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JTAG HelpDesk is a nifty tool to help web masters organize their incoming contact inquiries and their FAQ knowledge base, doing all that in a simple, yet very user friendly fashion.

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Component :

  • Fully customizable look and feel with size scaleable User Interface - to help match any layout
  • Ready to translate front and back end
  • Ability to switch on/off form fields, change their labels, help info tool-tip and mandatory status
  • Ability to create a multitude of issue categories for both inquiry form and knowledge base
  • Admin can give a status to the inquiry create HTML contents for each question in the FAQ knowledge base
  • Ability for registered users to see the status of their inquiries
  • Positive/Negative user rating to facilitate the ability to distinct bad FAQ entries and get feedback from your users
  • Automatically save information in Joomla contacts
  • Integrated skype which will allow users to chat with admin of the site.
  • User can send reply to existing inquiries directly from front end.
  • User can see replies of his/her inquiry directly from frontend.
  • Captcha Integration.
  • Can store History of tickets
  • Functionality of Recent Solved inquiries and restore those inquiries

Module :

  • A module that allows the web master to dock a "contact us" button to any of the screen edges that invokes a tabular view combining both Inquiry form and FAQ Knowledge base

Language Support :

English, German, Italian, Dutch, French

Needs improvement

Posted on 05 February 2012
Missing some basic functions.

No email to at least the site owner when a submission is made makes it useless.

Inability to delete submissions.

Could use some spam protection. Right now it has been spam bait more than anything.
Owner's reply: Hello,
Many thanks for your feedback.

There have been a lot of improvements in the product since your feedback.
Now admin will get the mail when a enquiry is made.
Also Admin can choose to delete a particular submission.
And captcha is also added to avoid spamming.
In addition to these, there have been a number of new features been added. Check the details out at
Thank you!
I am impressed with the quality of the products Jtag provides. I purchased a subscription and now I have access to all extensions and templates which they update regularly.

The help desk is something I needed for a long time. It is not complicated like most help desk software and provides what a website owner needs for helping/supporting customers. It installs and configures for about 2 minutes.

Highly recommended.


Posted on 01 May 2011
I have been using the old version for a while and just upgraded to new version this morning, I must say i am very impressed by the new version. Its is set up was a snap, simple to use, one the best interface i have ever seen on joomla component, definitely the best help desk application i have ever used.
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JTag Help Desk

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May 22 2017
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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