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JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful and feature rich SEO based directory extension for Joomla!. It integrates seamlessly with popular extensions at JED and has advanced link exchange capabilities if you wish to use it for increasing back links. As a directory extension, you can use it to create a multi column category layout based directory or show thumbnails or photos in a grid. You can use it to create a directory providing software downloads, coupons, plain listings, links, real estate listings, etc....

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What you can achieve with JV-LD?
- Create professional directory with option to choose from multiple home page layout options
- Build links for your site
- Exchange links with other Joomla/non-Joomla websites
- Create a software downloads directory
- Build internal links and improve SEO
- Increases your site visibility
- Monitor and generate incoming traffic to your site
- Earn money with advertisements, category sponsorship, one way links and featured listings, with VAT integration
- Issue discount coupons and collect payments using Offline or PayPal or 2Checkout.

What do you get with JV-LD?
- A very powerful component
- 24 modules, and 14 plugins for extensions integration, all installed when you install the component.
- Front-end translations for 17 languages all automatically installed when you install the component.

Core Features:
- One way links and Reciprocal links
- Show Sub-categories in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
- Multiple link plans with extensive configuration.
- Multiple link Profiles per listing
- Advanced directory search with recursive filters
- Sticky Links, Featured Links, Likes, Unlikes, Directory Wall/Activity Stream.
- Report Broken Links, Email Approval, Tell a Friend, Claim a listing, Statistics, Vote and Write review for listings
- Recommend website, Suggest Category, Check Link Status
- Frontend, Backend and Email approval for listings.
- Advanced ACL for Categories and Listings
- Native User profiles in JV-LD
- Custom/Extra Fields for directory, and decide who can view them in frontend.
- Category specific custom/extra fields
- Assign and manage tags for listings
- Cache directory pages for faster loading
- Define access permissions for listings
- Notify customers by email and SMS when events occur in directory
- Add files to listings with advanced download permissions. This enables you to use JV-LinkDirectory as a software downloads directory.
- Store listing files in Amazon S3 and save storage space!
- Exclusive In-Built community for users in JV-LinkDirectory, with directory activity stream and user avatars.
- Advanced broken link detection and notification

Major Integrations:
- FALANG elements for JV-LinkDirectory data
- JoomFish elements for JV-LinkDirectory data
- Show thumbnail previews with ShrinkTheWeb (including Pro features and custom sized options), PicoShot, Thumbalizr and Local thumbnails!
- EasySocial, JomSocial, CB 1.x and 2.x integrations with User Profile, User points and Activity Streams.
- Exclusive apps for EasySocial integration.
- Exclusive apps for JomSocial integration.
- CComment, Komento, JLex Review, JLex Comment, Facebook and Disqus Comments integration.
- Facebook Like and Recommend integration.
- Post to Twitter for events in directory.
- Google Maps to show listings on map with driving directions!
- Alexa Web Information Service to retrieve the traffic history of the website.
- Automated online payment processing using PayPal or Offline mode (check/transfer)
- Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, Cobalt and K2 Integration for Related Articles
- Joomla Articles, EasyBlog, and K2 Integration for Related Listings
- Alphauserpoints Integration
- ClickATell SMS Integration
- AWS SNS for sending SMS
- OSMap, Xmap and JSitemap integration

Other Features:
- File/Download manager for Listings with advanced permissions for view and downloads
- In-built Photo Gallery and YouTube Video Gallery
- In-built Rating and Comment system
- Contact Listing Owner, Admin notifications
- Coupon code system
- Link Exchange Connect Service
- Bootstrap 2.3.2 and 3.x compatible!
- Comprehensive styles system for directory, with overrides features and custom.css
- Stale State Management
- Ability to restore backup using 'Import JV-LD Data" utility
- Powerful Webmaster tools like check broken links, import categories and links from JV-LinkExchanger, WebLinks, CSV file

and many more....

Get your directory up and running in a few minutes by installing Sample Data or use our Jump Start Configurator in JV-LinkDirectory.

