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Kiolezo is a component made to build Joomla template by drag and drop.

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Joomla template builder

Create templates from Joomla backend

This Joomla template creator allows you to build the template of your website directly from Joomla! by simply dragging rows, columns, module positions, images and many other elements.

Created templates can be used directly by Kiolezo, through the template expressly created and installed together with the component, to keep the drag and drop edit feature, or can be exported in zip archive format and installed on any other Joomla! based website (minimum required version 3.6.5).

This is the full version of Kiolezo, which allows you to use the product in all of its functions. Compared to lite, this version allows you to export editable layouts and stand-alone Joomla templates.

Advanced features keep easy

  • Create your template only by drag and drop.
  • Build the layout by dragging rows and columns.
  • Create module positions by drag and drop.
  • Drag images directly into the template.
  • Enter and modify text wherever you want.
  • Insert icons in a simple way, Font Awesome is included.
  • Choose from hundreds of fonts, Google Fonts is integrated.
  • Set up the style by dragging selectors and attributes.
  • Comfortable keyboard shortcuts to UnDo, ReDo and many more.
  • Export as editable Kiolezo layouts, like Photoshop files.
  • Import layouts on other websites which use Kiolezo.
  • Import by file (drag and drop) or by URL.
  • Browse ready layouts on our gallery and import with one click.
  • Export templates as zip archives and install them on other websites.
  • Exported stand-alone templates have editable fields.
  • Build a template in few minutes without any knowledge of code.
  • The only limit is your imagination.

Create Joomla template by drag and drop

Drag items from left sidebar to layout area, arrange them as you prefer and create rows, columns, module positions and more.
Setup each item of your layout by a simple setting button, to style it as you prefer by simple options.

Set up CSS style by drag and drop

Create the style of your template easily, by using the drag and drop interface which allows you to create CSS files without to write code, not even a line.
Then, if you are an advanced user, Kiolezo provides an additional text area where you can write your own CSS code.

Preview your Kiolezo layout

Is possible to preview your template during editing session by just one click.
A dedicated preview button will open a popup to let you see the result of your layout, without the need to set up it in frontend.

Import ready Joomla templates

Templates can be imported from our gallery, where ready Kiolezo layouts are available. Just one click and the import is done.
Is possible to import Kiolezo layouts also from file by drag and drop and from url.

Export Joomla template when ready

Templates can be exported in two ways.
The first is layout exporting (.kiolezo files) to save an editable file, to import it on another website wich uses Kiolezo and continue to edit as you desire.
The second is template exporting (.zip files) to create a stand alone template, which can be installed on any Joomla website (minimum required version 3.6.5).

Joomla keyboard shortcuts

During the editing, you can use Joomla keyboard shortcuts as if you were inside an application. Save, UnDo, ReDo, Erase, Confirm, and many other commands are available through keyboard shortcuts.

What is included in Kiolezo

This package contains Kiolezo main component, Kiolezo quick icons module to have some useful shortcuts in your backend, and Kiolezo blank template, to display your layouts in frontend.
Kiolezo blank template is not included in this package due a Joomla Extensions Directory restriction. Anyway that template is automatically downloaded and installed during Kiolezo installation process.

Joomla template builder

Kiolezo è un componente fatto per creare template Joomla! tramite drag and drop.

Crea template dal backend di Joomla

Questo strumento per creare template Joomla ti permette di creare il template del tuo sito web direttamente da Joomla! semplicemente trascinando righe, colonne, posizioni modulo, immagini e moltissimi altri elementi.

I template creati possono essere utilizzati direttamente tramite Kiolezo, mediante il template appositamente creato ed installato insieme al componente, in modo da rimanere editabili tramite drag and drop, oppure possono essere esportati in formato zip ed installati su qualsiasi sito basato su Joomla! (minima versione richiesta 3.6.5).

Questa è la versione completa di Kiolezo, che ti consentirà di utilizzare il prodotto in tutte le sue funzioni. Rispetto alla lite, questa versione consente l'esportazione di layout modificabili e template Joomla stand-alone.

I punti di forza

  • Crea il tuo template tramite drag and drop.
  • Costruisci il layout trascinando righe e colonne.
  • Crea posizioni modulo tramite drag and drop.
  • Trascina le immagini direttamente nel template.
  • Inserisci e modifica il testo ovunque vuoi.
  • Inserisci icone in modo semplice, Font Awesome è integrato.
  • Scegli tra centinaia di font, Google Fonts è integrato.
  • Imposta lo stile trascinando selettori ed attributi.
  • Comode scorciatoie da tastiera come UnDo, ReDo, e molte altre.
  • Esporta layout modificabili come i file Photoshop.
  • Importa layout su altri siti web che utilizzano Kiolezo.
  • Importa tramite file (drag and drop) o tramite URL.
  • Scegli layout già pronti dalla galleria e importali con un click.
  • Esporta template come archivio zip ed installali su altri siti web.
  • I template esportati hanno campi modificabili.
  • Crea un template in pochi minuti e senza bisogno di scrivere codice.
  • L'unico limite è la tua immaginazione.

