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Kd Facebook Likebox display a nice and simple likebox of your favorite facebook page on your site, and has many plus features included too.
Some of his options:

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--Show/Hide Fans
--Language Selection
--Fanbox Header
--Box Border Color

*The module links back to our site.


The module itself works great. However, it also displays a link to that can't be removed. This makes the mod unusable.

Ease of use

Simple to set up. Too bad it can't be used on a production site and there is no "pro" version that removes the backlink.


I don't know if you call one sentence documentation, but they do have one sentence on their website for instructions. The forums are empty.

I used this to: Installed it. Set it up. Unsuccessfully tried to remove annoying link to some random Greek website. Uttered a few swear words. Uninstalled the module.


... it integrates a little link, that I find very annoying.

Ease of use

Really easy to configure.

I used this to: I do not use it anymore.

Useful Module

Posted on 03 March 2016

It has some very good options and it was a perfect fit for my website.You need only for your fan-page url

Ease of use

Very easy to use and it took little time to install and config


Support was excellent and very helpful for any modification to fit your site requirements


Documentation is short and to the point

I used this to: I used this to display a custom Facebook likebox on my website


All features are working out of the box, no errors at all.

Ease of use

Ease to use no complex API keys , i only needed to input Facebook's page URL


I contact them through their contact form for some style issues their reply was very fast and they solved my problem fast without any charge


the tutorial for the setup is short and enough for me

I used this to: The module was use on my site to display a simple like-box for my fan-page

Excellent Module

Posted on 20 April 2015

The functionality is perfect it does what it says, with very good extra features

Ease of use

Very easy to use, took me just few click and my Facebook page URL to get it done


Support is very fast and they have a support forum too


Documentation is small, with easy step to follow, just enough for this

I used this to: For displaying my fans and my fan-page to my blog

I needed just a few clicks and my fanpage url and it was working.

Just awesome and easy.

The black color scheme was a perfect fit for my website.

Works great

Posted on 04 April 2014

Excellent module, for integrating likebox on you Joomla install.

It's simple , all you have to do, is to insert fb page url.

It displays latest facebook posts too.

The language support was a plus for me too, and most important it is free so you can use it on low budget projects like mine.

Smart module

Posted on 31 March 2014

Very good plugin and smart.

I tried some other plugins out but this made my day.

It is easy to setup in notime.

It has a few styling options too, to play around.

Also, you can easily use this as a simple like button for your fanpage with a few clicks.

And most of all it works.

Excellent module

Posted on 28 March 2014

Very clear instructions and easy to configure.

It only needs facebook page url, you publish it and you are done.

*Tested on Joomla 3.2 version .

This goes to favourite list, good job.

This module gave me an excellent way to display facebook feeds for my fanpage and show their faces too.

It Perfectly fits on my site, i had no technical problems, their installation guide was clear enough.

Thank you for this free module!

Kd TweetDisplay

Kd TweetDisplay

Free | Social Display | Katie Drummond
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Kd TweetDisplay is a joomla module that displays the latest tweets from your twitter profile. The amazing with this module that it is very very easy to install, it only needs your twitter username and the Twitter Widget it. Some of it's Options: --Themes : White/Dark --Height --Width --Jquery Loader --Twtter Username Our support team is open for any question and issues. *The widget links back to our site.

Kd Facebook Likebox

Katie Drummond
Last updated:
Sep 21 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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