Open-Source Project Management. All inclusive. No additional charges for modules, plugins, or other "extras"

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JForce is a comprehensive project management system for Joomla! JForce allows you to manage projects within your business and among your employees. The system also allows you to share information with clients. JForce offers a variety of features to support your business needs! (Think BaseCamp + Freshbooks )

JForce also includes:
Project Specific Access Roles
Support Tickets
Documents and File Versioning
Dynamic Dashboard
Email Notifications

compatible with Joomla! 3.2.X - Joomla 3.4.X


Posted on 29 June 2017

Doesn't work

Ease of use

Doesn't work


Nobody answer my mails


Need more details

Value for money

Expensive if they promise for support but they don't help

I used this to: Intranet


A good portion of this works as expected, with the exception of some date related items, incoming email, and ticket system.

Ease of use

Not a steep learning curve, so it is fairly easy to pick up on without any documentation.


Somewhat iffy, I got timely replies to support requests, but what I did not get where many fixes. "Will be fixed in the next release".......


Documentation is not bad, maybe it could include more but I can't complain.

Value for money

If all the features worked as they should it would be well worth the cost, but too many promises of fixes and none received devalue it.

I used this to: Small office use to keep clients current on a wide variety of projects. Would be great but, client replies to an email from the system for anything it generates a ticket. Close the ticket, client loses access to their company/projects/tasks etc. Can't get new versions anymore....


JForce has all the functionality you could want of a project management tool. I particularly like the Dashboard and clean layout.

Ease of use

JForce is very easy to configure, as long as you install it on a site running the Protostar template. Even a novice can get it working.


Whilst they offer a little support, they are not going to go out of their way to help you. Personally I found their attitude quite poor.


I've tried running it on 6 other templates to no avail. Developer says use Protostar or hire a developer to fix the problem.

Value for money

If support was better and it worked on other templates I would say great.

I use JForce as project management tool and helpdesk for a small team.

First this extension seemed to be a promising choice: Before I purchased it I wrote some emails with my questions to the developer and I also got accurate response via support chat on their website. The extension has all the features a support system needs. Everything is - more or less - working out of the box.

After purchasing, installing and configuring the component I discovered some issues. Some things worked a little different that I expected. Well, that is just normal, I know. Some things I could resolve by myself with little workarounds. Some not. I even found a "true" bug that needed to be resolved by the company. They did that after a longer time period of convincing them that there is a bug. So far so good...

Using the term "longer time" describes the real problem: After a couple of weeks using JForce as primary helpdesk and project management tool, more issues and questions popped up.

I wrote emails but no response anymore?).

I tried the support chat. _One_ time (only) I got huge help from someone of the company checking some of the questions and issues I submitted, working on them right away. Additionally I got promises to work on the rest of it. But after that: nothing anymore. I tried the support chat several times, only getting sales people unable to help with the issues and questions.

Several times I was told that my emails got trashed because they were categorized as spam. I should resend them and use the ticket system.

Both I did, but to the most tickets I got no response. Getting back to the support chat to tell them I have submitted some tickets I just got the answer that someone will be looking into it. Most of the time it took more than 7 days to get their attention.

All of that happened within the last year. Some of my support tickets are still "open" since last November.

It's sad to say but it occurs to me that this extension is not under active development anymore. At least there seems to be no support anymore (at least this is what I experienced).

This extension can do a lot. But it needs some tweaks. I'm talking about little things like not working popups or search fields, etc. I guess these are all easy to find and eliminate (template incompatibility, etc.). But no one seems to listen. Therefor I would not buy it again.

my summary:

* feature rich

* but not easy to configure

* buggy

* but only few updates

* expensive

* but poor support

Owner's reply: I had to do some digging to find out what was going on with this one. :) There was some validity to delays in a few of the tickets. But it was because they were feature requests and not bugs. We were evaluating when they could be included in our code.

The "support chats" being referenced were actually not suppor chats but rather our sales team doing their best to answer questions and help out as best they could regardless that it wasn't their area of expertise on our live sales chat system. In fact, they are instructed to always send support questions to the support tickets so there is no confusion. Honestly, I'm quite pleased to hear they were able to provide at least some technical help!

Emails that were not received were because they were sent to inboxes that are not monitored. As clearly stated we have catch-all accounts that are not monitored by support staff so attention can be focused on the ticket system where we direct all questions.

Any features that are "not working" almost always relates back to templates or other third party applications on the users site since they can usually not be replicated on either our demo or on a clean install site. But we login to websites all the time to help provide support and assistance even with problems that are not a result of our code.

All that being said, we truly never want any of our customers to feel this way for any reason, be it our fault or not. We are constantly improving our documentation, our support techniques and systems, and our communication channels. We're growing our team and deepening our knowledge to always continue to provide the best possible situation for each client. We don't sugarcoat things or deny fault and we're certainly not perfect. Like every good business - we're growing, we're improving, and we're learning each day how to better support and assist our clients and their situations!

I have chosen jforce to integrate into a product I am developing. The descision was based heavily on the apparent step up in support services.

When we started implementing the product we found a number of bugs, mainly date related so we attempted to contact jforce for advise...and this is when the story stops. My developers have attempted to contact jforce on multiple occasions, both via email and even contacted the office directly and leaving messages. I have emailed with no response.

The product is only as good as its support and the support is 0/10

Come on guys...get your act together please.

Bryan Moore, Christchurch, New Zealand

Owner's reply: Unfortunately this is a case of a business owner being misled by his developers. Bryan was told that his team contacted support on numerous occasions for assistance. They attempted to place the fault on JForce as a third-party developer which was simply not the case.

