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JV-ContentLinks = Internal, External Links Management + Keyword Advertising Extension

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JV-ContentLinks is a Joomla! extension, that will dynamically convert keywords to links in articles and blog posts. It enables you to configure links for keywords at Joomla backend and will automatically replace keywords with their defined links, when corresponding articles and blog posts are viewed in frontend. That is not all, JV-ContentLinks also provides you the ability to advertise on keywords and earn money. It also provides a smooth PayPal payment integration for your advertising transactions. It also monitors the links on keywords and removes them as they expire

What does JV-ContentLinks do for your site?
- Direct SEO benefit by building internal and external links for your website
- JV-ContentLinks lets you manage your keywords and its' links even if you do not want to do advertising on keywords
- Provides you complete end to end solution for keyword advertising
- JV-ContentLinks makes it very easy for you to make the "link juice" flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one
- Prevents keyword cannibalism
- JV-ContentLinks supports unlimited keywords for link management and advertising
- Great SEO enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning
- Enhances the return of investment

JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove links automatically, once the duration expires. So you need not worry about removing links on keywords once the advertising time line expires. JV-ContentLinks gives you to the ability to manually activate links at backend, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it. Supports upto 18 different foreign currencies in transaction using PayPal.

3PD Extensions Compatibility:
JV-CL is compatible with K2 and EasyBlog extensions too! in native mode and can replace keywords with links in several other extensions.

Keyword Magic:
Admin can now add keyword links from site frontend in a few seconds by double clicking a word in article and providing a url to it. Adding a link is so easy with JV-ContentLinks

Latest New features:
1) EasyBlog Integration
2) Option to show/hide powered by text
3) Latest installer based on ajax
4) Checks for h1 and h2 tags in all content around them
5) Menu items dropdown is generated in a more Joomla fashion now, while adding new link or editing existing link

I really like this extension as it makes life so much easier or better said automatic to link to certain content on your website. It works well and the support is outstanding, try it and you will not regret.

This works beautifully on my site. I had a few small problems, and Niranjan was able to tell me what to do to fix them just like that without multiple rounds of back and forth. I also wanted to change some things that required code changes and he told me how to do that as well. Fantastic support. Highly recommend!

Highly Recommend for SEO

Posted on 19 September 2011

This is a great component and service is wonderful and quick. I recently upgraded from a previous version so it would be compatible with K2. I had trouble because of my database tables not the component. The support technician quickly fixed my issue and I didn't even lose previous links. He worked with me throughout the entire process, even over the weekend!

I use this component as the entire internal linking strategy for my blog. It saves me so much time and works very well. I highly recommend it, it is worth the price I paid.

Big compliments to this JV-ContentLinks product!

We did also buy other commercial software for internal links and watched the market! This product reaches a so far not known quality standard and functionality.

Detailled and accurate descriptions in backend are representative part of this excellent work!

Service is one of the best I ever experienced.

Keep it up!!!


Great extension

Posted on 18 December 2010

This extension is almost perfect. Install was fast and ran into no problems with it. I posted a question about an extra module and received a response within 6 hours - great support! I'm used to waiting a day or so before anyone posts an answer on some extension support forums.

The only thing it's missing in my opinion is the ability to have multiple links per keyword and some sort of function to set priority and order. The "sitewide" option puts a single link on every instance of a keyword and being able to use this to set up a link as "alternating instance sitewide" and include filler links would let users still sell links on keywords they need for their own site.

This handy extention is probably one of the best ones to optimize your site.

It is a great seo enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning. This is really useful for good seo. Internal links are really important.

It's very easy to configure!

Thanks for the extension. Exactly what I was looking for and compatible with Artio JoomSEF.

As for the support? The best I've seen so far.

Alexandre Hilgert

I bought JV-Contentlinks (and also JV-relatives) for our sites and our sites now have more visitors AND lower bouncerates.

We have quite a large website and because we have, like, "hundreds" of articles with each of our important keywords, Googlebot can easily pick the wrong one as your "best".

This is often referred to as "keyword cannibalism".

JV-contentlinks makes it very easy for you to make the "link juice" flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one.

Also, the support is some of the best I've seen - Vinjay is super!

We purchased the module to place on a client's site. Though the module did work as promised, there was a small glitch.

On reporting the error, we received prompt and continued support, with constant updates and reassurances. They worked on a holiday and ensured that the error was fixed by the next day.

I have *never* seen this level of support, and we do purchase components fairly often.

