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JH Recently Edited shows the recently edited articles of all or the currently logged in user in the control panel. Permissions assumed the user can click on the title to continue editing the article.

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Simple Setup

  1. After installation, go to the Module Manager (Extension menu) and switch the Filter on the left side from Site to Administrator.
  2. Now you see the new module JH Recently Edited in the list. Click on it's title to enter the configuration.
  3. Change the drop down list Position to Control Panel [cpanel].
  4. Change the Status to Published.
  5. Pick the Number of Articles you want to display.
  6. Choose wether you want to see all articles or just the ones you edited.
  7. Save & Close, and check the Control Panel in the System menu.

Works like advertised

Posted on 04 September 2018

What Joomla is missing, JH has got it covered. It is giving me exactly what I need, who edited which article?

Ease of use

Anybody can get this to work. Piece of cake.


Not needed.


Not needed.

I used this to: Used on a website where several users can edit articles.


Very clean and well laid out. Plenty of information provided on the articles.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


Not necessary


Very clear.

I used this to: It does not make sense that the built in Joomla backend Latest News module list the name of the creator of the article and not the person that modified the article. Thank you for creating a module that actually tells you who modified the article and not who originally created it!
JH Image Popup

JH Image Popup

Free | Popups & iFrames | Joomla-Handbuch
11 reviews
Turn all article images into clickable popup lightboxes without having to touch the content. No shortcodes required, slim code, small footprint. How it works: JH Image Popup scans articles for regular images inserted with an (img) tag and applies the modal popup to them. You just pick a popup technology in the plugin configuration and your image popups ready to go. JH Image Popup loads all popup code files from a CDN (content delivery network), which speeds up loading time for your visitors. (Using multiple HTTP channels; also, since most of them will already have the popup code in some cache.) Tip: When inserting your images in the articles use the the largest size and scale it down with the width and/or height attributes. Note: JH Image Popup works on inline images inside articles, and featured articles on the homepage). How to setup JH Image Popup: Go to the Plugin Manager and publish the plugin System - JH Image Popup Enter the plugin configuration and pick a popup technology (e.g. Joomlas internal popups or MagnificPopup) Reload a frontend page containing images and check if the popups look good to you. If not, just pick a different popup technology. Supported Popup Technologies: Version 0.8.8 supports five popup technologies, most of them act responsive. Joomla’s built-in SqueezeBox (MooTools): This is basically the same popup you sometimes see being used in the administration backend. JH Image Popup simply loads the already installed popup library into the frontend. Colorbox lightbox2: This is the original lightbox in it's latest version. Seems to work well with large images and is also responsive. MagnificPopup Swipebox: Connects all images on the page and allows to swipe between them. Note that these popup technologies offer a ton of configuration options which are not included in JH Image Popup’s plugin configuration. This is to keep things as simple as possible at this time, just pick a popup and be done with it. In case of problems: If you encounter trouble using one or the other popup mechanism, simply try another. With so many variations of frontend and UI libraries it is impossible to foresee which mechanism works best in your individual environment. If you still have problems or just want to drop a message, please use the contact form. In case everything works fine: Just leave a note in the great Open Source community of the Joomla Extension Directory so other people know if this plugin was helpful to you. Review Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/write-review/review/add?extension_id=10142
JH Splash Screen

JH Splash Screen

Free | Popups & iFrames | Joomla-Handbuch
14 reviews
Splash Screen popups with any article or custom content on any webpage. Pick a popup technology and assign articles or typed in content to a menu item entry, that’s it. The plugin remembers showing the Splash Screen in the user’s session cookie, so it will only be shown one time per page. A special configuration mode allows you to disable this cookie behavior to fine-tune the settings. You can also choose a number of seconds to delay the Splash Screen and decide to show it only to special user groups, e.g. guests only. Note: JH Splash Screen requires Joomla 3.2 or newer. How to setup JH Splash Screen Activate plugin Pick a User Group to present Splash Screens to Enter a number of seconds for delaying the Splash Screen Choose a Popup Technology (e.g. Joomlas Squeeze Box or Magnific Popup) Enter Splash Screen width and height Choose a Background Color Assign an article or custom content to any number of webpages Finally, switch Configuration Mode OFF to enable the cookie, that remembers to show Splash Screens only one time Don't forget to save the plugin configuration after each modification

JH Recently Edited

Last updated:
Jul 17 2015
Date added:
Jul 16 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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