  • Quiz mode users get instant feedback regarding their knowledge of quiz subject matter.
  • Colourful reports show quiz users results
  • 3 simple question types, single selection radio buttons, multiple selection check boxes and text boxes with keywords to score against
  • The quiz is dynamic and you can add or remove answers while you create.
  • Categorise quiz / surveys
  • Multi language support for the front end
  • Easily clone quiz / surveys


... that such a nice component, does not have a properly named database model and (VERY SILLY) uses MYSQL reserved words in column names.

Ease of use

Could benefit from creating surveys and quizes on the administrator, where everyone will be looking for it

Value for money


Excellent extension

Posted on 10 April 2015

Results were displayed in detailed reports which were handy for analysis. Results were also emailed directly to me.

Ease of use

I used the quiz mode to create questions for the staff and was able to get everyone logged on and complete the quiz without any glitches.


When I had any questions to clarify, I'd send an email to the developer and he responded very efficiently with support.


The user documentation were very thorough.

Value for money

Great value for money for the price! Definitely recommend to give it a go! Thank you to the developer for your work and effort!

I used this to: An excellent extension which helped us with staff training. I was looking for a simple and easy to use extension to integrate into my company's website for staff training purposes.

Highly recommended

Posted on 22 March 2015

We required a basic survey with reporting. Inquisitive handled this well. There is more functionality than we can use but it's not cluttered

Ease of use

the layout is logical and straight forward.


I emailed support requesting a new feature, it was done within days and working with very little fuss.


There is a user guide on the website

Value for money

$25 was a fair deal, we have had so much useful feedback now that we have a survey, we plan to create surveys each month now.

I used this to: My website gains insight and knowledge about various subject matter. My customers benefit from this by finding out from real people who respond. These users are credited for their time. win win!

This my first review of a Joomla extension, I was so impressed by both the component & service that I registered so I could post this review.I wanted a simply quiz tool that I could use to help me pass my CCNA course, not being a webdesign guru, I was looking for something that was easy to both install and to configure, Inquisitive hit the mark in both regards. My only slight hiccup was a conflict with the PHP version my Web Host was using, but as mentioned the customer service is excellent and Harry the (developer)fixed my issue quickly with a minimum of fuss.

So in short if anyone is looking for a great quiz / survey tool at a bargain $5.00 with service that's second to none Inquisitive is the extension for you.

The title of this review says it all. I can't believe this extension was only $5. We are running it on the employee portal of our company website which is running J3.23. We use it as a training tool for our new employees. I also plan to use it for existing employees. The reporting feature will allow me to gauge where our staff is at in terms of knowing their jobs and our products and that will allow me to tailor my refresher training courses to what areas they need help in the most. The Extension installed easily. I did have one hiccup but I think it may have been my fault. In any case, they were quick to fix the problem. I didn't even have to do anything beyond open a support ticket. I opened a ticket, and went home. When I came to work the next day, I had a message stating that the problem had been fixed. How could you ask for anything more than that? If you need am inexpensive way to add either feedback or a quiz function to your site, you can't go wrong with this extension. Besides, it's only a $5 donation, so there's basically no risk involved to try it. I have a feeling we are going to be using this for many years to come. Oh one more thing, whats nice is how fast and easy it is to create quizzes. I had a 12 question multiple choice quiz up and running, (Accessible only to our employees) in less than 5 minutes. Hopefully the creator of this code doesn't take this to heart, but I'd have paid a lot more for this extension had I known how well it was going to work and be supported. Keep up the great work!


Harry Bosh
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Jun 07 2015
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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