Works great - 200% Support

Posted on 01 January 2009

I use this extension on a site where internal linking is important for SEO. First step is I select an internal article and decide on which keywords on the page should be automatically linked to other pages on the site. Then automatically any page that has the same keywords will will be text linked to that page. All of this is customizable by Section and Category.

Even more terrific is the incredible support. Submit a ticket and the response is quick.

And they listen to users suggestions. I made a suggestion and two days later it was incorporated into their latest update. It was not a simple suggestion and I am sure it required some serious programming.

I rated this component Excellent. I would rate it even higher if it was possible. Excellemente!

...Rowby Goren

A "Must Have" Extension

Posted on 19 September 2008

It's not very often I pay for an extension, let alone rate one. JV-ContentLink filled a need for internal linking of keywords/phrases to categories/articles of my site. Worked like a charm!

Installed with no problems and works as expected.

The product has many other features I suspect I'll exploit one day too.



Paid download | Directory | JV-Extensions
51 reviews
JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful and feature rich SEO based directory extension for Joomla!. It integrates seamlessly with popular extensions at JED and has advanced link exchange capabilities if you wish to use it for increasing back links. As a directory extension, you can use it to create a multi column category layout based directory or show thumbnails or photos in a grid. You can use it to create a directory providing software downloads, coupons, plain listings, links, real estate listings, etc.... What you can achieve with JV-LD? - Create professional directory with option to choose from multiple home page layout options - Build links for your site - Exchange links with other Joomla/non-Joomla websites - Create a software downloads directory - Build internal links and improve SEO - Increases your site visibility - Monitor and generate incoming traffic to your site - Earn money with advertisements, category sponsorship, one way links and featured listings, with VAT integration - Issue discount coupons and collect payments using Offline or PayPal or 2Checkout. What do you get with JV-LD? - A very powerful component - 24 modules, and 14 plugins for extensions integration, all installed when you install the component. - Translations for 16 languages all automatically installed when you install the component. Core Features: - One way links and Reciprocal links - Show Sub-categories in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation - Multiple link plans with extensive configuration. - Multiple link Profiles per listing - Sticky Links, Featured Links, Likes, Unlikes, Directory Wall/Activity Stream. - Report Broken Links, Email Approval, Tell a Friend, Claim a listing, Statistics, Vote and Write review for listings - Recommend website, Suggest Category, Check Link Status - Frontend, Backend and Email approval for listings. - Advanced ACL for Categories and Listings - Native User profiles in JV-LD - Custom/Extra Fields for directory - Category specific custom/extra fields - Assign and manage tags for listings - Cache directory pages for faster loading - Define access permissions for listings - Advanced download permissions for files in listings. This enables you to use JV-LinkDirectory as a software downloads directory. - Exclusive In-Built community for users in JV-LinkDirectory, with directory activity stream and user avatars. Major Integrations: - FALANG elements for JV-LinkDirectory data - JoomFish elements for JV-LinkDirectory data - Show thumbnail previews with ShrinkTheWeb (including Pro features and custom sized options), PicoShot, Thumbalizr and Local thumbnails! - EasySocial, JomSocial, CB 1.x and 2.x integrations with User Profile, User points and Activity Streams. - Exclusive apps for EasySocial integration. - Exclusive apps for JomSocial integration. - CComment, Komento, JLex Review, JLex Comment, Facebook and Disqus Comments integration. - Facebook Like and Recommend integration. - Post to Twitter for events in directory. - Google Maps to show listings on map with driving directions! - Alexa Web Information Service to retrieve the traffic history of the website. - Automated online payment processing using PayPal or Offline mode (check/transfer) - Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, Cobalt and K2 Integration for Related Articles - Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, and K2 Integration for Related Listings - Alphauserpoints Integration - ClickATell SMS Integration - OSMap, Xmap and JSitemap integration Other Features: - File/Download manager for Listings with advanced permissions for view and downloads - In-built Photo Gallery and YouTube Video Gallery - In-built Rating and Comment system - Contact Listing Owner, Admin notifications - Coupon code system - Link Exchange Connect Service - Bootstrap 2.3.2 and 3.x compatible! - Comprehensive styles system for directory, with overrides features and custom.css - Stale State Management - Ability to restore backup using 'Import JV-LD Data" utility - Powerful Webmaster tools like check broken links, import categories and links from JV-LinkExchanger, WebLinks, CSV file and many more.... Get your directory up and running in a few minutes by installing Sample Data or use our Jump Start Configurator in JV-LinkDirectory.
c m p


