Core Enhancements, Performance

With this jQuery inclusion plugin you can:

  • Include a minified, gzip compressed version of jQuery
  • Set a far-future expire header for minimizing server requests.
  • Include any older or more recent version of jQuery.
  • The plugin makes sure jQuery is loaded before MooTools and noConflict is called immediately.
  • Includes map files for all jQuery releases since 1.9.1

This release includes jQuery version 1.11.0 and the latest bugfix version of all previous releases.

Access jQuery with "jQuery" in the global object scope instead of "$".

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Please note that our extensions are only tested and supported on PHP 5.2.x and higher.

Good, but not ideal

Posted on 25 April 2014
Pretty much good manadatory Jquery loader, but...there is several weal points.

1)there is just several version of JQ to use

2)Its always load from your site, no option for CDN

3) JQ loaded via PHP script, instead of serving jut static js file

4) and, most bad, no matter that i do, my browser, Firefox, NEVER cache it. On each reload Jquery is realoaded again and again.

Thats making me to look for another plugin.
Owner's reply: Hi, thanks for pointing that out. We just included the latest jQuery versions!

The cache issue you mentioned probably comes from your console, usually caching is disabled when the console is open.

It worths 10 start or more

Posted on 27 February 2014
This plugin is really a life-saver and one of the best I ever experienced. It solved all my js conflict problems between Virtuemart 2, a Yootheme Template and a Flexible theme. It should be included in the core of Joomla and the author deserves an award because he's definitely a genius in my opinion. Thank you so much!

Knows what to fix.

Posted on 01 November 2012
I've tried a number of plugins that either mess up the backend or frontend in some way or another. This plugin seems to solve those issues I've had just perfectly without creating another issue altogether.
The extension works well with another product of this developer. Still, I was hoping a better technical support from them.
Very good plug-in, does what it says. Could not get it to work on my site initially, so I emailed the contact given on their website. I got an immediate response, which helped me figure out the problem was not with the plug-in but my template.
simple to install, & it fixed all the jquery conflict problems i was having magically. can't complain :-)

Simply Good

Posted on 24 May 2011
I have gone through the demo, and find Good. I had some doubts that shall I can use this for some other purposes, and I get sudden feed back from the developers. I shall use it and give my further and detailed feedback.

@ arun....Please do not make negative comments with out knowing what the issue is.. Its only a request

Never install it..

Posted on 24 May 2011
After installing this substandard plug in my site front and back end became dead slow.
Owner's reply: I'm sorry you had trouble with the extension. Your site getting slow because of the plugin is very uncommon and might come from server misconfiguration (check your gzip handler).

The plugin is very light-weight and is intended to speed up your website. For problems, please write an e-mail instead of a hasty negative review.

Too easy...

Posted on 19 April 2011
I had a conflict between GCal and an image slider I recently installed that a week's worth of research and attempts couldn't resolve. I installed this plug-in, enabled it, disabled the "include jQuery" options in the other feuding modules, and that's all it took.

Thanks for a great, simple extension that just works!

Very useful

Posted on 24 March 2011
Very simple and useful extension.

Minor bug fixed in minutes by the developer.

Thank you for this.


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jQuery Includer

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