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If you have an adult website in a country which by law requires you to check the adulthood of your visitors, or you want to display a cookie disclaimer, or want to give a custom welcome message to your visitors, or you display or sell sensitive content to be seen by children, this plugin can help you.

With this plugin you can easily display a disclaimer popup, content warning, or adult age check ( adulthood check ), cookie policy, or even ads html code in a jQuery popup window before visitors can view any article. Visitors should accept the disclaimer, otherwise they would be redirected to another site (please let the default exit url if you don't care).

There are countries with different times of adulthood, so I recommend you write the resignation considering that fact. I.E.: "You must reach adulthood in your country to see this content."

✔ Full integration with joomla 2.5 and 3.x template buttons, even with RocketTheme or YooTheme styles
✔ Compatibility with all browsers
✔ Write your own text or html code for your website disclaimer popup
✔ Write your own text for enter and exit buttons
✔ Ability to select articles where you don't want to display the popup disclaimer
✔ Choose the text color, background color, background image header and mask opacity for the disclaimer
✔ Ability to remember (through a cookie) the disclaimer's acceptance during the days you have chosen *¹
✔ Option for enable or disable jQuery library *²
✔ Automatic updates from extension manager

✌ and more! all for FREE!

Translated into english and spanish.

If you find useful this extension, please give it a positive review.

Because this is a content plugin, make sure you have content to display, (joomla article/s) for show the disclaimer. This article can be filled (with content) or just let in blank, but it must be showed in the place where you want to display the disclaimer. No articles to display = no disclaimer to display.

*¹ In plugin parameters, and let the users browse your site without showing the verification popup again.
*² This feature is useful if another extension is already loading jQuery, for preventing to load it twice. In this case make sure that extension is loaded before this extension (in content plugin backend section). In Joomla 3.x this option will be always ignored.

Nice but.

Posted on 15 March 2015
It all works good but there is a big downside.. You cannot select a single article to apply the plugin too.. That's a pity really
Ease of use
Very easy to setup but in practice, you cannot use it. I would have to enter of the articles to exclude.. minus one.. Not possible with 200
Owner's reply: Hello Undercrash,

Thank you for your review. The feature you are looking for is not available on this plugin. You can find it working perfectly at this other extension ->

With this module you can select only one article for display your disclaimer.
Kind regards.

Great support

Posted on 06 October 2014
Didn't work at first, but developer came back with an updated version of the plugin and it works like a charm! Thank you Adonay!! Thumbs up!!

Not working for me

Posted on 04 October 2014
It seems to work on other sites, but haven't managed to make it work on mine. I emailed the author, but didn't get any response. Too bad as it's exactly what I was looking for and it looks very good on other websites...easy to configure too.
The Jquery content disclaimer works just fine in my website for user to read discaimer after login,accept disclaimer in order to read their content but redirect user to login page if decline the disclaimer.The only problem with the Jquery content disclaimer is that they is no option to scrool down the disclaimer and read the rest of disclaimer and then accept or decline.The accept and decline buttons are at the botton of the disclaimer the only way to see the buttons is when i zoom out the page,the disclaimer becomes smaller then i can be able to see the buttons and accept or decline the disclaimer.
Easy to manage it and very configurable.Just install it and configure on plugins section. Works great!highly recommended

In the beginning I had some local problems and I ask from some support. Very quickly answered me the owner and helped me until I was happy with it! Also made an upgrade specially for me and send it to my email! Now it's working just like I need it to work. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you!

Posted on 05 April 2014
This is a great plugin! It works on my sites are already more than a year! I can easily set it up, I can change its design. It works very well and without any errors. And had no problems with compatibility!

Thanks to author!

Great job!

Posted on 13 September 2013
This is right what I was searching for. Great job! Easy to use and to change the main text areas.
Instructions: Install and enable plugin. That's it! That is all you have to do to get this plugin to do exactly what it says. Any article, unless otherwise specified, will display your disclaimer. The "Basic Options" provides many intuitive configuration options to achieve a nice, and sleek, disclaimer.

Pretty good

Posted on 24 April 2013
Overall a pretty simple and easy to use plugin. Couple of small things I would like to see in future changes:

1.) An 'exempt page' option. For example I would like to link to my terms of service page from the Disclaimer popup but when I do you have to accept the popup(and ToS) before you can read the page

Other than that it is a pretty solid and free plugin.
Owner's reply: Hello Ratchet Gear,

Thank you for the review.

I'm happy to tell you in latest 1.5 version you can add the ID of the article/s you don't want to display the disclaimer, for example the terms of service article.

I hope this help you.

Nice work

Posted on 13 February 2013
The plugin is simple and straight forward with only one draw back, there is no option to filter the category or article. By default it display age warning to all the articles.
Owner's reply: Hi Sarah_4u,

Thanks for your review. Since version 1.5 you can choose articles (by ID) for not displaying the age warning.

I hope this helps your needs.

Content Disclaimer Popup
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Content Disclaimer Popup

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Popup your code! ♛ Editors' choice! This extension can be useful in many situations, such as: An adult website in a country which by law requires to check the visitor's adulthood. Want to display a cookie disclaimer or cookie consent according to the EU cookie law. You display or sell sensitive content to be seen by children. You want to give an advertisement before the user can view the re...

jQuery Content Disclaimer

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