Free | Text & Link Ads | JV-Extensions
44 reviews
JV-LinkExchanger (JV-LE) is a free and basic reciprocal link and banner exchange Joomla! extension. JV-LinkExchanger or JV-LE in short has all the elements required for a basic and successful link and banner exchange for Joomla websites. JV-LE provides the necessary screens, forms, logic, processing power, features, design and the flexibility to enable your Joomla website to exchange links with other Joomla and non-Joomla websites. JV-LE can be used by anyone who wants to exchange links with other websites. Link exchange using JV-LinkExchanger increases traffic to your website, helps you generate revenue using featured links and directory monetization functions Some of the significant features provided by JV-LE are Link and banner exchange, reciprocal or backlink checks, one-way links, two-way reciprocal links, SEF URLs, joomfish compatibility, thumbnail previews of websites, 2-column layout for categories, admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections, notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails, directory monetization, directory search, pagination, scheduled reciprocal link checks, highly configurable backend options and more... Recent Changes: - Thumbnail previews of shrinktheweb.com will now need JV-ShrinkTheWeb extension to be installed and configured, if you are using Joomla 2.5/3.x. - Updated older url references of jv-extensions.com - Thumboo.com has been provided as an alternate thumbnail provider. Latest versions: On Joomla 1.5/2.5: v2.7.44 On Joomla 3.x: v3.2
c m


Paid download | Articles Display | JV-Extensions
19 reviews
JV-Relatives = Related Items + Keyword Tags Listing + Social Media Buttons for Sharing + End of Page Slide Out Box!. JV-Relatives (JV-REL) is an advanced Joomla related items and keyword tagging extension suite. JV-Relatives improves Search Engine Optimization for your website, increases the time the user spends in your website and decreases user bounce rate. As your visitors complete reading the article, they are presented with links to articles that are related to the one that is displayed! Related articles can be displayed in different alignments. One is to show the image at the top and title at the bottom in a related article display, while another is to display them side by side of each other. Related Items: JV-Relatives will list down the links to related articles for the displayed article in Joomla content either by prepending/appending/in predefined position in Joomla articles or even show it in a module. The related articles list can be shown with thumbnails of images with left/top/center alignment, title and text. JV-Relatives obtains the related items by scanning the meta keywords of other articles in your website. Additionally, hyperlink will be provided for each of the related articles, in the list. The related articles are chosen based on the keywords configured for the displayed article. JV-Relatives improves article readership and dramatically increases your ability to retain your visitors for longer periods of time, by displaying closely related articles in Joomla. As your visitors complete reading the article, they are presented with links to articles that are related to the one that is displayed! The related articles block can also be manually set to be displayed anywhere in the article, by adding {jvrelatives} tag in article content! Keyword Tags Display: JV-Relatives further enhances your Joomla website Search Engine Optimization, by displaying the article meta tags and meta keywords in pre-defined positions in the article. The links to related articles will be displayed at the bottom, or left, or right, of the article as configured. Social Media Buttons: JV-Relatives also displays a set of social networking buttons which again can be placed above or below the article. These buttons allow the reader to share content or like and share it in facebook, add it to Google+, Linked In and post tweets via twitter as well End of Page Slide Out Box: The visitor will be shown a sliding box at the bottom right hand side of the screen. This box will contain the related articles list, and will come up only when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. You can also show article tags and social media buttons in this box! You can also decide to show the plugin/module output and the slide out box, or just one of them only 3PD Components Support: JV-Relatives can display related articles, tags and social media buttons for : - Joomla Core Articles - K2 Items - EasyBlog Posts - Cobalt CCK 7 and Cobalt 8 Records Customize the related articles output Want to customize the related articles output and css to match with your website look and feel? You can easily do this by overriding JV-Relatives style files (php) and also create css overrides using custom.css file! Exclude categories from displaying related articles Dont want to display related articles in certain categories? No problem. We covered that too!. You can now select and exclude whole categories from displaying related articles. If you want more control, then you can include {jvrelatives} tag in an article to not show related articles in it. The Scrolling Magic! Configure JV-Relatives to show related items magically as user scrolls to a specific div or paragraph in article. As admin, you can configure the nth occurrence or a random occurrence of the div or p tag where the related articles will appear. Different Tag Display Styles With JV-Relatives you can display tags or keywords in different styles and colors. You can choose from Black, Grey, Orange, Blue colors in the classic display style, or the bootstrap based style which comes with random color for tags. Advanced Caching for Content Heavy Sites! Have a content heavy website, and want to show related items? JV-Relatives comes with advanced caching mechanism which enables it to render related articles in a fraction of a second when it's cache feature is enabled. This feature does not require Joomla caching to be enabled! AceSEF and sh404SEF Keyword Generation Support There could be cases where you even use components like AceSEF and sh404SEF to generate meta keywords and store them in their respective component tables. It can even pick up meta keywords generated by AceSEF and sh404SEF, and scan and display related items!
c m p