We request that all support questions be submitted as a support ticket within our system. This allows us to streamline responses, track each and ensure that nothing is missed. It's very simple and we clearly state this to be the case. Otherwise, we have no way of ensuring that users have an active account etc.. (although, we do very often offer quick assistance with our live on-site sales chat).

Bryan's developers told him that they had submitted "numerous tickets" and emails with no response from us. This was an outright lie and as we discovered we had received one email from them to an untracked email address. When we found this out we emailed Bryan and let him know this was the case. (Also, it would be worth mentioning at this point that when Bryan emailed our correct email addresses, filled out our contact form, and talked with live sales chat he received immediate replies on all channels).

We let Bryan know that if his developers would resubmit each of their tickets (since they hadn't submitted any yet) we would handle each one of them immediately. He said he understood and would tell them to send their questions as tickets through the proper channels.

We waited...and waited...finally one of his developers emails and gives us the two questions regarding date functionality. He then told Bryan that he did not submit a ticket because he didn't know the account information and the developer that did know it was on holiday. So, unfortunately, once again we did not get a ticket submitted and have not received any of the information we request to properly fix any problems that Bryan is facing.

It is an outright lie to claim that we have not provided support, or that we have been unresponsive in our communication. We have provided support via email, contact request form, and live sales chat. Bryan has held conversations with at least two people within JForce. We will be working with Bryan directly to hopefully clear things up.

Finally, if you would like to test our level of engagement, simply visit our site and ask us via our live sales chat, or fill out our contact form. :) You can see for yourself how quickly we respond!



Posted on 25 July 2012

Overwhelmed by the level of support offered. They fixed my problem in no time at all and kept us updated at every stage. Great extension too, was perfect for what we needed.

Keep up the good work!

Owner's reply: Thank you so much for the kind words. We work hard to provide an exceptional component and support each and every client.

I'm thrilled to hear that JForce is working well for your needs and hope you'll continue to give us feedback for new features and ways in which we can continue to improve our product and support!

Very nice and usefull component to run your business. Fair price and great renew option. I had used JFORCE on Joomla 1.5 before and now installed it on joomla 2.5.

Plus option is a seperate language file, to make translation in your own language.

Support helped to fix some problems wich i had after installation. Took some time but...

I love the option to duplicate the pre created projects, with milestones and task.

You don't need to create new task and new milstones for a new simular project. That's a big time saver.

Unlike what you need to do in i.e. VTIGER crm here you can't copy these milestones or tasks.

Thanks David for this great component.

Hi, we bought this extension believing that it would help us with project management.

Unfortunately there is only 1 person that supports this project.

There is no user forum where people can help each other.

There is never an answer when I call their numbers.

Because of poor support from the developers our customer service has suffered and we, at this time do not recommend this extension especially to pay for it.


Owner's reply: Unfortunately this user chose not to communicate via standard business hours as requested. Still, we provided timely responses to all emails and voicemails. Carlos did not read the user manual and struggled to find the help website listed here on the JED as well as on our top level menu.

After several unsuccessful after-hours, weekend calls went unanswered Carlos sent an abrasive and profanity filled email. Still, in spite of that we offered email support in order to continue to offer above average support. However, we think it's not too much to ask that we be treated with respect and common courtesy in return.

When Carlos continued to struggle with understanding how to setup his site we attempted to arrange a one-on-one meeting to assist him. He was told that if, after that meeting, he still was dissatisfied with the product or our service we would break our terms and conditions and offer him a full refund.

Instead of a response he posted a bad review here instead. We regret that we could not live up to his expectations and hope that this response will help to clarify the situation behind this negative review. Our goal is that every client be satisfied with this product that we've spent so long developing and more than happy with the support we provide. And if not then we will certainly do everything we can to fix it. If there are other questions you might have prior to purchasing please don't hesitate to contact us and then decide if JForce is the right product for you.

I have purchased almost every paid component, extension, module and template available to the Joomla community, but until now I have never actually taken the time to write a review. The awesomeness that is JForce deserves nothing but a five-star review!

In July of 2011, with a rapidly expanding marketing firm, I was searching for a solution to manage & interact with clients and staff members without having a messy paper trail. I tried literally every option available.

When I took the product tour for JForce and then looked at the price it scared me. I gave the guys at JForce the benefit of doubt and went forward with the purchase.

I cannot put into words how truly amazing this system is. It is like having a well oiled machine on your Joomla website. Functionality is flawless, and support (even last at night) responds with Godspeed.

The system allows for seemless project management for any company who benefits from the function. Customization is simple. If I could give 10 stars I would!!

Thanks guys, and we wish you the absolute best of success!

I run a web development agency and work with a very broad range of clients - big companies and small companies that span many industries, pretty much the opposite of the whole "niche market" concept :). I've been testing Project Management solutions for a couple years, but I've always been disappointed - until I found JForce.

The solution I've been looking for was very clear in my mind. It was one that accomplished the following:

1) Provided an intuitive interface that let me quickly document the aspects of a project that I think are necessary AND then display those aspects to my clients in a user-friendly way.

2) The solution had to include reusable Project Templates

3) I needed multiple user access levels without having to spend time setting granular permissions for each user/group/company

4) Perhaps most importantly, I was looking for a solution that would help strengthen the relationships I have with my clients.

JForce honestly seems to be a great fit. I still have more testing to do, but so far my hopes and expectations have been exceeded by far.

The component installed with ease. The were two small issues that prompted me to request support, and 15 minutes later the company was actively working on my site. I have to add that they provided this level of support on a Saturday over a holiday weekend.

Hats off to JForce. Great work guys!


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