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jomCDN Site Accelerator boosts your Joomla site speed. Works with Amazon, Rackspace & MaxCDN. CDN means speed, and faster sites get higher Google rank and attract more traffic.

It's time to speed up your website, with jomCDN, a CDN Site Accelerator. This one CDN plugin may boost your Joomla-powered site's performance more than any other extension, tip, trick or technique you'll ever use. With jomCDN installed on your site, you'll be able to push your resource-intensive content delivery tasks to a multi-billion dollar Content Delivery Network CDN infrastructure of super-servers, located nearest your global customers, practically anywhere in the world.

jomCDN works with the world's best CDN vendors: Amazon S3 & Amazon Cloudfront CDN, Rackspace CDN & Cloud Files, and MaxCDN. jomCDN automatically compiles your site's assets (images, javascript files, css files, video, music, documents and more), synchronizes them to your CDN of choice, and delivers content direct from the CDN, thereby lightening the load on your own site and server. With jomCDN, you can be up and going in minutes.

Once you're live with jomCDN, you'll wonder why you didn't do this earlier, and tie into CDN speed acceleration that only jomCDN can provide! We recommend you get jomCDN for one URL, then once you experience the boost (and the low, low price), you'll realize its extreme value, and come back and buy it for all your URLs. If you're looking for great impact and incredible return on investment, jomCDN Site Accelerator delivers.

Are you on a shared server?
Get jomCDN to counteract your host's throttled-down processing power, and use the power of global CDN network to deliver your site content for less!

Are you on a dedicated server?
Put your dedicated server on a CDN, only with the best jomCDN, not only to provide a burst of always-on power, but to reach new global audiences faster, and reduce the likelihood of a server crash.

Do you have security or other background processes running on your site?
jomCDN is a must-have Joomla!® plugin for sites with background processes running, as well as SSL (https) to boost performance back up where it belongs. Plus, with e-commerce carts, jomCDN taps into your CDN power to help you reduce abandoned carts, a common failure of slow-performing sites.

BONUS: jomCDN helps compensate for poorly engineered components, overloaded modules, bloated templates and heavy graphics, videos and assets you may be forced to use on your website. Get jomCDN now to dramatically boost your Joomla-powered site speed.

Benefits of jomCDN Site Accelerator

  • Instantly improve your overall site performance for better customer experience
  • Faster speed improves your conversion and sales rates, and reduce customer or cart abandonment
  • Gain Google SEO ranking with faster loading sites
  • Gain more visitors, and keep them longer
  • CDN helps you avoid risk of Google page rank penalty due to a slow-loading site
  • Substantial reduction to your server load, reducing bandwidth use by up to 80%
  • Reduce chances of server crash with CDN asset management
  • Your new CDN will help you each mobile and global visitors who were previously unable to access your site due to bandwidth or performance challenges
  • Relax, knowing you've got professional support from 'corePHP' ready to help you keep your site and CDN performing at its peak

Features of jomCDN Site Accelerator

  • Automated Image Optimization: All your images are enhanced, automagically
  • Instant Cache Loading: Browser caches after first page view, dramatically improving page load for all subsequent views
  • Traffic Balancing: Improved web server performance, even during sustained high traffic periods
  • Minify & Compression: Reduces bandwidth by 80% with HTTP Compression and minify-ing and HTTP compression of CSS and JavaScript files
  • Full documentation and live U.S.-based support desk

(see full list of Benefits & Features on our site at

Technical Details

  • Works with Joomla 2.5 & 3.0
  • jomCDN Version 3.0
  • Plugin, built by 'corePHP' LLC
  • New jomCDN API now corrects past access issue with Rackspace CDN
  • Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, css, js, ico, htc, pdf, doc, docx, log, rtf, txt, wks, xls, xlsx, csv, dat, key, pps, ppt, pptx, xml, aif, aac, iff, mid, m3u, midi, mpa, mp3, ra, wav, wma, 3g2, 3gp, asf, asx, avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpg, rm, swf, wmv, 7z, deb, gz, pkg, rar, sit, sitx, zip, zipx
  • Support for custom file types!
  • Amazon CloudFront service is not required, jomCDN operates directly with Amazon S3 on its own
  • Objects have Etags
  • CSS and JavaScript files are minified and gzipped
  • Expires and Cache-Control headers are set for all objects
  • (AKA jom CDN Site Accelerator, or jom-CDN Site Optimization plugin)

