This plugin convert the ugly joomla system messages in nice popup box messages. you can use JQUERY, MOOTOOLS or BOOTSTRAP, it can work for the frontend / backend or BOTH. give a try!

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version 0.3.0
- added bootstrap functionality
- added support for FUNNY yootheme templates
- added support for AJAX (call the function jpopmessages() )
- simplified configuration
- added support for backend, now you can choose for frontend / backend / both

version 0.2:
- added joomla 3.0 compatibility
- added fix/trick for messages inside a popup window

version 0.1:
- first release

good plugin!

Posted on 12 December 2013

Works fine on Joomla 2.5 . Not well on Joomla 3.2 . Hope the author will improve it. Will be better if make the pop-up window looks better.

Owner's reply: checkout the new release! it's amazing!! it works with jQuery, mootools and bootstrap.

you can use it on frontend / backend / BOTH


Posted on 06 August 2013

It was simple to get working - Downloaded, Installed, Enabled and decided where I wanted to show the popup messages, and it just worked - excellent!


Posted on 03 June 2013

I installed the plugin and I just had to enable it and bua la!. It just retorted the css into a popup box. I recommend it.


Free | Modules Panel | Girolamo Tomaselli
26 reviews
You can display any modules or article inside the jpanel and set the jpanel on any side of your website. positions available: TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT give a try you will love it! version 0.9.3 - fixed latest FF compatibility - added OPENED / CLOSED status on page load version 0.9.2 - added update server for ONE-CLICK updates - Code cleaning - added support multilanguage - added link to (with enable/disable option) - small bug fixes version 0.9.1 - JS code cleaning - added functionality to toggle jpanel from external link - better support for mobile devices version 0.9 - bug fix in CHROME and IE version 0.8: - added better support for UTF-8 charset - better management for many jpanels in one side version 0.5: - added option "button image" - added option "button HTML" - added option "button nothing" - tweaked "z-index" of the jpanel version 0.4: - added compatibility for joomla 3.x - added option to choose color for button text - improved colorpicker version 0.3: - added support to multinstances of jpanel - some little bugs fixed - code cleaned version 0.2: - fixed a bug in the jquery load paramenter version 0.1: - first release


Free | Forms | Girolamo Tomaselli
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Tired of forms creator components too complicated or not really working?? jForms is the solution! It uses the power of joomla core JFORM class and JDOM library to create and manage forms and wizard easily! compatibility from j1.6 to j3.3.x you can also integrate your own PHP and HTML scripts, give a try! a tutorial is coming very soon! stay tuned! P.S. please report us any bugs you may find, contact us on CHANGELOG: jForms 0.3.9 improved BG framework improved Print PDF feature Added PRE-form functionality Added Edit submitted data functionality (frontend / backend) Added layout feature. This will allow custom layouts for the pages: Form, Pre-form, Edit-form, PDF, submission details. Improved grapic and layout of jForms fixed layout and graphics compatibility from j1.6 to j3.3.x fixed compatibility for old joomla versions. Now jForms works from j1.6 to latest j3.3.x Added jForms plugin, to allow Forms anywhere in the website some little bug fixes Added new redirection options after submit form Added new events trigger: onbeforeedit , onafteredit Maybe something else, I don't remember now! :-) jForms 0.3.7 improved repeatable fields library small layout bug fixed on modal addresspicker field Added file field with file editor integrated Added emails sending feature based on events Added new events on emails and forms small bug fixes "here and there" code cleaning ByGiro framework improvements jForms 0.3.6 Added sample forms Added "allowed images sizes" configuration option Added "print pdf" buttons in backend for submission Added automatic detection file type for form event file small bug fixes "here and there" code cleaning (remove some warnings and notices) added new field types fixed some server side validations improved some JS libraries in JDOM improved PDF creation script using the dompdf library instead of mPDF jForms 0.3.8 small bug fixes on languages integration jForms 0.3.4 small bug fixes jForms 0.3.3 added ACL support for fieldsets and single field added many improvements in the framework [LOW] small bug fix for texteditors other than JCE /TinyMCE jForms 0.3.2 [LOW] little bug fix on the "download" file task jForms 0.3.1
c p


Free | Downloads | Girolamo Tomaselli
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jRelease is a file repository / download system. It's used to manage all the ByGiro joomla extensions. It's specifically designed to be simple but VERY effective, no millions of options, just what you really need, nothing else! The main purpose is to be used as Joomla extensions manager, as timesaver for joomla developers, but you can use it as software release manager or as a generic download component. some of the cool features: Autopopulate from folder. you can simply upload the files in the specified folder and the component will autopolate itself Autogenerate the "update server file" for the joomla update "one click" feature native bootstrap style
c p


Free | Cookie Control | Girolamo Tomaselli
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A simple module to show a disclaimer based on cookies. It could be used to show any disclaimer or info to a user. Beeing a module you can enable it on specific page, for a specific language or usergroup, combinations are unlimited. Once the user accept the disclaimer it will not be shown anymore unless the cookie is expired. example to use: 1) assign the module to any visible position 2) set the options for WHEN the module should show up (menu items, publish date, language, usergroups) 3) set the other options needed like the disclaimer content, the buttons labels, the cookie expiration days, etc. etc. 4) done!!


Girolamo Tomaselli
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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