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Now you can control who registers on your site. This plugin and module allows you to control or restrict user registration to only those people who have received a "passphrase". This is useful for clubs, organizations, churches, schools, etc that want to limit registration to current and new members who have received the passphrase via email, newsletter, etc. The correct passphrase must be entered before a user can submit their registration.

The passphrase should consist of letters and numbers only - eg: "dog123ez" . Do not use punctuation or other symbols. Multiple-word passphrases are OK - eg: "We live to help". You can also use it to keep out the RegBots - by using the passphrase module to ask a simple question such as "How many weeks are in one year", etc.

To avoid problems, all letters are converted to lowercase, so it won't matter if the user submits uppercase or lowercase letters in their passphrase. Spaces are ignored.

Thank you to Franz Kössinger who created the "CB Passphrase" plugin for Community Builder. Also thanks to Ajay Lulia who created "JSecure Authentication", and Alaattin Kahramanlar (ADJR plugin) - some of the same ideas are used in this plugin.

This plugins seams pretty good. Though after pass validation is shows password in URL. So browser history is enough to find it. Not so safe.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Sadly template overrides don't work.
There is a forum available for support but to register you must click the "never recieved" verification link. :(
Forum with limited info. Can't add info since verification mail is never send. (not is spam, not even to be found in logs, ..)
I used this to: Making registrationpage closed to public.

It wil not work on SEF URL like "", since it add "&pass=registrationpassword" and that brings you to a 404 page.
So that means no SEF and NO customizing modules available on registration page.
This extension works extremely well. We use it for a website where owners of a book can download additional resources.

As suggested by other reviewers, it would be useful if we can have multiple phrases.

Other than that, this extension is perfect. Thanks so much for making it available to the community.


Posted on 06 April 2012
The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that I'm waiting for the Pro version to allow multiple passphrases. Also need to make it a little bit clear which url's to enter for non-joomla registration forms - but other than that, a FANTASTIC extension which worked right out of the box - Thanks!!!

Great Contribution

Posted on 22 November 2011
I downloaded JRPassPhrase and at first I couldn't get it to work with my set up. I was running Joomla 1.5.22 with VirtueMart 1.1.4 on an IceTheme template. I followed the developers instructions and could see the contribution was trying to work.

I got in touch with Roger directly and he quickly grabbed the bull by the horns and after looking into my setup he rewrote the contribution, added and article to my site and not long after I had a working site with spam bot protection which to the time of writing this has not had a spam account created.

For me Captcha and reCaptcha did nothing to stop the reg bots doing there worst. The way that JRPassPhrase intercepts the opening of your registration page and requires your chosen pass phrase to be correctly entered before registration can progress, seems to be the answer to halting these reg bots.

I was very impressed with the positive response from Roger the developer and the way he approached my request for assistance. Many people would have simply said sorry the contribution is not compatible with your setup but Roger took the other approach and made his product fit my needs.

If you are having problems with spam accounts being created on your site, I suggest you get Rogers JRPassPhrase installed.

Thanks you so much for your product and assistance Roger.

Smart idea

Posted on 05 August 2010
Simply amazing!!! Great job!
simple and roger pay alot of attention with any issue that you have. I already use your com control and now passphrasse.
This extension is the only extension I could find that even came close to doing what I was looking for and it did it perfectly. What was also quite frankly mind blowing to me was the level of support and hard work Roger put in to make this work on my site (it was customized for my site and had to work with all kinds of other extensions). Amazing! Roger simply did not give up until it was done and functional!

great Component!

Posted on 16 March 2010
Great component and great support by the developer!

Needed a special version to have registered members send invitation emails with passphrases included - and he did that literally over night!

Great Job!

Question please

Posted on 21 February 2010
Please, i just installed joomla. will this extension suffice for the following: can it generate many passphrases in case one wants to give different people different passphrases like PIN.

thanks u.
Owner's reply: Hi, there will soon be a "pro" version available that will allow unlimited encrypted passphrases to be used. Stay tuned.
This is a great plugin and does exactly what you want it to do--blocks registration on your site to anyone who does not have the passphrase you or your organization have decided upon and distributed privately. I use this on a JomSocial site that had to be limited to only members of my organization and it worked like a charm. (Note: If you want to set this up with JomSocial you should visit Roger Noar's site and search the forums for how to do this.) I ran into a glitch when I upgraded my JomSocial version and it messed with JRPassphrase and Roger was great. E-mailed him in a panic at 11pm and he was in touch and had helped me solve the problem the following morning. Can't say enough about this plugin and the others on Roger Noar's site.
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Roger Noar
Last updated:
Dec 03 2008
12 years ago
Date added:
Dec 03 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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