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What is JPlugger? JPlugger is a component and a Plugin for Joomla!
What can you do with JPlugger, or for what can be used?**

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JPlugger is a component and plugin and is free for use. JPlugger uses the GPLv3.

You can write your own tags in JPlugger. The second way is using "ready to use tags", which are delivered by JPlugger or third party publisher.

JPlugger makes it easier to write your own code, it's not necessary to write your own plugin or / and component. Just write the required code.

What do you need?

For writing code, you need knowledge about PHP and/or HTML / CSS / Java-Script if needed.

For using JPlugger-Tags you only need to read the appropriate how-to manual on or a third party publisher.

Publishing of your own code? It's possible, you need JPlugger-Publisher. Have a look at the download area.

JPlugger is free, you need only a registration to download the component and plugin.

*Now more as 80 Tags online"

Now with ajax communication to Tags.

It works

Posted on 31 August 2015

It works really fine and the support was more than good!

Ease of use

Its easy and the support is top via email and all!


The functionality is very high, that is what i have search. Cann write my own Tags and can use the published

Ease of use

Very simple to use at the published tags. Programming easy to use too.


Forum available, but not free, low cost, can be use for some day or longer.


Good documentation on the site.

I used this to: On a intranet site, display information form other database.
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Aug 29 2017
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Aug 09 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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