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J!TrackGallery is a simple GPS track gallery manager to browse upload and download tracks on your website. J!TrackGallery is a free, non commercial and open source project.

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In Brief

Tired of hosting your tracks on external website ! J!TrackGallery will browse your tracks on numerous maps of your choice (OpenStreetMaps, Google, Bing...). Frontend and backend management allow for placing tracks in multiple categories, adding description and image gallery, uploading tracks, downloading tracks, voting and commenting. Most features are controlled using rights management to restrict access when needed. Thanks to J!TrackGallery update server, upgrading is simple as one click. One single package is used for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x so that you may if needed upgade from Joomla 2.5 to 3.x without reinstalling J!TrackGallery..

J!TrackGallery features

  • Frontend tracks views : Overview (all tracks in a world map), categories lists, track lists, track lists by category, single map browsing,
  • Single map browsing : switchable maps layers, elevation speed and beat charts, chart cursors coupled to map cursor ,
  • Maps : OpenStreetMaps, Google and Bing maps, French IGN geoportal preconfigured...
  • Additionnal maps :  every maps/tile server being compatible to openlayers 2 can be seamlessly added in the backend without coding
  • Categories : more than 10 predefined categories, fully customisable in backend (icon, title and description, translation)
  • Tracks : 15 sample tracks given for testing J!TrackGallery, uploading tracks in frontend (simple upload) or backend (multiple upload) or via FTP
  • Support for KML and GPX foormat (TCX in future version)
  • Eack track has its own title, description, difficulty level, images gallery that can be modified in frontent and/or backend
  • Terrain description : can be added to provide more information about tracks (road conditions, private or public access...)
  • Tracks can be downloaded in frontend
  • Voting and a commenting system for rating tracks.
  • Many features can be configured, enables or disabled in backend.
  • 2 built-in Image Galleries are provided. You may use your personnal image gallery such as « Simple Image Gallery » as long as this gallery do not conflict with J!TrackGallery and openlayers javascript libraries.
  • Documentation : see Manual (wiki), Forum and GitHub.

CSS Customisation and overriding

J!Trackgallery implements style overriding. Write your custom CSS stylesheet to modify styling at your needs. Your custom style will remains when upgrading J!TrackGallery.


J!TrackGallery comes with two modules that can be configured in the backend.
- J!TrackGallery Latest module allows for displaying small slippy map(s) with a link to the latest dowloaded tracks
- J!TrackGallery Stats module displays statistics about your track database such as: number of uploaded tracks, cumulative distance or elevation, rating information...

Multilingual support

J!TrackGallery can be translated in your language. Version 1.0 speaks English, French, German and Polish.
When custom track categories are added, language keys that are necessary for running multilingual site can be added in the backend translation menu.


Perfect - you can show tracks have different categories. The only thing I was missing are sub categories

Ease of use

I found it quite easy to use and make my own design changes.


The support is excellent - he even created a custom solution for me as there were some restrictions on my server. Top support


Documentation is good - and if something is not clear the developer will respond in the forum to your questions.

I used this to: I used this for a bike rental website that also shows bike tracks that the clients can download and use in their GPS watches or phones and other devices

Very good apps

Posted on 09 June 2016

Easy, efficient and quick and good support !
Thanks for the developper.

Ease of use

very easy



It does what I needed to

Ease of use

Very very easy to use


Excellent support! more than I expected!


Not very complete, but didn´t need to use it very much

I used this to: Trail Runing site

Great Idea!

Posted on 07 May 2015

The icons on the category list from the back-end do not work.

Geolocation menu option opens a blank white page, I mean ALL white.

Ease of use

Extension is still young; though, overall fairly easy to use with a little common sense.

I used this to: I am working on a new website that requires an extension of this nature.
Owner's reply: This issue has been reported by a new user on out forum.
It seems to occurs when Component J!TrackGallery is installed outside Root path (not in /components but in another subfolder). In that case, some JS and image links are broken since they wrongly refer to root. Fix is in progress

J!Track Gallery

christophe SEGUINOT
Last updated:
Jun 10 2016
Date added:
Mar 31 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

Demo Support Documentation
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