Developed by 'corePHP' | 245 Michigan Avenue West | Battle Creek, Michigan | USA

Good Support

Posted on 14 May 2016
Not my area of expertise, but seems to work as described.
Ease of use
My problems were in setting up the CDN not with this plugin, it is basically self explanatory in regards to the plugin itself.
Support is the only reason I am writing the review as I typically don't write reviews, I would say support went above and beyond to help me.
Value for money
I think it was reasonable.


Posted on 25 February 2016
As advertised, this allowed me to off-load a massive amount of HTTP queries from my server to AWS. Savings in hosting far exceed the price!
Ease of use
Well CDNs are not exactly noobie material but I managed
Value for money
Great. I saved a lot in hosting costs
Functionality is great and is what I needed
Ease of use
Easy to setup although we had a lot of issues
Support was great but support redirected to someone else from India for some reason and not the author. I figure they should know more
Documentation was well detailed but not updated to current cloudfront, s3 info
Value for money
Value is alright. Would be nice to get free updates to any changes on cloud services. No updates to cloud changes which can break everything
I used this to: Performance, speed and SEO
Functionality is not at all as advertised. Instead of increasing my webpage speed it has further reduced. Am totally upset.
Ease of use
Ease of use am not happy as it doesn't provide how to put the cronjob code in the cpanel, which would be matter of worry.
Highest disappointment is this their customer service is too saggy and not polite with their clients and rude i had bad exp with Igor Mihalj
Its of no use if the extension is not doing its task properly
Value for money
Please don't buy this app am really upset after buying this, it's not improving the speed of website, instead go for free other CDN
I used this to: Improving my website speed and optimizing they tell even images will be optimized by smush it,however have noticed no change in the image optimization and even in minifying css, javascript and scripts nothing is been done. Hence, please don't go ahead and buy and risk your websit
I bought this extension to speed up my webpage using e.g. Jomsocial. I tried different products and I am very happy now about my decision to buy JOMCDN!

Installation and configuration is quite easy. At the beginning I had some trouble with font styles but the support team of the product reacts in a very professional way! Excellent support! Thank you very much!
Does exactly what it says on the tin, very effective and very functional extension. The speed of my website jumped from 61 to 84 on Google PageSpeed, from 76 and 69 respectively to 96 and 76 on GTmetrix.

Support is slow but extremely effective. The developer went into the back end of my AWS console and website to resolve the issue I had with setting it up.

Very pleased with this extension and the support given. 5/5 from me!
JomCDN delivers as promised, and the support staff at 'corePHP' supports this Content Delivery Network plug-in well. For site optimization, I highly recommend JomCDN to handle the pushing (or now "pull") of images, CSS files, JavaScript, audio and video files, all of which we use on our high traffic site. Very handy video tutorial walked me through about 90% of the process, to make sure I got it right, then, support was there for me to ensure some intricate bits of our site were handled properly by JomCDN. FIVE STARS!

Awesome Product and Support!

Posted on 23 October 2013
I purchased the product and had a few issues because of my errors and contacted support and they helped me through the process and fixed my issues. If I could give a 10 or 20 I would. These guys have awesome support and I thank you for everything you've done for me.

My website is super fast since the changes and I love it!

Great Plugin & Support

Posted on 14 October 2013
This extension has improved th speed of my site very noticeably. It has also bumped up Googlr Page Speed score by 20 points.

Support was also great.

Thanks Guys

Great Extension!

Posted on 06 April 2013
If you want to increase a point load speed of your Joomla this is your extension.

A few days of navigating your pages really flying!

The support is very helpful and professional. You're not alone ...

Thank you.
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