Crea template Joomla tramite drag and drop

Trascina gli elementi dalla colonna di sinistra nell'area del layout, disponili come preferisci e crea righe, colonne, posizioni modulo e molto altro.
Imposta ogni elemento del tuo layout tramite un semplice pulsante di impostazioni, per conferire lo stile come tu preferisci per mezzo di semplici opzioni.

Imposta lo stile CSS tramite drag and drop

Crea con facilità anche lo stile del tuo template, utilizzando l'interfaccia drag and drop che ti consente di creare file CSS senza scrivere codice, nemmeno una riga.
Poi, se sei un utente avanzato, Kiolezo mette a disposizione un'ulteriore area di testo dove poter scrivere il tuo codice CSS personalizzato.

Anteprima del layout Kiolezo

È possibile vedere l'anteprima del tuo template durante la creazione, basta un click.
Un pulsante dedicato aprirà un popup per farti vedere il risultato del tuo layout, senza il bisogno di visualizzarlo nel frontend.

Importa template Joomla già pronti

I template possono essere importato dalla nostra galleria, dove ci sono molti layout di Kiolezo. Solo un click e il gioco è fatto.
È possibile importare i layout di Kiolezo anche da file tramite drag and drop e da url.

Esporta un template Joomla

I template possono essere esportati in due modi.
Il primo è l'esportazione del layout (file .kiolezo) per salvare un file modificabile, per importarlo in un altro sito web che utilizza Kiolezo.
Il secondo è l'esportazione del template (file .zip) per creare un template stand-alone, che può essere installato su qualsiasi sito Joomla (min. 3.6.5).

Joomla keyboard shortcuts

Durante la creazione, utilizza le scorciatoie da tastiera su Joomla! come se tu fossi all'interno di un applicazione. Salva, UnDo, ReDo, Cancella, Conferma e molti altri comando sono disponibili tramite comuni combinazioni di tasti.

Cosa è incluso in Kiolezo

Questo pacchetto contiene il componente principale, Il modulo Kiolezo quick icons, per avere alcune scorciatoie utili nel tuo backend, e il template vuoto di Kiolezo, per utilizzare i tuoi layout nel frontend.
Il template vuoto di Kiolezo non è incluso in questo pacchetto, per via di una restrizione della Joomla Extensions Directory. Comunque il template sarà scaricato ed installato automaticamente.

Great extention

Posted on 06 August 2018
Works brilliant!
Ease of use
It's very easy to create templates with Kiolezo. It took me some time to work out the layout, but it's working well now.
Great support, very quick response time. The team really wants to help you solve your issues with the program if you have questions.
This is a new extention so the documentation is now limited. This will improve in the future but with the great support it's not a problem.
Value for money
It does what it says!
I used this to: Creating templates.
I had no Problem to build a first template, so I can create templates I like without much programming skills.
Ease of use
Very easy to use.
I had a problem with an editor in frontend. The Support fixed it very fast!
I didn't read a documentation
Value for money
good value for money
It functions very well, I've understood in few steps how to manage module positions, rows, columns and how to build my first template
Ease of use
It's easy, few-minutes leaning is sufficient, no special skills required. A little bit more for drag and drop style creator but nothing hard
I don't need for now. The component is working and I haven't questions
The documentation is available on the website, all ok!
Value for money
Good quality/price ratio, less than a normal template, and it allows to build templates easily
I used this to: I use this to arrange my Joomla template parts on my website in few steps, change module positions easily, change sometimes layout in two clicks.
Just downloaded and tested 1.0.3 version, a lot of bugs solved. Very nice template builder, I'm able with few clicks to build templates,
Ease of use
Very easy to understand and to use. No special knowledge required.
I ask a question via ticket, all ok, fast answer received. Then I've seen there is a forum on developer website, good to know and to use.
There is an available wiki on developer website.
Value for money
The component doesn't cost a lot, it's working so happy to have bought it.
I used this to: I build the template for my website and for my blog with it.


Posted on 27 May 2017
The description of this extension does not give the idea of the power held on it. Few steps and I was ready to build a template myself.
Ease of use
It's easy. Just few attempts and you can easy learn how to use it. Then the drag and drop interface is well designed and easy to use.
Support is fast, the developer answer to my ticket in about 30 minutes. Then there is a free (not a lot populated for now) forum.
Documentation is not still finish on the developer website, but he answer to my ticket in about 30 minutes, so I should assign max score.
Value for money
Let say it costs less than one template and allows me to build all templates I want very easily. For me the price is correct.
I used this to: I have a web agency, I use this component to build templates for my customers very fastly, then to change or add module positions in two clicks. Also exported templates are bootstrap-based, so is very easy to use them on mobile too. I'm happy, thanks this indie developer.
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Apr 20 2017
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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