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This modul adds a feature box with a title, icon, description, coloured background, background image or background youtube video.

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Works very well, nice features. Great
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Very simple to use
I never needed it
Simle to understand
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A valuable very nice tool.
I used this to: For my company homepage as eyecatcher
JMG Disable Google Font JMG Disable Google Font
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JMG Disable Google Font

By JooMega
Development Tools
Turn off google fonts completely! How to remove google fonts? Remove Google Fonts References! This Joomla plugin only removes all external links to google fonts server, added by the template or extensions in your sourcecode. New EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforcement date: 25 May 2018. Using google fonts will be problematic in the eu beginning of may 2018. then the new eu privac...
JMG Sidebar JMG Sidebar

JMG Sidebar

By JooMega
Tables & Lists
A nice Joomla Sidebar module, which sticks to your web page side area. You can have your own custom text, article or image or Youtube video on it. You can put a menu or any other module on it. It also contains a simple contact form. Button can also be linked externally. This Sidebar module can work fine with any product site. Highly configurable and easy to use. This module is cross browser compat...
JMG Amazing Page Header JMG Amazing Page Header

JMG Amazing Page Header

By JooMega
Articles styling
Surprise and amaze your visitors with nice animated, living page header. JMG Amazing Page Header is the absolute eyecatcher for your Joomla! website....
JMG Img Hover JMG Img Hover

JMG Img Hover

By JooMega
Joomla! image hover module is FREE! This nice module is based on Pure CSS Image Hover Effect Library allowing you to easily implement scaleable image hover effects. Versatile use Very easy to create amazing image hover effects Ingeniously simple handling This amazing Joomla extension creates effects on images with a few clicks. It helps to create nice hover effects to show and hide image desc...
JMG WhatsApp Button JMG WhatsApp Button
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JMG WhatsApp Button

By JooMega
Click on JMG WhatsApp Button for Joomla allows you to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in your phone's address book....
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By JooMega
Extensions Tools
YouTube DSGVO lets your website visitor decide if he wants to load and view YouTube videos, embeded on your website. You already use a module to embed youtube videos? You do not have to install any new module. You can use your previous module. JMG YouTube DSGVO extends the system and asks the user befor videos from youtube are loaded. JMG YouTube DSGVO plugin brings GDPR compliance to Joomla site...
JMG Animated Article Title JMG Animated Article Title
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JMG Animated Article Title

By JooMega
Bring your Joomla! article title to life! Put it in any module position and animate it! JMG Animated Title is a Joomla modul that adds css3 animation to your article title. Because static content is boring!...
JMG Google Maps DSGVO JMG Google Maps DSGVO
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JMG Google Maps DSGVO

By JooMega
Extensions Tools
JMG Google Maps DSGVO adds opt-in functionality to existing Google Maps components. The plugin detects the use of Google Maps on your website, informs about privacy and asks for the user's consent....
JMG Article Img JMG Article Img
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JMG Article Img

By JooMega
Displays the current article image in any module position. You can choose between Intro and Full Article images. You can also animate the pictures....
JMG Headline Anywhere JMG Headline Anywhere

JMG Headline Anywhere

By JooMega
Personal Layout
Are you looking for a way, how to show article title in a module position away from the article? JMG Headline Anywhere makes an instance of your article title and puts it in any other module position. You get more creative possibilities....
JMG Parallax JMG Parallax

JMG Parallax

By JooMega
Photos & Images
JMG Parallax is a nice parallax section builder module for your Joomla website, which involves the web page's background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll....
JMG Admin Notification Tool JMG Admin Notification Tool

JMG Admin Notification Tool

By JooMega
Site Security
Good to know what's happening on the site This plugin helps admins to stay informed about user activites. Stay informed with JMG Admin Notification Tool. (ANT)...
JMG Multimedia Tiles JMG Multimedia Tiles

JMG Multimedia Tiles

By JooMega
Multimedia Display
Compose, manage and publish impressive multimedia content. This multimedia module for Joomla gives you unlimited possibilities to present your content in an awesome way! Compose stunning multimedia block by block Image Custom Text Youtube Video Slider Adevertising Joomla Article...
JMG Disable Google Jquery JMG Disable Google Jquery
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JMG Disable Google Jquery

By JooMega
Access & Security
How to remove external jQuery references in Joomla? This Plugin removes unnecessary jQuery references to

JMG Feature Box

Last updated:
Dec 09 2017
Date added:
Nov 11 2017
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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