Paid download | Social Share | JV-Extensions
7 reviews
JV-PostMaster = Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, EasySocial, JomSocial + Ping Search Engines (Web Services) + Display Tweets JV-PostMaster (JV-PM) is a social networking display and publishing suite for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x using which you can post updates to multiple social network providers like your Pinterest, Twitter, JomSocial, EasySocial, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook accounts (profile wall, groups walls and pages walls) and also send notifications to ping services like twingly, weblogs, google etc.. when Joomla! articles are saved or created. JV-PostMaster also provides modules to display latest tweets from your Twitter and Facebook profile, page and group walls. You can define your own message for tweeting/posting. Article title, section name, category name, author name, article link, article meta description and article description are available as pre-defined tags for your custom message! Use the unique feature of Delayed Posting to save an article and delay its posting to provider accounts!. You can now go and make edits to the saved articles in this duration and ensure that the latest article edits are posted to provider accounts!. New! For Joomla articles, you can post custom fields to social media too! Post to Twitter: Post to multiple twitter accounts when articles are saved. You may post instantly and manually or schedule a tweet, when article is saved or created in Joomla. Post to Facebook: Add and post to multiple Facebook accounts! - pages walls, group walls and profile walls at the same time, post the first picture of the article in native Facebook format!, post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future, select between long and short urls for article link in Facebook status message. Post to LinkedIn: Post to multiple LinkedIn accounts and company pages when articles are saved. You may post instantly and manually or schedule a tweet, when article is saved or created in Joomla. Post to Tumblr: JV-PostMaster empowers you to create posts in your Tumblr blogs as you create or modify articles or manually. You can post a link, description with title as a text post, or an image as image post too, all from with in your own Joomla website. Post to Pinterest: Create pins in one or more of your Pinterest boards of your account! Ppost the first picture of the article or the article image, post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future, select between long and short urls for article link in Pinterest note Post to JomSocial: Post to your JomSocial activity stream, Post the first picture of the article in native format! and Post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future. Post to EasySocial: Post to your EasySocial activity stream, Post the first picture of the article in native format! and Post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future. Auto Posting Rules Define clear rules about what to post, where to post to, with a high level of granularity using auto posting rules! Manual Posting: With JV-PostMaster you can post manually to Twitter, Tumblr, JomSocial and Facebook using site backend for Joomla articles, EasyBlog posts, K2 items and JV-LinkDirectory links. Scheduled Manual Posting This feature in 3.2 version now lets you set a date and time for posting to social media accounts when done manually using the Manual Posting menu at backend. Notify Search Engines of New Content: Send a ping to web services and notify them automatically, when articles are saved. Pinging can be done when articles are saved in frontend or backend Display Twitter Tweets in Joomla!: Display latest tweets (only your tweets or even your friends tweets) from your Twitter accounts in Joomla module Display Facebook Posts in Joomla!: Display latest updates from your Facebook profile wall or page wall in Joomla module. Display the number of comments, likes and include links for visitors to like and comment on posts. 3PD Extensions Integration: JV-PostMaster can post links and items to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, EasySocial, JomSocial and Ping Services, when they are created in the following extensions: - EasyBlog Posts - K2 Items - JV-LinkDirectory Listings. - Joomla Core Articles. Works with Automatic Articles Creation Extensions JV-PostMaster can listen to database updates made by automatic article creation extensions like Zt-AutoContent, RSS Feed grabber extensions and post them automatically to your social media accounts. Special Features: 1. Jobs Log Manager 2. Delayed Posting 3. Scheduled Manual Posting 4. URL Shortening 5. Retry of failed messages for posting And it is really simple and easy to configure and start posting with JV-PostMaster.
c m p


