If you want to advertise your product, your website, receive suggestions of costumers or anything else by facebook, don’t waver to decide that JV Facelinker is your choice.
This is just a small extension but its features are very helpful and easy to use.
Like other Joomla! extensions, this module is easy to install, support for both joomla 2.5 and 3x version. JV Facelinker has friendly style. With this module, you can set facebook like box or facebook live stream on your website. Especially, this module can slides in or slides out very flexible.

As the website administrator, from back end page you can set many display options for this module:
- Live box option:
* Set url of your facebook page, set link connect to at facelinker icon,
* Set the like box ’s size (width, height), and set the like box position,
* Set your slide’s type or none,
* Choose number of fan will be shown,
* Show or hide stream,
* Show or hide header, border.
- Live stream option:
* Set your facebook app ID or Api key which you were received from facebook when you registered,
* Set the like stream ’s size (width, height), and set the like stream position,
* Set your slide’s type or none,
* Set XID if you have multiple live stream boxes on the same page,
* Choose to always post to you facebook’s friends or no,
* Set link connect to at facelinker icon,
* Show or hide border.
JV Facelinker is very useful and we hope that it can helps you in your purpose!

just to simple

Posted on 20 October 2011
Nice module, but unfortunately it is not compatible with IE 8 and 9 ... I have not tested the lower version. Sorry

Love the idea

Posted on 03 September 2011
This module is just excellent, and it takes only a minute to install.

Just one request, the Facebook icon is too small, and can't see it properly. Would be great if we have the same size as on the demo site.

Thank you! It works excellent!
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JV Facelinker

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Jun 03 2017
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System