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JIncludes allows webmasters to easily:
• Create common HTML snippets to include in different articles (WYSIWYG editor friendly)
• Include PHP code and dynamically output contents in place
• Attach CSS files to single articles instead of putting the CSS code for all website's pages into only one stylesheet file (improving loading time and styling simplicity)
• Attach JavaScript files to single articles, with the same benefits.

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Snippets are created on a sitewide basis and included with a {{keyName params}} syntax from inside articles' text. You can choose the keyName's for the snippets you create. The use of parameters and the "block matching" option allow very powerful content elaboration.

So far as I have tried it, Jincludes does everything as described in the documentation. I'm using it in Joomla 3.6
Ease of use
Almost very easy to use. The documentation Summary and Wiki are pretty clear.
I do not think there is much active support, but then it is not needed. I posted an introductory tutorial in the discussion under Help.
Good documentation in the Summary and Wiki at Source Forge (where you go to download Jincludes).
I used this to: I have several different forms built in HTML and jQuery. I use Jincludes to inject one form or another into hundreds of articles.

Great Extension

Posted on 06 July 2013
Really really reat extension. This is the best extension that I've found.



Posted on 26 August 2011
Was looking for a way to add custom css button to my articles in joomla 1.6. I could not find a suitable plugin, but then i found this. It works out of the box, i just attached the css file and included it in my articles.

Thanks for great work
I use jincludes on each and every page of my 1.5 site for ads and any html-code snippets or javascript. It's too easy to use and it's a fantastic plugin. I was very disappointed, when I had to realize, that 1.6 upgrade wasn't available and searched hours of hours to find something similar, but in vain. Today I was so happy to find the new 1.6 release. I copied all my snippets (so glad, that I dont have to change all my {{tags}} in each and every article), but when I want to save the plugin, the code will vanish. Code-window is empty and it's not working.

I hope, this will be fixed soon.
Owner's reply: Hi! Thank you very much for the five stars!
I am trying to make everything right for the stable release, so I have opened a bug report for your problem at . Could you please go there and help me me identify your issue? Thank you very much again!

Excellent & Quick

Posted on 23 March 2011
Thanks for the a quick and easy plugin!

I love it!

Posted on 21 September 2010
Great plugin! Just activate it, name key as you want, insert HTML code, than go to article and put your key name:

{{your key}}

Thanks a lot for this plugin!
Owner's reply: Thank you for the review!

I take this chance to reassure everyone that JIncludes is not abandoned: bug reports and forum posts will receive quick reply and action, I'm here. I just don't have time to code new features, for the time being ;)
JIncludes Rocks!!! I was going crazy trying to get my HTML Aweber forms to post correctly in my content... But then I found JIncludes!

This plugin got me right on track with easy too... After spending a significant amount of time expirimenting with a few other plugins to add my HTML code unmodified to no success I finally came across JIncludes.

My search for code adding plugins is over - JIncludes has my vote all the way! Thanks for the great plugin which works great and very easy to use might I add.

Kind regards,

Randall Kowalenko

Very much apprechiated!

Posted on 08 February 2010
Other than to include Direct PHP into your content and so open your PHP-Commands through search to the public (major security issue), JIncludes sets php seperately as plugin-code and refers to them through pseudo-command.

Also highly appreciated, the use of parameters.



can be processed:

// Link not to be shown in e.g. categories list

if (JRequest::getVar('view', 'default') == 'article'){

echo ''.$param.'';


Hint: the doc speaks of $params (which doesn't work) instead of $param which actually works. Also keep in mind, that the mentioned php-function split() is deprecated, use explode() instead.

Possible improvement: let the command-brackets be choosen through parameters.

Result: Big help for very individual tasks, that otherwise have no answer in classic Joomla. 5 points

Good job!

Posted on 31 January 2010
Very simple, very useful; no fuss, just code. Thank you!

I have used it for a Java Script embedded in HTML like this:

1. Download and install the plugin.

2. Enter in the Plugins Manager and search for "Content - JIncludes"

3. Enable the plugin

4. Edit the plugin

In the "Parameters" section, fill the fields as follows:

#1 key: YearsPassed

#1 type: HTML (input code)

#1 code:

// get number of years passed from 01 Jan 1991

var today = new Date(); // today

var di = new Date(1991,01,01,0,0,0,0); // 1991

document.write(today.getFullYear() - di.getFullYear());

5. Save

6. Edit an article and put the following text in:

In 1991 I was {{YearsPassed}} years younger.

7. Save the article and view the output page.

Thank you again. I will use this plugin for a lot of things...

I like this extension

Posted on 03 January 2010
It is really simple and secure extension. :) You just add {{ the key }} to your article to see your custom code.

Thank you for excellent plugin!!!


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