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Let's say you are a psychologist or a coach and your want your clients to be in touch with you. Or that you teach some courses and you need a tool to let people take part to your classes. Let's say that you manage a team of professionals, you have a busy schedule and you want to organize your meetings and your team's meetings.

JScheduler is just the tool for that, it's a pretty ease to user Joomla! component: the visitor gets to see a calendar and a contact form. He / she choses an user to schedule a meeting, selects a date and a time, fills in his / her data and sends the message with a few words about them and why they want to meet you.

In this way you and your team can organize your schedule better. The meetings set using the component can be synchronize with user's Google calendars.

Since version 1.1 the visitors can add the public events to their Google / iCalendar / Outlook calendars, so can do the people setting meetings using the frontend form (after selecting a date and sending the message).

JEmbedAll embeds videos, images, documents and all you need for your website
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JEmbedAll embeds videos, images, documents and all you need for your website

By Supravirtual SRL
Coding & Scripts Integration
JEmbedAll is a Joomla native component and plugin, a powerful tool to embed videos (from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Dailymotion and others), documents, images and Google forms used for quiz. You can embed Facebook pages, images and videos, Facebook plugins, Prezi and Scribd documents, other online documents (PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, Power Point, SpreadSheets), jQuery images sliders,...
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By Supravirtual SRL
Calendars & Events
JAEMC is a Joomla! component and plugin that lets your sites' visitors add events to Google, iCalendar and Outlook calendars with just a few clicks. Using the Joomla! fields the administrator can add some information to each article he or she posts to a website (iike start & end date, start & end time, location & description, reminders). When the fields are filled a dropdown appears in the fronte...


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Nov 17 2021
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Aug 04 2017
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System