Free | Help Desk | JV-Extensions
1 review
JV-HelpDesk is a FREE, simple and professional Help Desk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla! 3.x. With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support to your customers. Deeply integrated with Joomla, JV-HelpDesk provides support services on your site, the easy way with BBcode editing, Email replies, Multilingual support and advanced ACL, and much more! Prominent Features include: Unlimited Categories Frontend Customer Dashboard Custom Fields for Tickets Extremely Safe for Customers Ticket Priorities Ticket Statuses Manage Tickets in Frontend and Backend Access Control Permissions Email Templates Attachments for Tickets Auto Close Tickets Staff Member Group Create ticket type options and manage them like bug, feature request, task etc... Signature for users to be used in ticket post and replies Notification to Whatsapp group (of staff members) whenever ticket of certain priorities are opened Notification via SMS to pre-configured staff member mobiles whenever ticket of certain priorities are opened Allow customers to rate support received in a ticket when they close the ticket Allow customers and staff to tag tickets Create Related Ticket Show history of tickets of the customer to staff for quick reference Twitter Bootstrap Compatible Prevent Spam with Captcha Easily and Heavily Customizable Modules for Frontend include Recent Tickets, Recent Replies, Un-Assigned Tickets, Tickets in a Status, and Tickets Tag Cloud Migrate from other Ticket Systems Mobile ready! Read more @ https://www.jv-extensions.com/joomla-extensions/premium-joomla-helpdesk-ticket-system
c m p


Paid download | Article Elements | JV-Extensions
3 reviews
JV-ShrinkTheWeb is a Joomla! extension suite that enables you to display thumbnail previews of internal and external urls anywhere in Joomla. JV-ShrinkTheWeb achieves this by interacting with ShrinkTheWeb, the most powerful truly free website thumbnail provider. ShrinkTheWeb.com acts as a server providing thumbnail previews. JV-ShrinkTheWeb contacts the server, fetches the thumbnails and displays them in Joomla content. All that you need to do is insert or add "stwpreview" tags for urls in Joomla content (modules/components/plugins/templates!) and JV-ShrinkTheWeb will dynamically replace them with thumbnail previews during page loads. JV-ShrinkTheWeb has been reviewed, tested and certified by www.shrinktheweb.com Example: To show thumbnail preview of www.jv-extensions.com in your Joomla article/module, just open up the Article manager/Custom HTML module and add the stwpreview tag at the place that you want. Alternatively, you may click on the "URL Preview" button in the editor and just provide your url and other optional values and the stwpreview tag will be generated and inserted into the article at the place you want! That's it!. Its that simple Why do you need thumbnail previews? Pictures speak a thousand words. Do so with thumbnail previews for urls on your website. Provide pictorial previews of website urls that can give a more professional ease of use to your site visitors. Recall previously visited websites, improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites. Use it along with your affiliate program to increase revenue. Add to your member profiles, forum signatures, web directories, Joomla weblinks, related links etc... Significant Features of JV-ShrinkTheWeb Caching of Thumbnail Preview Images Multiple Thumbnail Previews Per Page Styling the Thumbnail Images Supports all types of STW accounts Supports all PRO features of STW Manage Thumbnail Previews in back-end Show thumbnail previews anywhere (in component/module/etc...) New Features Introduced in Version 3.0 Choose between Simple and Advanced API method to fetch previews Fetch the image, or the image with css/classes or just the image url only! Ability to add local thumbnails to JV-ShrinkTheWeb from backend.
c p


Paid download | Mailing & Distribution Lists | JV-Extensions
0 reviews
If you use MailChimp, this extension will automatically sign up a new user who registers to your site to your MailChimp list too.There is no need to export or import! MailChimp is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails. You can create email lists, add subscribers to the list, send and monitor emails, and track responses. JV-MailChimp provides a Joomla - MailChimp integration. With JV-MailChimp you can add a 'Subscribe to Newsletter' option in the Joomla user registration form (create account page). When a user opts to subscribe, JV-MailChimp will handle the communication with your account at MailChimp, and add that member to your list. This is unobtrusive to the user and happens behind the scene. Features: Subscribe to MailChimp mailing list when user creates an account in Joomla. Admin can decide to use double opt-in or single opt-in method. Admin can decide to set the email format or allow visitors to select. Ability to map different Joomla user profile fields to list fields while subscribing. Option to unsubscribe user from list at MailChimp when that user is deleted in Joomla!. Automatic notifications in back-end for new version releases
c p


Free | Site Security | JV-Extensions
0 reviews
JV-MathCaptcha is a free Joomla 3.x captcha plugin that challenges the user to provide the result of a randomly given mathematical operation using addition and multiplication operations on numbers. This is typically used in forms where form data will not be processed if the user does not get the result of the operation right. The plugin is extremely easy to use, and has a couple of simple configuration options. It should not take more than 5 minutes to download, configure and get it up and running!


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Jun 24 2017
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Apr 13 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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