The functionality is excellent. I haven't used half of the features, but the ones I have used work well.
Ease of use
It is easy to get started but there are a lot of options to configure so it takes a while to get to a finished product.
Support is superb. I needed an extra feature and the developer worked with me to deliver it in the next release. 10/10
The documentation is generally good, but as there are so many options some of them are not covered in detail.
Value for money
Good value, especially given the support provided.
I used this to: A national trade directory
This extension is amazing with the features it offers; has everything you need and more.
Ease of use
Very easy to use; has Jump Start Configurator and sample data; set up directory under 5 minutes!
Great! Probably the best service I have ever received. Fast and courteous support. Understood what I needed and helped me within hours.
Documentation is comprehensive but most of the settings are intuitive.
Value for money
Great product. Great value right out of the box.
I used this to: I set up skilled trades business directory for local professionals. The directory is great for some of businesses that don't have a website and this allows them to have a micro page with proper profile and social media links.

Professional & helpful

Posted on 23 August 2018
I am happy with my choice. Great software
Ease of use
Easy to understand and use.
I would say 150%. Absolute professional support and development team. If you need a developer for your side. I know who to call.
All I need is there.
Value for money
Every single cent.
I used this to: A very complex portal. YourTravel.Center and the developer team supported us to bring all the different plugin together.
The functionality is far more than I need. Not much is missing although I miss the instant link checker. Will come I hear.
Ease of use
Rather easy I would say but tons of functions makes it a bit harder to use but after some practice no problems.
Excellent! I had some questions before buying and I got a very rapid respons.
Value for money
Rather expensive but a high quality software so the feeling is expensive and good.
I used this to: I have a personal link collection just for fun and I hope that others find it useful.


Posted on 06 January 2018
I have tried several link directory options over the years - with joomla and other CMS and I am very pleased with this product!
Ease of use
I have used this now through a few version upgrades and it keeps getting better/easier to use.
Support has been responsive and very helpful - happy customer!
Good documentation and plenty of hover/mouse over pop-up helpful hints.
Value for money
Definitely worth the money - I have tried plenty of free/open source products and do not regret spending $ for this - it's worth it.
I used this to: I use this for an Outdoor Adventure directory - started long ago as a fun project and an excuse to play on the 'interwebs'. Be sure to combine JV-LinkDirectory with JV-ShrinkTheWeb - they go together like chocolate and peanut butter!
There has been a lot of thought put into this extension. Great work!
Ease of use
Easy to setup and configure, but good features for power users as well.
Awesome! I had some questions and got answers fast!
Extensive and good.
Value for money
Well worth the money.
I used this to: I wanted to be able to build a directory and build reciprocal links. This does the trick, great!

Awesome Company!!!

Posted on 06 October 2016
These guys write some of the best code I have ever used!
Ease of use
Very easy to get it up and running, took an hour or two for my customization's and I am very happy!
You don't find customer support like this, that is why I keep coming back. They have written code on separate occasions just for my website.
It is all there, you will need to refer to it.
Value for money
Very Reasonable.
I used this to:
The component provides so many options for configuration that it meets my needs for 2 different types of directories.
Ease of use
Incredibly easy to use. Offers a sample data configuration that is great for getting you started.
Support is spot on. Post in the discussion forum tand they will answer quickly. Very responsive
Value for money
Great value for the money. I was hesitant to purchase because there is a no refund policy. I can say with confidence that if you are looking
I used this to: a business directory and a web resource directory.
Great range of features and more being added with each versions
Ease of use
Found it easy to use. Lots to learn but that is always the case with extensions that have lots of features.
First class support. Also excellent customisation service.
Value for money
Very happy with costs of extension and customisation support.
I used this to: An accommodation directory - part of a walking guide website in the UK
This component can do a lot more than it appears at the first view. Very efficient coding.
Ease of use
Ease of use, yes. Follow the steps and don't forget to read the documentation.
Excellent support. I had a problem with Google maps in my listings. In 15 min I got an answer to my ticket that solved another problem.
Excellent documentation on site AND in each step of the configuration in admin side. Never saw that elsewhere in 15 years.
Value for money
No worries this is an excellent deal.
I used this to: I use this app to categorized lists of links but also to organise different lists of products, services, projects etc. according to the need of my clients.
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