Alerts & Awareness

Site notification module

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Module settings

  • Remember choice - Turns on / off the function, close and do not show the module definition time
  • Storage (available when Remember choice - yes) - Allows you to select the storage location of the "memorization" option
    • Session
    • Cookies
    • Local storage
  • Time (available at the Warehouse - Cookies) - sets the time to "remember" (N minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years)
  • Block site The module blocks actions on the site until the close button is pressed
  • Message - Notification text (html enabled)

Модуль уведомлений на сайте.

Настройки модуля

  • Запомнить выбор - Включает \ выключает функцию, закрыть и не показывать модуль определенное время
  • Хранилище (доступно при Запомнить выбор - да) – Позволяет выбрать место хранения «запоминания» на выбор
    • Сессия
    • Куки
    • Локальное хранилище
  • Время (доступно при Хранилище - Куки) – устанавливает время «запоминания» (N минут, часов, дней, недель, месяцев, лет)
  • Блокировать сайт Модуль блокирует действия на сайте пока не будет нажата кнопка закрыть
  • Сообщение – Текст уведомления (разрешен html)
Personal Data

Personal Data

Free | Forms | JoomlaZen
0 reviews
The plugin allows you to add a "checkbox" of consent to arbitrary text in forms on your site. Settings Plugin Registration - Enables / disables the plugin in the "Registration" form of the "Users" component Contacts - Enables / disables the plugin in the form of "Feedback" of the "Contacts" component Shortcodes - Enables / disables shortcode processing {syspersonaldata: customfieldname} (If disabled, shortcodes will be replaced by a void) Inactive button - Allows to block the send button (adds the attribute disable), If "Did not checkbox checked" Your own text These settings allow you to make your own text for each language of the site Use Basic integration In order to display the "Users" and "Feedback" forms of the "Contacts" You need to select "Yes" in the corresponding plugin settings. Shortcodes To integrate with other components or to add a field to the form, just add a shortcode {syspersonaldata: custom_field_name} to any place convenient for you in the form. An exception is the forms output by ajax query The principle of working with any text If the language of the visitor coincides with the language of the plugin's parameters, the corresponding text will be displayed If the plugin's parameters do not contain a text for the visitor's language, but there is text "For all languages" (All \ All) then the text "for all languages" will be displayed. If the parameter "for all languages" is missing, the language constant PLG_SYSTEM_PERSONALDATA_TEXT_DEFAULT
One Time Show

One Time Show

Free | Modules Management | JoomlaZen
0 reviews
Plugin allows you to display the content a certain number of times Supported Joomla versions: 3.8.0 or later Module settings One-time display - Activates plugin Number of impressions - Sets the number of impressions of the module to the visitor Remember - (Always / Temporarily) Sets the time for storing cookies. Time - Cookies time

JZ Notice

Last updated:
Mar 04 2018
Date added:
Mar 01 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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