Joomla Less rendering/compiling package contains the plugin and the library

The Plugin can write Less Files to Css files and set it automatically to the Joomla Document

  • You can config your custom Less Files
  • various count of less/css files
  • each process is independend controll/setup without coding
  • no console or other scripts needed to build less into css files
  • Joomla template designers can fast kick of an default css e.g. for testing responsive designs
  • Joomla agencies can simply insert there company styles for backend without changing the adminstrator template
  • disable the language flag css (or other)

The library is independent and is shipped by the package

  • Used lessC libraries from leafo (thanks for great work)
  • No console or external script required to compile less files
  • Safe mechanism to render less files into css files
  • Compiler Strategies - automatic detect changes in less files
    • do nothing - just bind the target-css into joomla head
    • missing target css
    • changes in directory where the master less file is located
    • force compiling on each load (developers/designers for developing process)
  • efficient rendering without caching (it's not needed)
  • adding style vars (from template, component or other config panels)
  • automtic adding to joomlas Head-Tag without extra writing html or other annoying stuff
  • multiple less folders and rendered-less files works with the JProofLess independent
  • no plugins needed
  • no hacks
  • Works with Multiple LessC Versions in one Joomla installation and has no Collision
  • Joomla template, components, modules, plugins supported
  • Backend configurable for any kind of publishers (template designers, component developers)
  • painless installation

Complex rendering detection and execution
e.g. you have an basic less (template-master.less) file which contains a lot of imports, grids, mixins and styles and from Template-Config you will change some styles or have some style (custom-template-styles-green.css) versions. Then the compiler renders only the changed styles and adding the already stable template-master.less in top of the custom-template-styles-green.css.
If the template-master.less was changed it will be also compiled before.

JProofLess Package

Last updated:
Jan 20 2016
Date added:
Jun 29 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System