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KMFasTrans FREE is a Joomla! Multi-Language manager, giving the user an easy and fast content translation experience. Based on the concept of a "Translaton Set" (a set of Joomla Items that are translations of the same content) it will allow you to view at a glance wich content is translated, to what languages, if it is published and many more.

KMFasTrans FREE runs under the Joomla administrator and relies on the native multilingual feature of Joomla. It will not interfere with the Joomla normal displaying of content because it doesn't change the content at all. You can even uninstall KM FasTrans and everything will keep operating normally.

Varsion KMFasTrans FREE 2.3.1 is a maintenance release to fix a bug in 2.3.0. See release notes.

Version KMFasTrans FREE 2.3.0 supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.2 and is fully functional. It allows you to create and save translations and create sets of translations automatically, which is a huge improvement over the previous version.

Key features of KMFasTrans FREE:

  • Based on the concept of a "Translations Set".
    The main entity in KM FasTrans is a Translation Set. This is the set of items of the same type (articles, banners, categories,..) that are translations of the same content.

  • One place integrated Language Management.
    Everything related to languages (installed site, installed admin, content, overrides, translations) can be done and must be done from KM FasTrans.

  • Automatic preparation of site for multilanguage.
    One click preparation of the site with the automatic creation of the default Menu, Menu Item, Module and Root Content Category for language 'All'.

  • At a glance view of sets of translations and its items.
    One screen view of all sets and translations items of a type (articles, banners,...). You can even change the state of every item from this screen.

  • Support of all translatable content.
    All Joomla content that can be tagged by language is supported.

  • Front end article editing.
    When you make a change to an article in Joomla frontend it will be propagated to KMFasTrans. This means that you will see the details of the modification in the set details screen. The same applies if the changes are made in Joomla back end native editor.

  • Article level language switching.
    The KMFT Language Switcher module provided allows switching at the article level in addition to menu item level.

  • Management of Translations Sets.
    A Translations Set is created when you pair at least two items, for instance, two articles with the same content, one in English and the other in Spanish. This can be done manually (clicking the assign icon) or automatically (when creating an item in the translations edit screen).

  • Translations from any language to any language.
    You don´t need to select one specific language as the 'from' language to make a translation. You can choose any language as the 'from' language and you can do it at any time when you are editing or creating an item of a tr

Km FasTrans Free Version

Posted on 04 September 2015
Using Km FasTrans Free version on bilingual site. Works fine for me!
Ease of use
Initially it took some time to understand how to get things work in combination with Joomla Multilangual support. Now it's quite easy to use
Had some difficulties in starting things up, but received good support,despite the free version .
The good looking Documentation is clearly written and refers to the Pro version. It took some time to figure things out for the free version
I used this to: Bilingual website( Nl & Uk), first with JoomFish (and Joomla 1.5) migrated to Joomla 2.5 with Falang (migrated from JoomFish). later migrated to Joomla 3 with FasTrans and manually transferred UK content. Automatic translation not possible in free version, but I don't need that.
Extension has everything I need - simple part to link translated articles or add new one.
Ease of use
I'm not very advantaged user and I found FasTrans very easy to work with.
I think it's OK but I haven't enough experience to rate it professionally.
I used this to: I use it to manage language version od articles.
With the free version there are very few tools working. You have to buy the commercial version in order to make translations easy. You cannot copy-paste side by side. This option is unavailable making this component useless.
Owner's reply: KMFasTrans FREE is fully functional from version 2.3.0. Now you can copy from the source language to the target language and save the data, creating the sets of translations automatically.

Great tool..

Posted on 23 August 2012
Prior to using this extension i bought and used another popular extension in this translation categorie. This turned out to be an utter disappointment ( i will refrain from naming it)

Upon my search for an alternative I contacted KM FasTrans team with some suggestions and reactions to "probe" their attitude.

I found their reaction to be everything i missed and encountered from support devision with my previous purchase.

It was openminded and supportive.

I have been a payed subscriber now for over a month, and even though i find the subscription a bit expensive, i am very happy.

This extension does not operate from the front-end link my previous purchase, but to me that was only confusing, so i am very happy with the backend solution.

The general setup is well thought of, and with this solution i get to translate "from all" "to all languages" and i'm not stuck with beeing forced to one source language.

In addition KM FasTrans applied ajax where possible eliminating needless check, and select action butons.

The list overview of articles/menu's etc gives and immediate overview of completed sets and translation sets that need to be updated.

For me it was woth the investment. Even so .. this is still a young component and needs work to be done to be truely a production booster in for example:

* intelligently coupling articles to translated menu items when the artcle in the source language already has an know translation.

* Logging

* percentage completion for workflow

* ...

But as said these items have been communicated and received favourably, obviously things take time so don't expect them in tomorrow.

Cheers Marco
This is the best extension to make us bilingual site. I met with the trouble in installation, but Support-team saved me thoroughly supporting. Thank you so much!
KMFasTrans PRO
Paid download

KMFasTrans PRO

By Angel Melguizo
Multi-lingual Content
KMFasTrans PRO is a Joomla! Multi-Language manager, giving the user an easy and fast content translation experience. Based on the concept of a "Translaton Set" (a set of Joomla Items that are translations of the same content) it will allow you to view at a glance wich content is translated, to what languages, if it is published and many more. KMFasTrans PRO runs under the Joomla administrator and...

KMFasTrans Lite

Angel Melguizo
Last updated:
Nov 19 2014
5 years ago
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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